Android v.1.5.0 out: Voice Feedback & support for new resolutions + Fixes

Thanks to our trusty Beta-testers (all hail!) we have finalized the latest Android build of the app and it’s now available via the Android Market!

The new build not only fixes a bunch of bugs you have reported but also adds a bunch of new features. We also decided to boost the version number from 1.2.0 to 1.5.0 as the number of features and fixes increased from the original plan :)

New Features and Fixes in Android v.1.5.0

Support for New Screen Resolutions

The new build adds support for 320×480 (HVGA) and 540×960 resolutions. This means Sports Tracker will soon support a wide range of new devices including the HTC Wildfire S, HTC Hero, HTC Legend, the LG Optimus -series and Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 & Active just to name a few.

To see if your device is supported please consult for a full list of HVGA Android devices and devices with a resolution of 540×960 (please note that we do not maintain the list and that in addition to having the right screen resolution your device needs to have Android OS 2.1 or newer to be able to run Sports Tracker).

Voice Feedback

v.1.5.0 also includes the first version of the much requested Voice Feedback -feature. The first version includes the following voice feedback prompts:

  • Indication for start, stop, auto pause & auto resume.

For each manual or automatic lap (feedback is triggered by tapping the ‘Lap’ button during a workout and by automatic distance based laps):

  • lap time
  • lap speed/pace
  • total distance
  • total time
  • current heart rate

Not included but already being developed: Heart-rate limit indication.

Other New Features and Fixes

The following new features and fixes are also included in ver 1.5.0 of the Android app.

  • Sync reliability improvements
  • GPS status and quality indicator
  • ‘Back’ button disabled in ‘Lock mode’ during workout
  • Automatic sync when entering Diary tab when Diary contains unsynchronized workouts
  • Lap calculation fixes
  • Workout start and end times fixed
  • Selected workout display doesn’t change when turning display off/on
  • Detection of captured images fixed for certain devices
  • Improved image handling for shared images
  • Improved image quality
  • Duration fix when capturing images during stopped workout
  • Improved swipe detection in chart displays during workout to make switching between workout screens easier
  • No more Heart rate belt “ad” if you already have a belt paired to your device
  • ‘Save’ button dismisses the workout editor
  • Heart rate distribution display in Diary (Zones)
  • HR zone indication in workout displays 1 & 2
  • Heart rate max value fix
  • Average heart rate and energy calculation bug fix when pause is used
  • Altitude offset fix
  • Fix for showing long comments
  • Map related and some other crashes
  • Problems exiting map after resuming Sports Tracker from backgroud
  • Misplaced zoom keys in Explore map after viewing a workout
  • Distance based laps and workout distance editing when the selected unit is miles
  • Possibility to move the app to memory card
  • No more autolaps when selecting Recorded laps in laps view
  • Friends/Latest view automatic refreshing when entering the view from Notifications view
  • Multiple visual UI fixes
  • Multiple other small fixes/improvements

Thanks to all users who reported bugs and requested feature improvements such as the GPS signal indicator. Keep the info coming – head to our Support-pages to file your report and join the discussion in our development forums to help us further develop the apps.

Next Up

In the next few weeks we expect to launch ver 1.5.0 with Voice Feedback for iPhone and also a new version of the Symbian app with support for Nokia E6 and other new Symbian devices and the upcoming Symbian update for devices like Nokia N8.

Changes and updates to the web service are also being worked on. Follow us on Twitter & Facebook for all the latest!

Happy tracking!

Team Sports Tracker


  1. adrian alexa

    Hi there. I need a very simple thing. When I run a stadium I press on Lap button for each round. I want that each time I press to know how many laps I did. Very simple. After that when I end I want to see on each row its count. Do you want to take this into consideration? Thanks.

  2. niikasa

    if adding photos separately, is there a way to select and upload multiple photos in one go?

  3. Paco

    Please add 240 x 320 support…

  4. Jack

    I have a problem with my Samsung Galaxy Ace. Everything work – until i try to connetct the bluetooth wearlink. The programm stop and can not be started normally again (new install required). also my phone stop to work and i have to restart. i don’t know where the problem is, but i seems to start with the bluetooth-wearlink.

  5. kurt

    program can not be install anymore. get error message
    even when i reset the phone to factory condition i get the same error message!

  6. Steve

    Can’t get yesterdays workout to sync on Samsung Galaxy S, upgraded to latest today but still can’t sync. Oddly at point I was doing 70mph ! I didn’t think I was that quick on a bike..

    Also noticed it adding zero mins and zero miles workout when trying to sync.

  7. Adapter

    I can’t start a new Workout on my Samsung Galaxy Ace with Android 2.3.3

  8. michulo

    problem with synchronization, during synchronization path data was vanished, only statistics left.
    on two different HTC Desires.

  9. Alvaro

    I have problems to syncronize some activities.
    Sometimes goes well but i have one that never syncronize, in the list appears not sync.
    Do you know how can i syncronize it ?
    I take a file xxxx.dat from the phone (HTC desire S) but I don´t know what to do with it.
    Thanks a lot.

  10. TC

    Still no Zephyr HxM support. I would switch back to ST tomorrow if you got off the Polar monopoly and I reckon there are a lot of other folks that would also come across.

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  12. vilius

    Voice feedback doesn’t work on Motorola Defy (android 2.2).

  13. Stephen

    Please add 240 x 320 support…

  14. varta

    PLEASE include the export function on the Android version.

  15. paulo

    displaying “total ascent/descent” of a workout would be a very nice feature !!!!!

  16. Thomic

    Please add 240 x 320 support…

  17. David

    hurry up, be expedite, the voice feedback feature for iPhone.

  18. WP7

    Any news on a Windows Phone 7 version? Don’t want to jump on a platform that wont be getting Sports Tracker. Give me a sign! :-)

  19. joe

    QVGA? yes, no, maybe?

    thanks anyway

  20. Slimboy Fat

    Can anybody confirm this will now work with the Samsung Galaxy Ace.

    Slimboy Fat

  21. Luis

    I installed the update
    but when I installed the voice appeared a message that would be installed on sd card.
    i do not have sd card
    after that the voice did not work

  22. manu

    zephyr hrm support and stepcounter would be really great!!! please.

  23. jarissimo

    Working great on HTC Legend but yesterday there was problems. I took few pictuers too and i saw that gps was working. After sync there are no images and map is gone.
    When i was syncing, ST said that it was suddendly closed.. Let´s see will it work today..

    1. Mike

      Same thing happened to me (twice) I have already filed a report to support.

      1. Ale

        Happened to me too

        1. simone

          …me too, the same problem.,twice!!

    2. Eliasm

      I have Samsung Galaxy Ace and I had the same problem.

      I can not find the saved workout to upload it manually.

  24. hanzo

    congrats on the coverage of the application

    I am a user who has the account when the housing management was in nokia e seen the progress of the application.

    There are many improvements in engine
    Ideally, the future updates are considered a algorism to take out the calculation of positive and negative height and add it to the statistics, there are sports that have this parameter to consider.
    filter and improve training. which may include the entremanientos TAGS is automatically compared to reliza that the program group the entremanientos with tags. there are times that one makes a circuit and if the tags are included for comparison could cirtuito and time. as currently the program groups them by date, speed, etc.. but the idea is the premiere referring to the same cirtuito and the program to calculate time differences and speed and stretch or kilometers, advanced.


  25. Jaime

    Big problem, to hear the voices must be the screen without blocking if the lock is no longer heard anything, Motorola Defy

    1. Gaz

      Voice feedback does not work when the touch screen is locked / blank (HTC Desire).
      This kind of defeats the point! If I need the screen to always be on to hear the feedback, I may as well just look at it. Besides, having the screen always on wastes battery power.
      Additionally, when listening to music, the feedback is inaudible.
      Nice start but need work to make it usable. SportsTracker Live does a great job on voice feedback – please take note!

      1. John McCabe

        Ah – this seems to be what I found last night when I tried it for the first time. It was a fairly short run but, because of the shape of my armband I need to lock the screen on my Desire using the device’s button; I can’t get to the lock button on Sports Tracker! I heard the Start and Stop voice, but no lap voices.

        Also, I’m a bit confused about how you’re supposed to configure the lap feedback; when you start a workout do you go to the “Laps” screen and select, e.g. the “0.5” button before you actually set off running?

        The concept here is really great, another catchup point on Endomondo and RunKeeper’s features, but I need the voice when I lock the screen using the device key.



  26. szilard

    Do you have a good news about the step counter in Android version? When will be implement? Thx

    1. Tamas98

      My friend also was looking for a step counter in his Android phone but haven’t found it. Maybe he would had to buy an other kind of phone. :)

  27. Pekka

    I noticed that HR monitor causes crashes with the new version of ST in HTC Sensation. I though originally, that my update was not good, but today I made new tests and realized that the problem would be the HR over BT.

    1. Barry

      Same issue here..crashes as soon as “Start Workout” is pressed. :-(

  28. Styx_cz

    Hi, Please hurry up with HTC wildfire support !!! i need it :-(

  29. mario

    Please hurry up with Nokia E6 support.

  30. Inaki

    Hope soon will adapt to 400 x 240 resolution (3.2” WQVGA)

  31. farrell

    not Compatible with Huawei U8500.

  32. Nikita

    I have a trouble. Few days ago i saved my workout to phone, but not to service (bug). Workout was with two photos. And to this time i cannot push/sync it. Can you add a function to push phone data to service manually in next versions? I need it. Thx.

  33. Marcin

    I have real problem with capturing pictures.
    Sports tracker dont add any pictures made during workout. Why?
    I’m using camera buton in program but it doasn’t help.

    1. Ronald

      Hello I have the same problem on my HTC Wildfire S
      No Pictures capturing.

      1. Ronald

        Strange! today it works now. ;-)

  34. mario

    What about Symbian S60 3rd ed??? No plans for theses phones?

  35. mario_alves


  36. vnauj

    Fallo Si no vinculo banda polar funciona la aplicación.

  37. Hannu

    Still not syncing old exe… any ideas?
    Have to try if sync works for a new exercise.


    1. raf

      same here

    2. Andreas Wagener

      Same with me on HTC Desire S: Manual sync does not work!

  38. Mako

    Thanx … great application…

  39. Vesku

    I would really like to see the voice feedback feature on the Symbian^3 client too…

  40. Johngoat

    Can I also use this update at my my Nokia N97?

  41. Pepan

    Yes, nice job. Congrats. LG Optimus One is working.
    Jupí. Thenk You!!!

  42. cheryl stevens

    So am I right that the HTC Wildfire is still not able to install this :(

  43. Kirk

    AAAAAAGGGHHHHH. Still not a version for HTC wildfire :-( The nice small android phone that is convenient to take running<<< that's the one.

  44. Miksu

    Really waiting for this “Next up”, VOICE feedback for iPhone!

    Hopi hopi poijjaat! ;)


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