Website changes – Feedback needed

We have received (deservedly so) a lot of feedback regarding the website changes launched last week. A lot of users have not been happy with the changes made to Dashboard and the new Workout Data View. And to be honest they are absolutely right.

To help make things right we have now posted revised layouts for review to our support community. Please let us know what you think and we will implement the changes asap.

Team Sports Tracker


  1. Jussi Solja

    Hi again :)

    The updates to the site are now live on the main site.

    Thanks again for the feedback!

    – Jussi / Team ST

  2. Jussi Solja

    Hi all!

    Thanks for the feedback! As promised the site changes are now live on our new “beta” site for you to check / test and give feedback on:

    Please submit your thoughts / feedback here:

    – Jussi / Team Sports Tracker

  3. rannoch

    Overall the new site is pretty good. Frustrating though on data view not being able see see graphs and map together. Also perhaps something to do with time differences but in diary my workouts are all listed on the date after I actually did them??

  4. Dawie

    I would appreciate the ability to sort workouts by ‘description’, but able to add my own search string, including wild card (*) expression. Summary for all workouts meeting the search string criteria would be handy. Alternatively an export facility to manipulate workout data to a spreadsheet to conduct off-line data manipulation, would be great. I have two bicycles and am interested in tracking the workout info logged on each. I tag each workout upload with a description for each bike, but it is very cumbersome to manually sift through the data to extract the relevant info.

  5. jokapik

    i liked the new dashboard but not the diary because i can’t see the map and the workout data at the same time to track my full workout.

    Tks ;)

  6. Andreas

    I am new to using Sportstracker and therefore have no comparison to the old version of the website.
    My main criticism is that it is not (easily) possible to see data plots and the map at the same time in “data view”. There should be enough space on the page to accomodate both. One possible solution could be to select only ONE of the plots at a time. Alternatively having the plots displayed to the right/left of the map might also be an option.
    Other than that I am quite happy with the site. For anyone fond of gagdetry (like myself), this is really an incentive to get away from your computer and do some exercise…

  7. Tarmo Viljamaa

    I was happy with the old website too…
    One bug is found on Dashboard view: latest activity shows always the rank: 1/1!
    Full screen view would be helpfull!

  8. Martin

    Perfecto, me gusta mas la nueva web…

  9. Mário Jesus

    Very good the improvement of the website….
    Best regards from Portugal to all the staff of Sports Tracker.
    Keep going the good work.
    Mário Jesus

  10. Danny Levy

    I must say that to me – the huge fonts were bit disturbing – but not as much as the missing functionality. If you have the time, please add useful features like elevation summary (total ascent), let me select similar workouts and compare them, let me export a track from other buddies (certainly from my friends but also from those who shared to everyone), and finally, on the app side, let me track this shared trail. let me sync back a workout from the web to my device (or let me export the dat file). etc.
    I love what you are doing, been a fan from 2008.
    Hope it helps,

  11. Edwin

    I’m having a problem with selecting all workouts in the diary screen. When selecting all workouts the total kilomters are not the same (less) as in the summary. I don’t know if this is a problem on the new website, didn’t noticed this earlier.

  12. Stephane Rochette

    I’am not fine with the new website. Firstly, the font on the Dashboard is way too big. Secondly, Widescreen is still not available. Finaly, it’s not easy to see both, track and data at the same time in the Workout screen.
    Please, come back to the old version.

  13. Geoff Barnes

    Hi, I have been using Sports Tracker for nearly a year now. Firstly, the font on the Dashboard is way too big. Secondly, Widescreen is still not available. Thirdly, I woiuld love to be able to synchronise the workouts with my phone, so I can resolve this next issue… I have been walking heaps and have lost 30kgs so far. I surpassed 2,000,000 steps (1,750kms) walking and my next goal was 2,000kms when suddenly the new website has reduced my total to just 1150kms! Where did my kms go??? Now I have to walk an extra 600kms to catch back to reach my goal!

  14. Kristjan

    Hi all!

    I’m a new user of the site and nokia app and have not even seen the old version. Still, I’d like to be able to customize the ranking system, for example, to rank workouts by energy consumption or pace and to display differences between workouts not only in average speed. Also, I’m missing the ability to see time vs speed graph as displayed in mobile app.

    Otherwise, great way to keep track of workouts. User friendly and good looking. I will certainly keep using it.

    Keep on good work :)

  15. zof Tobiasz

    Old version was a bit more intuitive. Also I can’t find track listing in new version.
    It would be a nice feature if uploaded photo or map miniature was an icon for facebook sharing. Or maybe if you could change custom activities’ icons.
    Statistics are the same and they’re perfect:)

  16. turtel474

    I also prefer if you bring back the ability to have track listings in the data tab, it’s very handy to compare my performance!

  17. Jeremy

    I agree with LaBrett.Not as user friendly as the old website, and please bring back the track listings in the media tab. That was a really nice feature to have!!!

  18. Jeremy

    I agree with LaBrett. Not as user friendly as the old website, and please bring back the ability to have track listings in the data tab. That was one of my favourite bits!

  19. Paul Clifford


    Agree with some other users. Not a fan of new Dashboard. Also, would be useful if the ‘Other’ workouts could be labelled. Maybe they can and i can’t find how to do so.

    Otherwise, great site.

  20. Uwe

    first of all *really nice work*
    in diary view – instead of map it should be possible to select Lap info / diagramm view
    in my workout view it should be possible to minimize the map info too

  21. Jon

    I’ve found a small but annoying bug as well, on the Mobile Optimized website.
    When opening a workout on the full site, the pace & speed avg(km/h) is correct (e.g. 6.06 min/km, 9.8km/h). When viewing the same workout on the Mobile Optimized site, the avg pace is still correct @ 6.06min/km, but the avg speed is suddenly 7.2km/h. Looks like a miscalculation!

  22. Cesar

    Hello! It is the best website but no support for the Spanish language!

    Neither can translate the site using the google translator!

    Hola! Es el mejor sitio web pero no hay soporte para el idioma español!

    Tampoco la posibilidad de traducir la web utilizando el traductor google!

  23. Nick

    I like the infographic at the dashboard. I agree with Peter Teahan that you could use the space more effective, but besides this small point, all the credits to you guys!!

  24. Renato Santos

    i liked // eu gostei

  25. Peter Teahan

    Fantastic product…thanks!

    One thing though that’s always bothered me is why is the site published in such a narrow view when most people now have widescreen PC displays including myself? So much wasted space at the sides. Why not give the option to widescreen users?

    Most other trackers (which I don’t use) have already gone the wide display route (just telling ya!).

    One more niggle for now…why are the workouts filed by description rather than name?

  26. LaBrett Homuth

    it is not as user friendly as the old one. missing some of my media uploads…ie songs that I am listening to, or pictures that I have taken while I am working out. Not crazy about the new data read out.
    .. I am still a very faithful users of sports tracker and tell everyone about yall.

    always in motion LaBrett

  27. Tomas Thorell

    I’d like to edit wavepoints, since the gps sometimes plot a wrong point and that spoils the whole run distance.

  28. Brona Mocek

    Small bug, not tested the whole thing.
    Win XP Pro SP3, IE7
    When I’m in My Workouts, Data View tab, click in minimize, then click on Workout Overview tab, then back to Data View tab – the map is not maximized, it is small and in the other half there are no data. cliking on maximize and minimize does the thing.

    But very happy user though :)
    Keep on doing this, you are the best :)
    Czech Republic

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