Dashboard and Workout Data View changes now up on the Beta-site

Thanks for all the feedback! As promised the changes to the Dashboard and the Workout Data View (including the Full Screen mode) are now live on our new “beta” site for you to test. Please log in, test and let us know what you think!

Team Sports Tracker



  1. Fredrik

    Will the pulse meter from Polar Work with the new iphone aps, just asking because on the website it says (not for Iphone)?? (I mean ofcourse the new one with bluetooth)

  2. Jussi Solja

    Hi all!

    The changes are now live on the main site as well :)

    Thanks again!

    – Jussi

  3. MagicZip

    Very nice. It’s already the right way now. Go further!

  4. Didi

    Beta is much better than previous release, great!

  5. Carlos Henrique

    Continue happening the same error. I can’t integrate my account sportstracker with witter.]


  6. Mattias

    Where do I find the full screen button? Can’t see it in the beta site…

    1. Mattias

      I am soooo blind, now I found it… ;)

  7. Marcio

    Greats! Congratulation! :)

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