Android Beta launched

The Sports Tracker Android Beta has been sent to the testers picked from the thousands that signed up. Thanks for the interest and check your email to see if you were one of the lucky ones!

More news on the development and the release schedule of the app once we hear back from the testers. Fingers crossed :)


  1. Meeko

    cant wait for android version.really miss sports tracker.nothing comes close to it

    1. Rocky

      what about micoach? when they release compatibility with the polar bluetooth,,.

  2. martin

    I really would like to test, i have samsung galaxy s2.

    1. Rocky

      how is the gps? in the galaxy s it sucks… is a pain in my ass

      1. masamune1981

        Hey Rocky,

        gps used in Galaxy S2 is much better than in Galaxy S. Here’s my workout tracked with Sports Tracker Android beta on a Galaxy S2 ->

  3. Charles

    This is great news, I can’t wait to be able to use Sports Tracker again, the only thing I miss from my Nokia phone!

  4. Pat

    Please send me the link too

  5. konsta

    pls send to me a link for a beta version

  6. Tamir

    pls send to me a link for a beta version

  7. Oliver

    me too!

  8. nano

    can’t wait for android version !

    meanwhile i keep old sim in my e71 so i can use sportstracker ;)

    thanks for a great app !

  9. patrik

    Can som nice send me the beta to:

  10. Björn

    What about Windows Phone 7? Have you started looking at this platform yet?

    1. patrik

      I not sure if they will ever do a windows 7 software, as long windows 7 have less then 5% of the market I think they will not do. And now I guess windows 7 have less then 1%

  11. Crazydoub

    I want a release…
    Endomondo Sucks!!!

    1. vlado

      why endomondo sucks?

      1. Artek

        Used both applications endomondo and S-T
        Endomondo tends to loose tracking from time to time and file for workout is partialy saved on symbian and android (don’t know about iPhone), their summary of workout is worse than sportstracker, twice it didn’t save progres of workout for me, once for my girlfriend.
        With S-T I didn’t have any problem yet.

  12. Jan

    Plese send me too

  13. Eduardinio

    How things are going? Tell me, are waiting impatiently Release!!!

  14. Stefan

    People, come on, don’t be ridiculous. This is a closed beta for now, nobody will send you any kind of link to the app.

    1. SAV

      Same too, unfortunately i didn’t get a beta link or app yet… :(
      Seems, I have to use another app, instead this trusted app.
      I wold like to be loyal, but without beta I dont know for what. I filled the betatester form, but I wasn’t one of the lucky one, like others who wants a beta here.
      I really don’t understand this situation. I don’t like complaining instead of testing or tracking…
      I posted my email adress below.

    2. Rocky

      YEs, I agree. That was one week ago. I filled the form and I wasn’t chosen so I have to wait.1 or 2 weeks more. In the meantime I will stick with the sportstracker pro. It is really good, and then I will try this one. But when micoach releases the compatibility with my polar wearlink heart rate monitor.. good bye everyone!!:P

      1. Forcestealth

        I totally agree with you there Rocky!

  15. Crescenzo

    I would like to contribute testing beta version on my Sony Xperia X8 android 2.1

    Looking forward for the final version on the Android-market.


  16. lhz199633

    hello,may I have this software?
    I used on my N97 mini before.
    It worked fine
    And I do hope to get this app on android

  17. paco

    Plese send me too.thanks

  18. Renato Santos

    Olá, coloquem um alarme para tocar quando atingir um tempo/distancia.
    Exemplo: coloque um alarme para tocar quando atingir 12km ou a cada 12minutos tocar um alarme.

    hi, put a alarm to play when target a time/distance. Exemple: when 12km play alarm or when each 12minute play a alarm.


  19. masamune1981

    I’m sure the final version will be released soon. The beta runs very good, except for some minor bugs.
    At least, that’s what I can say for my Samsung Galaxy S2. Don’t know what other testers have encountered during their tests.

    1. David Zahra

      Does it record your heart rate and communicate with the polar wearlink + transmitter with blue tooth? (Unlike the iPhone app that does not record heart rate)

      1. Jussi Solja


        The Android-version works with the Polar HR belt :)

        – Jussi / Team ST

      2. masamune1981

        Oh yes it does! I’ve been testing a lot of sportstracking apps, but none of them worked so flawless like ST beta does.
        BTW: I hope ST team is going to deliver an update for the beta, now that website is finished :P

  20. Sanjin

    May I have it, please? I have HTC Wildfire and I have lots of problem with other app because of small resolution. Just want to beta testing ST. Regards

  21. Marko

    I have Samsung galaxys.I can test too:)

  22. sylverdevil

    I also want to test the Android app. I can’t wait till the final version gets launced :S :)

  23. taga

    pls send me one to my email, thx

  24. TheRplima

    I used the Nokia Sports Tracker on my old E71 and I loved, has always been the best in the category. When I moved to an android smartphone that was one of the great difficulties encountered to adapt myself and so would like to test the new version you have.
    Samsung i7500 Galaxy running gingerbread

  25. Patrik

    I hope I can have a beta of the software, it’s look really great.

    I have just start to use endomondo and don’t want to lose to much statistic.

    please send me a beta.
    I use Galaxy S

  26. Marcin


    Is there a chance to test beta? (waiting so long for this app,that I will not stand it…). I used it on Iphone- best in its kind.

  27. joko2011

    I also want to test Android app
    Thank you

  28. pupek

    Plese send me too

  29. Hafsteinn

    Please send me the Beta test to use on my Sony Ericsson Arc. No use for the app in the winter!

  30. Eduardinio

    Fui usuario de sports tracker en Nokia x6. Ahoro uso dos telefonos – uno samsung galaxy 2 para hablar y otros casas y el viejo nokia para el deporte. Por esto tengo mocho interes de ayudar, saludos.

  31. Marcia

    I also signed up but so far didn’t receive any e-mail.

  32. Jose

    Fui usuario de sports tracker en Nokia e71, cambie de telefono a HTC Incredible, me gustaría ayudar y dar comentarios del funcionamiento, saludos.

  33. cding

    please, add me :)

  34. Ok-Alex

    I also want to test Android app to compare it with russian tracker

  35. Chris

    please include me on the beta, no one has tried more tracking apps than I. Given my past history of success with Nokia Sports tracker I’d am hoping this one delivers!

  36. hechicero

    yo tambien quiero probarlo,donde se descarga pls?

  37. alverico

    por favor, envíenme el enlace para la descarga

  38. Grétar Már Pálsson

    I would love to get the beta version, i just got my htc wildfire s and i was using nokia , so excited to test it in android

  39. Marcio Carlos

    Well, it was chosen to be a Beta Tester. However … I look forward now to release the final version to enjoy this wonderful program. meanwhile … RunKeeper …

    Thk a Sport track for opportunity!

  40. MadMan


    I can test it on my sonyericsson xperia x10i. i also use it with my nokia 5800, so i can collate the android-version with the original.

  41. Tom

    Please send me Sports Tracker, i can test it on HTC WildFire S with Android 2.3.3, the other is… (I can t say) “no good” ;-)

  42. Ari

    I can test use whit Motorola Defy android 2.2???, please??

  43. tamir

    hi there guys
    pls send to me a link for a beta version


  44. vnauj

    Plese send me too

  45. Vanko

    Plese send me too!

  46. SAV

    I really would like to test, but I have no mail! :(

    1. SAV

      I’d like if anyone can forward me this beta app by mail to
      Thank you!

  47. marek

    what about meeeee :(

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