App updates galore!

In addition to working on the upcoming Meego / Nokia N9 app we have been busy tweaking the other apps as well :) We’ve launched updates for all three platforms and will also be launching a bigger update to the web service in the next week so stay tuned!

Android v.1.6.0 out now with Indoor Mode

Sports Tracker Android v.1.6.0 is now available in the Android Market. In addition to fixing a very annoying Facebook sharing bug (sorry about that!) the new build comes with a new Indoor Mode and support for the new Sports Tracker Heart Rate Monitor.

The Indoor Mode strips the map from the tracking view and focuses on use with a heart rate monitor showing you duration, heart rate and energy. You can also swipe to see the heart rate chart of your workout.

We have also added a handy charge level indicator to keep tabs on the need to charge your new Sports Tracker HRM :)

Release Notes

  • Support for Sports Tracker Heart Rate Monitor
  • New indoor mode (select Indoor activity) optimized for non-GPS use with heart rate monitor
  • Heart rate zone indicators added to heart rate chart
  • Heart rate belt battery status indicator added
  • New setting: Screen backlight (always on/automatic)
  • Connecting to Facebook fixed
  • Music playback volume decreased automatically during voice feedback
  • Friend list related crash fix
  • Other small bug fixes

iPhone v.1.6.0 now available from App Store

V.1.6.0 of our iPhone app fixes quite a few issues reported by our users and is definitely suggested for all users :) Launch App Store on your iPhone to update the app.

Release Notes

  • Registration crash fix
  • Login bug during first app session fixed
  • Sharing crash fix for iOS 4.2.1 and 4.2
  • Crash fix when starting the app with very poor network connection
  • Visual chart improvements

Symbian v.4.2.2 also now in Ovi Store

The Nokia Symbian app has also been updated to support the new Sports Tracker HRM. It also includes a lot of fixes to enhance app stability and performance and we suggest that you update your app even if you don’t need the HRM support :)

Happy tracking everyone!

– Team Sports Tracker


  1. Paul

    Not sure if I can use offline maps in Android? Is there a way?
    Have managed to download from Google maps but nothing else?
    Love the app, use on Nokia and Now on Android :)

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  3. Panos

    Will it be possible to load offline Maps to the android app?

  4. Ronald

    Yes nice future, indoor mode!!….how do you show this on a map? I think don’t upload this…!

  5. Eder Berg

    Two questions acctually.

    1) the sports tracker can save work outs longer than one hour? cause more than one time, when i run over an hour, generally erases the first part of my training, saving just one hour.
    2) there are stil some issues to fix in the relationship with my nokia n8. three times, it has just reseted the fone. i was using with the radio on and it just stopped working. somthing to say?


    Eder (from brazil, bad, bad english..)

  6. Marcin

    please add support for Samsung Galaxy Mini (GT-S5570).

  7. castleyuan

    Still have the bug for the pedometer, I can not know the steps for the run, it should be in Symbian GUI, why this feature was missed in Iphone GUI?!

  8. Ronald

    How do you go for a walk in an area where no coverage for the network? You Get lost? Not with a Nokia E71 with SportsTracker. it’s used offline maps. I desire ever to return to my old Nokia E71. I have spend a lot of money (€16,-) to three Trimble outdoors app’s, Yes the have offline topo maps, but every time i still fall back to SportsTracker….. and still i’m importing gpx files and pictures.

    Please use offline maps? try Microsofts or Mapnik maps, the can be stored on the phones SD card. Save the earth..spare battery use.

    Support for Bluetooth heart monitor, Yes you do $$$. But not for the Bluetooth GPS Receiver i have…….I’m a sad :-((

  9. Cath

    I have the sports-tracker app on my iPhone 3GS, so far I have only been able to sync one workout, when I finish a workout and select save and sync status comes up ‘not synced’? Does anyone know why this is happening and can I try to sync workouts from the app on my phone to the internet again? Thanks.

    1. Jussi Solja


      Please file a bug report and we’ll do our best to help you out:

      – Jussi / Team ST

  10. Catherine

    I have the app on my iPhone 3GS, so far I have only been able to sync one workout, when I finish a workout and select save and sync status comes up ‘not synced’? Does anyone know why this is happening and can I try to sync workouts from the app on my phone to the internet again? Thanks.

  11. Oliver

    And still no support for my Huawei Ideos X3 (U8510) which satisfys all the system requirements…

    1. Jussi Solja

      Hi Oliver!

      Please try again – your phone should be listed as supported on Android Market now :)

      Thanks for the report!

      – Jussi / Team ST

  12. mario

    I am totally dissappointed! No voice feedback for Symbian :(

    1. O

      me too. I want voice feedback on symbian!

    2. David

      Agree. Really looking forward to Voice Feedback. Also would love the indoor mode too.

    3. Alex

      Sports-Tracker was first on Symbian and now, the other OS have more functionality. I want voice feedback on symbian! And please add some customizable feedbacks like on a certain heart rate or speed. Thanks.

  13. Martin

    At first: Thanks for the great App. I use it for a few weeks now and I appreciate it very much. I also ordered your HRM, so I need the update for my Nokia.
    However, I still cannot update via the App on my X6. After searching for the new version, nothing happens. I own version 4.16.

    1. Jari

      I have same problem on my N97mini…

      1. Martincho

        Same problem with my N8

      2. Jari

        ok now it works :)

    2. Matt

      Updated on my Nokia 6720c fine, but I updated my phones software the day before.

    3. Jussi Solja

      Hi all!

      The update should be now available also via the in-app update. Please try again and sorry for the confusion! :)

      – Jussi / Team ST

  14. O

    You should improve the indoor view of the symbian app also. Too much useless information on the screen when there is no gps data.

  15. Nick

    Love the update! HRM sync’d perfectly and always on mode appreciated.

  16. Norman

    I can’t seem to update my Nokia N8 to the new version 4.22? It’s still on version 4.16?

    1. Norman

      Ovi Store now has the update. Thanks

  17. Sports Tracker, update alla versione 4.2.2 - Nokioteca [Nokia] Blog

    […] abbiamo notizia di un changelog ufficiale, ma l’autore, dal proprio sito, consiglia l’aggiornamento che include una serie di correzioni per migliorare la stabilità e […]

  18. Ronald

    Please support bleuthooth GPS and offline openstreet cyclemaps.
    Otherwise remove hiking and walking activity from Android version ST. Has absolutely no sense for my HTC phone.
    I do not want to buy a Nokia E71, where it is supported.

  19. David

    Symbian won’t update via the application. You check for Updates and nothing happens. OviStore says Version 4.2.2 but says app is installed and there is no way to update to the new version. Any suggestions?

    1. Jussi Solja

      You already seem to have the latest version – the Symbian update was released already a few days ago :)

      – Jussi / Team ST

      1. Jari

        I have N97mini and this new hrm doesnt work… And I cant find that new uppdate?? I still have this version 4.16 and there is no uppdate for my phone?? :( So do I have too old phone for this and I bought this for nothing.. :(

  20. kurt

    please give us an altitude summary,

    1. Jussi Solja

      Hi Kurt!

      Coming to the web service in the next update :)

      – Jussi / Team ST

      1. Kurt

        this will be my sports heaven on earth :)

      2. Juanjo

        For Symbian too?

  21. pous

    When will users of HTC Wildfire be able to use ST on their phones? I was gutted to find out that my favourite application doesn’t run on my new mobile.

  22. noledge

    “Music playback volume decreased automatically during voice feedback” – wooohooo, thanks! this will improve the voice feature a great deal. can’t wait to get my HTC back from repair.

    1. Olov

      Hate to brake it to you but this function doesnt work. Not on my HTC Legend any way…

      And thats a shame, I need both music AND voice feedback..

  23. John

    Where are the release notes for the Symbian app? For iPhone and Adroid you have posted release notes but for Symbian you only say “It also includes a lot of fixes to enhance app stability and performance”. What has been fixed? Is there a fix for the speed peaks? Is there a fix for the incorrect calorie calculation?


  24. Johann Þór Hopkins

    I am recowering frome two heart atacks the SportsTracker on my N8 Nokia is dooing a great job in my recowery thanks fore a great app.

    1. Jussi Solja

      So great to hear! All the best :)

      – Jussi / Team ST

  25. FabioTux

    Where’s the fix for small screen resolution? (240×320)

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