Android v.1.5.2: Crash fixes

To all you Droid-trackers: Thanks for all the reports of crashes and bugs related to last weeks app update. Please head to Android Market and install v.1.5.2 of the app with fixes to most of the issues you have experienced.

Fixes in v.1.5.2

  • Heart rate crash fix for 320×480 and 540×960 screen resolutions
  • Crash fix when syncing workout with images captured while workout was paused
  • Data sync fix
  • Workout lock updated correctly after deactivating and activating the Sports Tracker UI
  • GPS status indicator shown correctly immediately after activating the Sports Tracker UI
  • % of max HR fixed in Diary
  • Settings related crash fixed
  • Profile image related crash fixed

Thanks & happy tracking!

Team Sports Tracker

p.s. If your app is still acting up please head to our support site and let us know!


  1. Jaska

    not works samsung galaxy mini! :(

  2. Runner

    Hrm is not accurate: for minutes it freezes on f.i. 130 bpm, or it gives an false reading compared to simple counting my own heartbeats. Battery in the belt is new.
    Next to this: The distance is 10 % off! Running on a track, exactly 5000 m, gives a reading of 5,55 km!
    A long time I was very pleased with this app. Now I checked the measurements once, I will check future runs and even stop using this app if the app keeps giving false readings.
    Using the android version.

  3. Ty Hall

    I use the LG Vortex and have had no problems, I used runkeeper previous and had aloss of data issue multiple times. So far I like this app better more options.

  4. raki

    I changed my phone. I’ve had Nokia E66 (Symbian 9.2 Series 60 3rd Edition) without any problem during using Sports tracker (2 years). Now I bought Samsung Nexus S (Android 2.3.4) and tried Sports tracker (v 1.5.2) on my bike trip (130 km). Unfortunatelly it crashed 3 times!!! and I have no data of this trip :( First it crashed after making first photo (cca 35km), after that it crashed when I open another app (Google maps). Last 60 km I didn’t touch my phone, but when I was back home and I looked on the phone I had missed call and application was gone. BTW I didn’t use internet connection during my trip.

    I hope you will fix it, because it’s a really good application and I don’t want use another one.

  5. MLS

    Thanks, it clearly resolved the total crash issue on my HTC Sense. 1.5.0 would not start a new workout at all, constantly crashed.

    Yet, another issue, still present on 1.5.2: just how does one sync/upload the workout after editing it? I can’t find a way to do this. On my Symbian version, there was a clear upload selection on the menu.

    1. MLS

      – Err, HTC Sensation, of course :)

  6. Adapter

    It works on my Galaxy Ace, but when I start a workout without an internet connection, it only records the miles and hours and not the track.

    1. nick

      thiw happens when the gps is not available / locked

  7. subb

    Hey, thanks for this wonderful app, it’s hands-down the best of the myriad of sports tracking apps in iTunes. I was wondering if you guys are planning on pushing out an update for the iphone version. The android version seems to be getting way more attention from the developers. It came out later than the one for iphone and it’s already in 1.5!!!

    1. Lorenzomic

      Because Android is better :D
      Ahahah, no i think that is because on iPhone sports tracker is more stable due to the fact that there are several different models of android smartphones and make an application that work on all of them is hard, so they are making more updates and fixing!

  8. attila

    I do not agree with the others here…

    The app is perfect, simple and works nicely!
    Do not complicate it, because this is a mobile application. If you want to have the full functionality, go to the website and use that.

    This mobile app can only worsen if you want to add more functions!

    I think, a mobile app must be simple!


  9. Steve

    Nice Appp. But it would be nice to edit the top speed after a workout. I always got wrong values.
    gr. Steve

  10. ZenO

    I can’t download from Android Market, I get the message “cannot get element” – and that’s all. My phone is: Samsung Galaxy Mini.

    Any help?

  11. Tee

    Nice Appp. But it would be nice to edit the top speed after a workout. I always got wrong values.
    thx alot.

  12. Dag Hovden

    Tried out the app for the first time today on my bike. Worked great! (LG Optimus One). Very nice design, and a lot of information! Missed muting of music during announcements. Also, the sound quality of announcements was poor. Too low resolution? Would be hapy to buy a PRO version!

  13. Biddingrunner

    Made a couple of runs with my htc desire s. No problems, all is well.
    Only the peaks in my running speed remains a problem….. A top speed of about 40 km/u, running, wow! But that is a problem since my Nokia N86, nothing new.

  14. Saietor

    Hi, tested yesterday on LG Optimus One (320×480) – works fine. You made a near perfect app – you just need to enhance functionality now. Make sound feedback adjustable in terms of what id actually says (and in what order). Introduce trigger by time or distance instead of just distance. Introduce two separate triggers, so that user can have one feedback set every minute or quartermile, and another – every 5 mins or mile, for example. Make your app compatible with Zephyr HxM. And, start taking money for it already, so you can have enough resources to do it in this century!

  15. Andrea Jym Favini

    I tried yesterday but even if it does not crash anymore, if I end a workout without a working internet connection I still have “NO workout” data.
    Anyway I would like to know if there is any way to recover workouts data if i was able to sale workout file before it has gone definitively lost.
    Read here:
    infact original file is 165kb but while crashing it synced online only a little part and after resync to my phone file changed in 8kb (i saved the original but eveny copyng it back, online version always is considered the primary and restored also locally).

    1. Andrea Jym Favini

      Now trying again i have that online workout get deleted and locally I still have it but with no workout data (previuosly, after disconnecting my phone and reconnecting the few data that were online appeared also n my phone, but only about 5km of 63)
      I can recover online it because i saved it as gpx, but i still want to have my complete data. I’m sure that thare is a way to tell my phone that the workout with the complete file is a new workout so to have it synced as new one

  16. Laercio

    maybe next version we must can add new friends in explorer screen

  17. stefano

    I used the app. 1.5.2 this morning on Motorola 525 android 2,2,2 and didn t have problem…

  18. M

    Existing workouts in the phone don’t sync. This bug hasn’t been fixed yet. There should be an option to sync a workout individually.

    1. Antti

      Whenever you tap the Diary tab sync and you have unsynced workouts, sync is triggered and all unsynced workouts should sync.

      Do you have the sync problems with workouts recorded using version 1.5.2?

    2. AndreSeinhost

      workouts with “not synced” are still not syncable… pls provide an export function to GPX so we can Export and Import on the side for this particular issue..

  19. Russell K

    Samsung Galaxy S2.

    Bug fixes still don’t work.
    1) Phone still does not sync. Downloads workouts no problems but doesn’t upload them.
    2) When I logged out and back in it had deleted my unsynced workouts!

    Extremely disappointing considering how many people have complained, and how long you have had to resolve the issues.
    Might be time to move to another program…

    1. Antti

      Hi Russell. I’m sorry to hear that you are still having problems! Some workouts that were recorded using the previous versions can be corrupted and unfortunately cannot be repaired or synced.

      Do you have the sync problem with new workouts recorded using version 1.5.2? We haven’t been able to reproduce any sync problems with 1.5.2. for new workouts.

      1. Russell K

        Hello Antti,
        Thanks for the quick reply.
        You were on the money, I just did two quick test workouts and they synced fine. I didn’t have my HR monitor nor did I test pics etc but will give that a go next MB ride.
        Shame I lost my other workouts but I’m glad I don’t have to go back to using my Nokia!

        1. Antti

          Thanks Russell, good to hear that new workouts synced fine and apologies for the lost workouts because of the previous bug!

          Please let us know if you still have problems. In case you do have problems, it would be great if you could submit a request at


  20. Russell

    Samsung Galaxy S2.

    Bug fixes still don’t work. Once again my phone hasn’t synced. Loads workouts no problems but doesn’t upload them. When I logged out and back in it had deleted my workout. Very disappointing considering how many people have complained and how long you have had to resolve the issues.
    Might be time to move to another program….

    Extremely disappointed.

  21. Marco Perez

    Not available for my Motorola MB502

  22. Sean McClelland

    I experienced the “when syncing workout with images captured while workout was paused” issue yesterday and the crash broke the map data associated with my run. Now it just says there is no map data available.

    Is there any way to get it back or is it gone for good?

  23. Adam Foley

    I own a HTC Wildfire which will not run Sport Tracker. Which I’m very disappointed about, as I’d rather use your app than the one I’m currently using.
    Will there be a fix so I can run sports tracker on my phone?

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