It’s shipping!

The mighty Sports Tracker Heart Rate Monitors have finally defeated all the typhoons and have arrived in our warehouse! But they will get no rest as we have now shipped the first batch to be used by Sports Trackers around the world :)

So if you have pre-ordered one – look for an email from us with you tracking code. It’s time to take your tracking to the next level :)

Have a great weekend all!

Team Sports Tracker


  1. Julio Pacheco

    I have had hard times trying to add some missing information on my the delivery order to get it at Spain. Please see my case with Timo (He was attending my case).

    Order number 15407.

    Thanks and I’ll really appreciate any help you may give for this.

    Julio Pacheco

  2. shraga

    when will have shipments to Israel?



    1. Fabio Rebelato

      Hi there my friend!

      I´m from Brazil and they also do NOT ship to Brazil. My solution was to open an account at, buy the HR monitor and send the monitor to my address at Shipito. Then I forwarded it to my address in Brazil. It takes time… but it is definitely faster than sit and wait for them to start shipping to Israel. By the way, they still do not ship to Brazil ;-)

  3. Deniz Durmaz

    When is my tracker coming ,? it is nearly 1 month now..

  4. roby

    Ciao. Ho fatto il pre ordine il giorno 23/09/2011 ma non mi è arrivato ancora niente!!! mi sapete dire quando mi arriverà l’ordine grazie mille!!!

  5. JOFRA75

    Hola, yo hice el pedido el dia 6 de octubre y estamos a 20 de octubre y no me ha llegado, hay algun problema con los envios

  6. Arno Parviainen

    I placed my order 1.10.2011, when can expect delivery?

    1. Tomaz

      I ordered mine when preorders started… Still waiting :(

  7. taw_brunob

    Just finalised my first workout WITH the heartbeat belt on. It works great. I now can see in the graphs that I get gradually more tired during the workout. doooh !

  8. jordi

    I see it is not compatible with iphone?
    Can I ask why? will this change in the future?

    1. Fliicek

      It’s because of apple, so ask them.

    2. Fabio Rebelato

      It is because you are a baby, a child… well, at least that’s how Apple treats you… They think you can’t handle a bluetooth device that is not theirs… So sit and wait for your iHeartRateMonitor…

  9. Alun

    Love my new heart rate monitor, it means that Sports-Tracker gives me a much more accurate calorie count.

    Must remember to eat less ;-)

  10. Wazzzap

    And again, there is no Russia in delivery…

  11. Steve

    I got my HRM yesterday but can’t get it to work with my phone (HTC Desire S). I can pair it using the bluetooth settings on the phone and it says “paired but not connected”. But when I try to connect it with Sports Tracker it shows “ST HRM11.01” but just sticks saying “Connecting Belt” and gets no further.

    1. Steve

      I’ve resolved this myself by uninstalling the app, then reinstalling it and it worked just fine.

      1. Jussi Solja

        Glad to hear! Happy tracking!

        – Jussi / Team ST

  12. finmoto

    uusi sensori toimii hienosti ja mielestäni tarkemmin GPS ja HR osalta, ainakin näyttää siltä. Mutta paketissa tullut vyö ei toimi. Käytän tällä hetkellä vanhempaa Polarin IwL vyötä jossa vanhempi BT versio on toiminut aika lailla moitteetta. Voinko testata uutta nauhaa vai toimiiko nauhan vaihto ?
    Terveisin, onnellinen Sports Tracker käyttäjä jo +600 harjoitusta.

  13. cristian jonasson

    hello. i wonder if the sthr works om all 3 phones symbian/apple/android? maybe a stupid question but i want to be sure.

    1. Jussi Solja

      The ST HRM work with Android and Nokia Symbian devices.

      – Jussi / Team ST

  14. runner

    I am sorry to say, but I left ST.

    Reason: The results were not accurate enough. Strange peeks in speed and heartrate. And other readings compared to other running gear.

    I can’t tell if this is due to ST or the phone itself. It doesn’t matter, it’s the result on screen that counts.

    I was able to compare the results with several other running computers: ST was way off compared to the other running gear.

  15. torma99


    My HRM arrived today. I tried it, and works great. The shipping was ultra fast.

    But I have a question. Does the HRM have some energy-saver funciton, because I didn’t find any buttons on it, or it is always turned on?

    1. Jussi Solja


      Glad to hear :) The Monitor module turns on and off automatically when it gets a signal so the power saving feature is built in.

      – Jussi / Team ST

      1. torma99

        Thank you for the swift answer!

      2. Eera

        “Turns on when it gets a signal” – what signal Bluetooth or heart rate? If BT, does it drain battery when I keep my mobile in the same room?

  16. Muta

    Do you ship free of charge to South Africa / are there any shops in Johannesburg where I can go buy it over the counter?

    1. Jussi Solja

      Yes we do. The only way to get the ST HRM at the moment is by ordering it from our web shop:

      – Jussi / Team ST

    2. Point Blank

      Quite pricey but I’ll get one anyway… Waiting for Christmas bonus ;)

  17. Luyu

    Hi, I have ordered one on Oct 4 last week. When can I get my Heart Rate Monitors?

  18. Håkan

    I got mine just now. Thanks! :)

  19. Eddie

    If sent to HK. Is it will reduce the VAT23%. How much for shippment fee. If use other program. Is it work. Thx

  20. Tom

    Are you still offering free shipping to Australia if I order one today? Cheers.

    1. Weslley Sousa

      Very nice, when STHR Monitor will be available to Brazil? ;)

    2. Jussi Solja

      Yes we do offer free shipping to Australia :)

      Unfortunately we don’t have a timeline for when we will be able to ship the HRM to Brazil. Sorry!

      – Jussi / Team ST

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