1. Manfred

    I would like to test the Beta with my new Samsung S4,normally I take the same tracks so im interessed to see the difference.

    Nice greetings from Austria

  2. Jura

    I want to be a beta tester, please. I use nokia 5230 and lg optimus one.

  3. Betatestie

    still looking for testers.. getting an android phone this week and looking for something to replace Nike +

  4. Javier Alba Ruiz

    Hola desearia poder probar la vrsion beta, desde que tengo mi samsung galaxy, no he encontrado nada parecido y estaba habituado a usarlo con mi nokia 5800, espero su respuesta gracias.

  5. ango

    may I become a beta test?

    I have been using it for 6 years!

    i’d like to suggest to developer some ideas for improve the program. like in the past!

    I hope that you can seryusly consider my contribute.


  6. Muddassar

    Add me as beta tester, will provide you feedback.. Thx

  7. pablo

    Is it possible to become a beta tester? I changed months ago from nokia (sports tracker) to android and haven’t found anything interesting yet…
    Please send me the Beta..
    Thanks in advance!

  8. Lasse

    I have used it in my Nokia but gone for Android and miss portstracker I would gladely test it!

  9. Donald

    If you are still looking for testers, I was recording my private pilot lessons with it and can test in an airplane.


  10. NH2501

    Waitin’! I am going to swich from Symbian to Android this week.

  11. JH Castro

    Me perdí la versión beta :( no me di cuenta, lástima porq realmente quería ayudar. Espero q salga pronto la versión oficial, ya es mucha la espera!!!


  12. Carl

    After many years of using Sports Tracker on Symbian since its early starts in Nokia’s betalabs, I am checking every day for its availability on Android (SGS9000, Germany). Offer me as betatester.

  13. Euller Barros

    Damn, can’t believe i missed the beta. Waiting for the realease!

  14. Keith

    I can’t wait to start testing this for android!

  15. Andrea Jym Favini

    I’ve signed in for being a beta tester and i wish to be choosen :)

  16. Gary

    Looking forward to Sports Tracker on Android, just waiting!

  17. Matej

    Great news

  18. alverico

    por fin,buenas noticias

  19. Quasar

    Would it work with the “Polar WearLink” belt? Thx

    1. Rocky

      yes, it seems so

  20. Rocky

    Hi there!! good news!!
    I have just signed up.
    One question: I was wondering what do you guys use to calculate the calories burned. Distance, age, sport, heart rate…
    I think that if you use the heart rate you will be the first ones!!


  21. Michael

    Awesome news!

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