Windows Phone update with fixes and support for German

Here’s a little something for all you Windows Phone -trackers out there :)

Windows Phone v.1.1

  • Addresses stability issues that caused the application randomly crash under some circumstances
  • Fixes incorrect display of altitude data in workout tracking data view
  • Addresses issue where some users were unable to connect the app to their account on
  • Adds support for german language
  • Addresses issue where workouts were also shared to Facebook when sharing to friends was selected

» Get the updated app from Windows Marketplace

Happy tracking!

– Team Sports Tracker


  1. Drazen


    I have HTC 8X and I still have a problem connecting to my account from my phone. It says “Login failed. There was an error communicating with, caused by unreliable or non-working network connection. Please try again later”. I have latest version of application from Croatian store.

    Can somebody help me, please?

  2. Petra


    Can someone help me out? How do I pause my ST during a workout without losing all the data from the current workout? Thus far I haven’t been able to pause my ST to e.g. take pictures with my phone while on a run and then return to the workout: every time I’ve exited the program to do something else with my phone the current workout has just disappeared, so annoying :/

  3. Janne O


    When will WP8 app support multitasking? Today at 13k mark my Spotify jammed, when I went to turn it back on, ST stopped running and cleard the data… This “eats a man” as we say in Finland.

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi Janne, the WP8 app will be developed during this spring:

  4. mark

    Does the portico update to WP8 enhance the bluetooth profile support and does it now allow in principle a bluetooth hears rate monitor to be used?

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi, yes we’re building an app for WP8 during this spring and it will have heart rate monitoring support as well.

      1. mark

        Great! looking forward to use it!

  5. Nikki

    Hi I am having the same problem as the patrons using the Windows OS, however I am using a android. My device is the LG Revolution. Any help? Sometimes the app works perfectly. Other times it shuts down in the midst of the workout and I lose all workout data. I can’t pinpoint what it is that I may be doing to cause this.

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      We’re building a new Android app which will fix the stability issues. Currently looking to release it in November.

  6. Siddharth


    ST use to work great with symbian but with Nokia Lumia 800 it has many issues which are well listed by users above.
    One thing, with 3G connection off, ST fails to track the path even when the tracking is initiated after a gps lock is successfull on start position. Please suggest what can be done to remedy this as keeping 3G connection always drains the battery and in remote locations it is not available.

  7. Harald

    Die App ist nicht mehr Multitaskingfähig??!!
    Einmal das Programm in den HIntergrund geschoben macht das Ding nix mehr. :-(

    UPDATE, wo bleibt das Update!!!!!

  8. Sir Dynamo

    Stürzt ab bei Verwendung der Kamera, vorlesen und Anworten von SMS mit Spracherkennung und wenn andere Anwendungen im Vordergrund sind und dann der Bildschirm gesperrt wird. Bitte schnell Update!!!

    1. Sir Dynamo

      Also ich habe gerade neuinstalliert und gemerkt das ich die Version V1.0.6 installiert habe und nicht wie im marketplace angegeben V1.2.0 ? Wie komme ich mit meinem HTC 7 Pro an das aktuelle Update?

      Bitte um Hilfe !!!!

  9. Kim

    Just got my new Lumia 800. First app installed was ST. Off to run in the woods…….what, no GPS???

    Now home having tried everything ST will still not lock the GPS signal??

    Any advice?

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  11. vj

    Hi, when uploading route to st & Facebook, it always defaults to KM on my Nokia lumia 800. I have tried choosing metric on the setting I case it was ” arse about face” but no difference. Are you aware of this problem? Ta

  12. Jim

    It crash after I trun-off screen then press “camera” button to take a picture, but it didn’t crash if I trun-on screen first, Why??

  13. Szaska

    Should be able to continue a saved workout, so you could save before exiting, and not be lost.

  14. Tiina

    Hi, I have been using Sportstracker in my Lumia 800 for a couple of weeks now. Should have bought a new Android instead… Couple of things that are truly annoying. I like to use another sports application in paraller in case SP crashes, but that does not work with windows phone (you covered that topic in previous answers). Also even if everything goes fine, I seem to lose workouts for some reason. Save/autosave not working correctly? Also it would be nice to take pictures while doing exercise etc.

    1. Jussi Solja

      Hi Tiina!

      Thanks for the feedback! We are pushing new updates for WP soon and will keep on enhancing the experience: Picture upload is in the works as are improvements to stability and uploads etc.

      – Jussi / Team ST

  15. Jos

    Sports-Tracker for WP: you Stink! (pardon my French). Today for just about the 27th time I lost all my workout data on my Lumia 800, trying to use this useless App in combination with textmessage, photo, or phone.
    I am of to another workout program and will not be back!

    1. Jussi Solja

      Hi Jos!

      Sorry to hear that you feel that way. Unfortunately we can not have the app run in the background as the WP platform does not allow us to do that. That’s why you can not do anything else (except listen to music) while you are tracking. If you keep ST in the foreground while tracking things should work better :)

      – Jussi / Team ST

      1. Jari

        Hi Jussi

        I have Lumia 800 (Windows Mobile 7.5), when i keep pressed “Cancel button” and keep it while, i get list background apps, i choose SportsTracker and continue use it.


      2. Bart

        While using ST I can make photos. But I pause ST while doing that. Still, when I shut down the camera, I have to be way to careful to not shut down ST too. Shutting down ST will make me lose ALL data. No background backup, no “really shut down?” I hope that will be installed in the next (nearby) update of ST 4 WP!!??

        1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

          The confirmation warning to the back button is coming in the next release which is being reviewed by Microsoft at the moment.

  16. Brian Maher

    Sorry guys but having used this app for few years on different devices, my first day out with ST on my new Lumia 800 has been a disappointment. It crashed twice while running in the background. Am I missing something?

    1. Jussi Solja

      Hi Brian!

      The WP platform does not allow apps to run in the background (with a few exceptions) so nothing we can do about this issue unfortunately. Please keep ST active and you should be able to track just fine :)

      – Jussi / Team ST

      1. Brian Maher

        So are you suggesting start my music first and then begin ST..OK I’ll try that!!

        1. Jussi Solja

          Yep that’s the way to do it – unfortunately. Hopefully Microsoft will add multitasking to WP soon!

          – Jussi / Team ST

          1. Salil Shukla

            Windows Phone already has limited multitasking. But the trick is in keeping ST always in the active state. Brian, it will be perfect if you start music first and then start ST. Thereafter you can pause, play, skip tracks using the media transport buttons that appear on the top of the screen when you press the volume rocker and it’ll have no effect on the running of ST.

      2. Antonio

        Sorry, but one thing is the app not working in the background becase of WP not allowing it (I undertstand that it’s not your fault and I’m fine with that, I don’t believe that’s really a big issue anyway) and an entirely different thing is Sports Tracker *crashing* when you have to start another app for whatever the reason. That’s something that you should fix. BTW, is receiving calls while running Sports Tracker supported? Any news on suporting Spanish in the WP version? Thanks

        1. Jussi Solja

          Hi Antonio!

          Actually launching other apps while you are running Sports Tracker forces ST to the background = WP shuts it down. So unfortunately you can’t run any other apps while tracking. Again this is a platform issue and we hope that Microsoft will develop the platform to allow multitasking asap :)

          – Jussi / Team ST

          1. Antonio

            Well, that’s not my experience. Usually when I am running Sports Tracker and I press the Windows button to return to WP tile interface, I can launch any other app with no problem at all. Sports Tracker stays in the background *paused* and the GPS connection is lost but I can just resume execution at a later time nicely… But *sometimes* for no apparent reason things don’t happen this way and Sport Tracker quits unexpectedly while in the background… Maybe I’m misunderstanding the way things work.

  17. Tuomo

    Hi, I am very disappointed to your Sportstracker application. I am using it through Lumia 800, and during past few weeks, I have been trying to track my cross-country skiing kilometres. All usually goes well until the skiing is over and I try to save the training. Prior to saving, if Lumia or sportstracker itself (usually application itself fails, not Lumia) fails/is being tilted, I lose all unsaved workouts. So clearly auto saving option would be required! I have been losing about 7 out of my 9 workouts due to application tilt before the workout is saved. Could you please fix this problem asap somehow, it really pisses me off!! Thank you in advance. Regards, Tuomo

    1. Jussi Solja

      Hi Tuomo!

      Sorry to hear this! We will be releasing some updates and fixes soon – hang in there and sorry again!

      – Jussi / Team ST

  18. Masi

    I saw a Nokia Lumia 800 advertisment with Sports Tracker, my favorite application, displayed prominently on the phone. I thought ‘This phone should be good enough for me’, and bought Lumia 800.
    How wrong I was. There is no real Sports Tracker, just a demo of Sports Tracker. NO BLUETOOTH HEAER RATE MONITOR SUPPORT. No support in sight.
    ST and Nokia, how can you betray your customers with such a false ad? I FEEL SO CHEATED.

    1. AndyLine

      +1, hope that the HRM will be supported soon.

    2. Jussi Solja

      Hi Masi!

      Sorry to hear you were disappointed. The WP version of Sports Tracker is still a little behind when compared to the other platforms but we are working on closing that gap soon!

      As far as the support for the Sports Tracker HRM the Windows Phone platform unfortunately lacks the necessary Bluetooth profiles for us to add support for the HRM. So until the platform is updated we can’t do anything about that issue. Sorry!

      – Jussi / Team ST

  19. toñi

    Es genial muy bueno, pero la voz cuenta vueltas es en ingles. Yo no lo rntiendo, me gustaria qur me ayudanse cambiar a español gracias

  20. juan

    Do not install the version 1.1.0. 1.0.4 is installed.

  21. juan

    No se instala la version 1.1.0. se instala la 1.0.4.

  22. Charles

    Sports Tracker in my old C7 was a delight – a really good application. It was especially good with the heart rate monitor. I know that it was being developed for iPhone, Android, etc. and had improvements but now that I have a WP7, the application is really, really poor!!!! No heart rate monitor, no speed or altitud graphics, no lap data, I’m very disappointed beacause the phone technology is improving and this application isn’t!!! (Anyone wants to buy my HRM?).

    1. Jussi Solja

      Hi Charles!

      Sorry to hear you are disappointed with the current Windows Phone app. As stated before the HRM compatibility is a platform issue so we need to have Microsoft update the WP7 platform for us to be able to make our HRM compatible. So that issue will be fixed as soon as it is possible.

      As to the app features this is the 1st version of the WP app and we are already working on improvements so please stay tuned and keep the faith :)


      Jussi / Team ST

      1. Charles

        Jussi, Thanks for your reply, I wasn’t really expecting one, but your attention is greatly appreciated!

        A am totally satisfied with your application on my C7 so I shall look forward to the updated version for the WP7!!!!

        Keep up with the good work, team!!!!!!

      2. Charles

        Jussi, If you need a translation to Spanish (Spain) just let me know!!!

        1. Jussi Solja

          Thanks and we’ll keep your offer in mind! :)

          Happy tracking!

          – Jussi / Team ST

    2. Justliekcaine

      Hi Charles,

      I totally have to agree with you. I had a Nokia E-71 (symbian) before bought a HRM and SportsTracker became truly wonderful.
      Now, with the beautiful Nokia Lumia 800, it is a complete disaster!!! I can’t upload to Facebook and you already named the rest. But (he cynically spoke) we do have German support now!

      1. Charles

        Justliekcaine, I just love my C7 and I beginning to think that the WP7, with all its mighty multinational backup is not half as good! (when I die, I want my Nokia C7 to be buried with me!). At least Jussi has given us some hope! Happy tracking!!

        1. Justlikecaine

          Let’s keep the faith! It took the folks from ST some time to develop the good app for Symbian and Android as well.
          We’ll have to practice patience ;)

          Happy Tracking to you too!

  23. Kimmo


    Nice to have Sports Tracker now on WP devices as well, but after using it on Symbian, there are couple of problems I’d like to get fixed:
    – saving of the last workout selection would be nice
    – start time of the workout is off by 2 hours at least in GMT+2
    – sharing workouts to friends only seems to work only every now and then (might be fixed with the latest release, not sure)
    – map view with long workouts seem to be very slow, zooming takes seconds
    – release version in the app itself says 1.0.4 even though the version in Marketplace says 1.1.0
    – viewing the speed profile in the device would be nice

    Otherwise thanks for the great work, guys!

    1. Charles

      Kimmo, It’s true!!!! Today I took my old C7 and my new WP7 together for a run (see charlesahall workouts) and there’s one hour less (Madrid = GMT + 1). Check out the other differences!!!

      I’m confident that Sports Tracker will fix everything soon!!!

  24. Steve Homer

    ST 1.1 for windows phone on Nokia Lumia

    15 miles into the MTB ride today and the phone rang. Now I realise that you cannot run ST in the background on a windows phone. All data lost.

    Also no way to upload images taken during the ride as if you go to camera the APP is closed

    Back to the N* and Symbian version for now until this version goes beyond BETA functionality

    1. timbo

      Yeah, kinda sucks. I hope there’s other tracking software for wp7 which can run in the background.

    2. Jussi Solja

      Hi Steve!

      Unoftunately the WP platform does not allow 3rd party GPS-apps to run in the background at least at the moment :( So when you are tracking don’t pick up if someone calls. An incoming call will not interrupt the tracking unless you answer it.

      As for the photo tracking – that’s coming in the next release!

      – Jussi / Team ST

      1. Sean

        Using WP7 Mango I have had no issues with running this application in the background. I click the Windows button, start some music, take pictures, etc… then hold the back arrow button for a couple seconds and app-switch back to SportsTracker. WP7 has allowed for background tasks since the release of Mango last fall.

      2. Salil Shukla

        Well Jussi, its not actually correct. An incoming call in WP7 has no effect on the Sports Tracker app running in the background even if you answer it. Not only that, I have been pushing ST in the background during my walks and checking in through FourSquare or taking a picture and posting it on Facebook or chatting on WhatsApp. During this time the GPS goes into pause but the clock keeps running. So when I bring back ST into active state using the multitask app switching, the clock continues unchecked and the GPS picks up the new point and calculates the straight line distance from when it had gone into pause mode. If you have been moving into a generally straight line in this duration, there is minimal affect on your data. In any case, no data is LOST.

        Its a different story that ST has a tendency to sometimes shut down by itself for no rhyme or reason. Sometimes it happens multiple times on the same day and sometimes all is well for several days. The fault is not of the Windows Phone platform, but the instability is in the application. Hoping that the same is fixed soon.

    3. Chirag

      If you are on Mango the the background task works. After starting the workout you come out of the app using the windows button. When you want to go back to the app use the ‘multi tasking view’ i.e long press the ‘Back Button’ and go to the app. If you start the app from the app list or tile it will start as a new and your data will be lost.

  25. timbo

    Today was the first time I used ST for WP7 and it failed. Or maybe I did. :(
    It was so great on Android but this time I startet it and after half an hour I stopped to make a picture. I pressed the photo-button, the application startet, I took a picture and put the phone back in my pocket. And two hours later when I was done running, I checked the phone and it was all gone. No workout. Nothing. :(
    I didn’t knew this was killing ST.

    1. Jussi Solja


      We will add the photo feature in the next release! Hang in there :)

      – Jussi / Team ST

  26. Friedrich Niehues

    after migrating from my Symbian N97mini, I was disappointed to see that there is no heart rate monitoring. When will it become available for the Windows Phone??


    1. Tommy

      Yeah, I’m with you on this on this one.
      Sports tracker is one of my favorite apps on Nokia N9, but with no heart rate tracking on windows phone, I’m not changing in the nearest future.
      Heart rate monitoring is one of most important features in ST and if it doesnt excist, when im changing to endomondo :(

      1. Jorgen

        I don’t know yet how ST performs on WP7 (I’ve just downloaded it today), but Endomondo on WP7 sucks big time. I really hope that ST is better.

  27. Steve Homer

    ST 1.1 for windows phone on noia lumia.

    1. Auto stop does not work either at 1mph or 3mph

    2. Needs to retain setting for type of workout (mtb,walking etc)as per symb 3 version

    Reports as KM travelled when uploading to twitter not Miles even when miles set and reported on device and ST website – shows 6.6KM travelled in 20 minutes not 6.6 miles travelled in 20 mins – big difference

  28. Dave

    Glad to see you are trying to keep the new market up to date. I much prefer using my “Nokia with Windows Phone” to my old N97. But even happier that your ensuring support of the platform application.
    I look forward to further support of being able to view friends workouts and more detail like graphs on my phone so it’s more convenient than the reverting to the PC interface.

  29. Michel

    the download on the Nokia N97 mini is failing again ang again, what could it be?

  30. Jos

    That’s nice, them fixes and a German language support. But what I really want is the possibility of timing LAPS and the reconnection of my HRM.

  31. HGTan

    Thanks for the update.
    Hopefully there is an update coming soon to enable Sports Tracker to run in the background.

  32. markiz

    Nice to see such a fast update :)

    I hope for the future updates you will take live tile into consideration. With info like longest run session, ran this week, stuff like that.

    Also, work on making the app more smooth. It’s a bitsy jerky. If it were smoother, the feel would be better, complete.

  33. Robin Heringa

    How about GPS tracking accuracy? HAs this been improved in this release as well? Sporttracker has a measured sistance deviation of approx. 400 meters on a 10km run from my polar GPS tracking system and another activity tracking application on my phone …

    Tx for improving the app!

  34. Lukas Kratochvil

    Thank you so much for working on this :)
    I really would like to see the ability to take pictures during my run :) is it posting to FB in imperial units and showing the map??

    Thanks again for the hard work :)

    1. John

      I saw a Nokia Lumia 800 advertisment with Sports Tracker, my favorite application, displayed prominently in the ad. I thought ‘This phone should be good enough for me’, and bought Lumia 800.
      How wrong I was. There is no real Sports Tracker, just a demo of Sports Tracker. NO BLUETOOTH HEAER RATE MONITOR SUPPORT. No support in sight.
      ST and Nokia, how can you betray your customers with such a false ad? I FEEL SO CHEATED.

  35. helmut

    but again: no support for (polar-)belt due to the windows-phone-restrictions. is there a workaround in the pipeline?

    1. Jussi Solja

      Once Microsoft adds the necessary Bluetooth-profile support we will add support for the HRM. Until then we can only wait :(

      – Jussi / Team ST

      1. helmut

        thank you for answering!

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