Six new languages and a new resolution for Sports Tracker on Android

Hallo! Bonjour! Hola! Ciao! Olá! Moi!

Sports Tracker for Android is now fluent in German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Finnish thanks to our team of volunteer translators! Thanks again for all the hard work!

Switching to one of the new languages: Once you install the new build and set your system language to one of the new supported languages Sports Tracker will also switch to your chosen language. Simple, eh? :)

A new (years) resolution

In addition to going multilingual our Android app now also sports more pixels as we’ve added support for devices with the whopping 720×1280 resolution – such as the Galaxy Nexus by Google and Samsung.

Bug fixes in Android v.1.8.5

  • Voice feedback triggered properly when using miles
  • Lap view shows mile based laps properly
  • GPS disabled when using Indoor activity
  • Image capturing fixed for Samsung Galaxy Mini
  • Visual fine tuning

» Download and install Sports Tracker for Android v.1.8.5 from the Android Market



  1. John

    Been using this app for quite a while now. It’s very easy to use, accurate and versatile. Best of all, it’s free :)

  2. lelievre

    sport tracker en francais

  3. Juan

    En el samsung galaxy SIII Versión 4.0.4 no reconoce el reproductor de musica que viene por defecto.

  4. attila6152

    when will you repair the jelly bean’s voice feedback error (no voice with jelly bean)?

    Best Regards

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi, we’re building a new Android app from scratch which should solve all the current issues. I’m too afraid to promise any dates at the moment;) but we’re working day and night to get it out as soon as possible.

    2. kschai

      Can’t seem to get voice also on my SG Note 2 with Jelly Beans. This after upgrade phone from Symbian. Don’t want to switch apps & lose my recorded running history. :(

      1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

        Hi, yes sorry about that. We’re working on a new Android app which will fix this.

  5. seref

    Why do Turkish language

  6. Stanislaw Nalepa

    I can’t find the photo upload function in the Android app. Is there such a function, or not? If yes, how do I use it? Inside the app you can choose to take a picture, but after uploading only the track is there. Would I have to move the images to a computer and upload them from there? Would they then keep the coordinates information, and get attached to the right places automatically?

    1. xmangerm

      I have experienced the same issue with my Galaxy Nexus using Jelly Bean. In fact, when I use the “choose to take a picture button” the stock camera takes the photo but doesn’t save it to the Gallery to upload later via computer, however when I select the app Camera Zoom FX it is saved correctly. Nevertheless, I am still very satisfied with Sports Tracker android but an update would be nice.

  7. Nils


    The altitude is still a problem. when i go up sports tracker is going down on its altitude. And the the hight is completly wrong. 193m on a seaside?

  8. Chris

    Great job for the translation on android App.

    Can we also expect translation on the web site?

    Best regards


  9. Cristian

    Nice work on Sport Tracker, but would be nice update voice languages too, like spanish!! jeje

  10. Sergey

    Hi Sport Tracker team,

    Quite a long time since the last update for Android! Sometimes I’ve got app errors on Android 4.0 while starting the app, also sync problems (not all route is synced, dropping data if power down) are still there. Pls let us know if you’re going to publish the new release. Thank you!

  11. Eldar

    I have a problem with setting up the GPS signal. When I turn on the GPS a lot of time waiting to establish a signal. It often happens that the signal is sometimes lost. Mobile’s HTC Sensation. Do you have any suggestions?

  12. Rok

    Slovenia translation was started long ago. No translation jet? Strange?
    Will all this languages also be available for Nokia Belle OS?

  13. ron

    how about having Hebrew language?

  14. Cosyn Frank

    When will dutch language be ready?

  15. chris

    Hi all,

    I have problems with sports tracker and my bpm-device on a Motorola Milestone 2. Im using the Polar Bluetooth bpm-device (Polar WearLink+) with sports tracker but I become wrong values. My bpm is between 30bpm and 250bpm in 30 mins jogging..
    Any Ideas here?

    With Apps like “Endomondo” and “runtastic” I have no problems with the Polar Bluetooth bpm-device.

    Oh and can you please add the activity “treadmill” with automatic gps off?


    1. Harri

      I had the same problem in Android and hrm have worked before without any error. At first, it showed me 230 and 30 hr for a while in one trainee. After that it connected, but showed 230 all the time. Then I changed the battery and it have been worked again without any problem 2 hour.

  16. Daniyel

    what about more workouts (snowboarding, rafting and many more), if not how about let us customize and rename the “Other” … i saw same questions asked about 7 months ago … nothing …

  17. Peter

    When can we expect menu and voice coach in Swedish?

  18. Hartsa

    I would also like to have dashboard in my native language (suomeksi kiitos).

  19. Sylvia

    Can you tell me where I can set my language preference? I am currently in English and would like to switch to German, but cannot find nowhere how to set my preference. Tx.

  20. mariusky

    Why can’t I never see the maps from google of my workouts when I access my sprots tracker account in Firefox. The map area stays black keeps showing a small circling icon on and on but the map doesn’t show. Can you help pse. It only happens in the Sports-Tracker site.

  21. Edgar

    You only tranlated text to other languages. Is it planned also to translate voice messages to those languages?

  22. Adilson

    Que ótima notícia! E quando vão colocar a lingua portuguesa na versão para Symbian?! Grato!

  23. tomquadrat

    i would like to keep the language in ENGLISH despite my phone being something else (german in my case). so put a prefered language option in, would you. please…

    1. Patton

      It would be great to know if that is possible, I have the same question. Thanks.

      1. Éric Senterre

        I want that too. I want to keep my phone in English because the French translation is so horrible that I dont want to use it in French. But I would LOVE to hear Sports-Tracker to talk to me in French!!

        1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

          Hi, sorry to hear you think the translation is bad. It’s done by our community, so if you’d like to correct the language, please help us: Currently we offer the voice feedback only in English, but let’ see if we can change this later on.

  24. quisoc

    why only this 6 languages?

  25. Jirka

    Hi! I’m ready to translate Sports Tracker to Czech language! :)

    1. ARMANDO

      Dobrý den, jak to vypadá s překladem do češtiny, nikde nevidím možnost přepnutí jazyka do češtiny :-) Díky za pomoc.

  26. Marco Sanchez

    I would like to see my running journal with graphics, to know how many miles I ran in August, September and so on.
    Runstar does that to me is still the best.

  27. Vasco

    Additional functionality I see in other applications is the live tracking which is very handy..Add this and it will be perfect-
    Example: Endomondo does it…

  28. kajoshima

    pls do live tracking with sportstracker.this is the only point why i use another sport applikation.except this you have the better applikation.

  29. Ronald

    I have a new Phone Samsung Galaxy S Plus now. When i loging to my account, i don’t see my photo’s, only my trips :((
    I have made more than 200 trips in last 6 months, I’m very sad.
    I had to hope to get this pictures back on my phone tripviews in this update, but no…..

  30. Juan

    ¿El audio feedback sigue en ingles?

    1. Bart

      Hi all,

      I have problem with sending gpx files from my HTC with android to account. I installed sport tracker pro and try to send it.I noticed, that i have my details on account, but there is no data on Does it mean that I have to firstly export gpx files from first account and import them to second account? I thought that it will be possible to export it from android directly to page.
      Any suggestions ?


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