Sports Tracker 1.6.5 for iPhone

Just a quick bug fix update for you iPhone trackers out there – available now from the App Store :) Have a great week!

Changes in v.1.6.5

  • Automatic map zoom level fix
  • Registration related crash fix
  • Data storing modified to meet iCloud requirements
  • Map type switching fixed after resuming the app from the background

Team Sports Tracker


  1. Antonio

    When sports-tracker for iphone 4S in spanish?

  2. Peter


    looks like it is now possible to pair hrm belts to the iPhone4s without dongle (source: Seems like apple has some sort of new BT Smart protocol in iOs5 (just guessing).

    You could make and sell separate hrm belt for iPhone and that would be fantastic news for iPhone users out there.

  3. Míla

    I am waiting for some upgrade in SYMBIAN world. When it will be released?
    Thanks, Míla

  4. FAbio

    why do not you make it compatible with ANT+ ?.


  5. Milan Kolarovic

    ^ to add information, my platform / device is a regular 16GB iPhone 4 with the last iOS 4.xx update. And the problem seems to be replicated also in the normal diary view on the phone, opening a workout for closer look almost always crashes the application.

  6. jean

    When an update for Symbian Mobile ?
    Best regards

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