Dearest Diary: A Quick Progress Update

Quick progress update on all fronts! Team stress levels up to 167% (conservative estimate) as we get closer and closer to launching all kinds of fun stuff :)

New Website

Diary Layout Up for Review

Next up for review is the new Diary view. We already posted it to our Development Community last Friday but in case you missed it you can check it out now and let us know what you think!

Layout Tweak: More Black

Based on the feedback to the new Dashboard design one thing was clear. The layout should not steer totally clear of the current “Sports Tracker Black” which was seen as a clear distinctive element when comparing to other similar services.

On the other hand the new lighter background also got a lot of positive feedback for it’s clarity and readibility.

As it always is with design it is tricky to hit the balance between “cool” and “functional” but with the new update to the layout we believe we’ve come pretty close. Check it out and let us know if we are on the right track!


While you’ve been commenting on the layouts our team has been busy building the all important backend and frontend pieces to the new site and at the moment we are aiming for the site to be in Beta during this month.

We wanted to get it out already earlier but it seems like we have been a bit too optimistic and we still need a little more time to get it up and running. We are very excited about the developments and hope that you can wait just a little longer for us to get it out for you to test.

Android Revamp

Work on the new revamped Android app is also progressing well. We don’t have an exact date on the release yet but we are working as hard as humanly possible to bring you an app that is more stable and bug free. Stay tuned for a call for Beta testing.

iOS 6 & iPhone 5

iOS6 and iPhone5 related small issues and optimizations are being worked on and an update is imminent. Other news for iPhone trackers coming soon as well…

Backend & Service Stability

We’ve luckily been able to stabilise the service so that we haven’t had as many service breaks as we had a while back and at the same time the work on the new & improved backend is progressing well and we expect to launch it along with the new web service and updated Android app.

Thanks (as always) for your support & keep on tracking!

Team Sports Tracker


  1. philD

    Hi ST,
    Just wondering when this on-going project from T32012 will actually be online ?
    It seemed you had something very interesting running but no news, no info…
    Where is your nice new HTML website to replace your frankly heavy Flash website that can not be used on most mobile devices…


    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi, sorry for my late reply. We’ve had to postpone some of the promised work due to more critical work, like the new backend. However, the new website is also coming along nicely, more news to follow.

  2. a-j

    When will the new HTML site be up and running?

  3. Martin Mac

    I would LOVE to beta test the new android app if still possible I currently own a nexus 7 tablet, Kyocera rise phone, an old Evo 4 G phone and I hope to get the galaxy S 4 in a week or so. My main activity is running and at the moment I run between 40 and 60 miles a month , love the app keep up the great work.


  4. Davide

    Me too! I’d be happy to be a betatester for Android. Running ST on 4.2.1

  5. Mika

    Hi, is there still room in your Android Beta testing group? I can’t wait to see the new app and could test it daily.

    1. Graham

      I second that. Runkeeper just did a holo redesign on their app and looks great but I prefer the dark aesthetic of sports tracker. I really hope this revamp comes soon and in the form of a holo design to match the android guidelines.

  6. thomas

    i’d be happy to do beta testing for you! currently having the n9/meego, will switch to jolla or ubuntu phone when it comes available.

  7. Alan Breen

    I like the “white” page view, shown above, of the diary much better than the current “black” page view. The black pages are very hard to read in some lighting situations. When do you plan to have the new version website up and running?

    Also keep up the support for Symbian and Meego they’re still the best OS’s out there.

  8. Rob

    Don’t know if this is the way, I really like to join the beta testing.

    Besides I’m also wondering when the Android app will be 4.2.1 ready.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi Rob, thanks for wanting to be our beta tester. We’ll contact you once we’re ready to start (hopefully very soon..).

  9. Dulin

    ok, when is the HR for WP finally. I have lost 6 months already since phone change… ;(

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi, please see the support site:

  10. Daniel T.

    Hi…i would LOVE to be part of the beta testing!

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Great! We would love you to be part of it:). You have an Android phone?

      1. Daniel T.

        Yes.I have a Galaxy S3 running with CM10.1 (4.2.1 Jelly Bean)

  11. iRun

    Hi guys!
    The year comes to end and it’s time to summarize and analyze the workouts throughout 2012.
    Just an idea. Don’t you think it’s a good moment to let us use some new features either on the website or via new Android app in order to highlight the ending year?

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi iRun, that’s a nice idea:). Wish I could promise that, but at the moment I can’t.. We’re doing our very best though to make that happen.

      1. iRun

        Hi Katja, thanks for answer! May I be a beta-tester then?

        1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

          With pleasure! I’ve added you to the group, we’ll contact you via email when we’re ready. Thanks!

  12. SlaNT

    Thank you for your application, it is really great.
    The biggest problem that I’m worried about is the loss workout log if you turn off your mobile. Very often the work of the application restarts the phone: (. Also, if the training is a few hours, the battery is discharged – the mobile is switched off and I lose all my data.
    I want to be part of the beta test group. (HTC Desire android 2.3.7 Oxygen ROM)

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi SlaNT, thanks for wanting to be part of the beta testing, I’ve added you to the group. We’ll be adding the autosave at some point, it’s definitely on the to do list.

  13. Manuel

    Any progress during last 2 months?
    Let us participate in your working progress.
    Give us some updates? What about new pictures of app or website? What about beta versions? What are your plans in new features in new versions? What about your timetable for official reliese? What about timetable for beta test?
    I wanna be beta tester, i would do alpha testing too. :-)

    I hope your new version will be reliesed very soon.
    And if there will be a stable ST app with new cool features and stable website with better statistics i will be ready for spend money in a “PRO” version too of course.

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi Manuel, sorry for the delay. We feel like we don’t want to promise too much anymore as the work is taking quite a bit longer than expected. We’re working really hard to get them out as soon as it just is possible. You are in our beta tester group so once we are ready to release the betas you’ll get an email from us. At the moment we’re testing both the site and Android app internally and should (fairly) soon be able to release them for beta testers.

  14. Jaco2k

    I really like this application but being unable to sync my workouts from my Galaxy S2 (with CM9) and the site is annoying me quite a bit right now.

    Also, I get loads of problems with the connectivity to the HR belt and it has worked about 25% of the times I tried it, almost making me return it to the shop…

    1. Jaco2k

      …if there is a beta program, I am interested in participating. It cannot be much worse than what I currently have.

    2. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi, the sync issues are related to our server issues, not the app. We are working on a new backend system which should solve these for good. Re the belt, please contact our support to get help, your belt might be faulty:
      I’ve added you to the beta testers.

    3. Sergey

      Try to shift the sensor to the body side towards the device (wherever you wear it – on the arm or in the pocket). The sensor anyway will show accurate data but the connection will be much more reliable. Hope it helps.

  15. Anssi Saari

    Are there still free slots in the Android beta program? I have a Galaxy Nexus and a Nexus 7 tablet, both running 4.1.2. Old Nexus One too but not using that much any longer.

    I’d really like to see the HTML5 pages too. I actually tweaked my Nexus 7 so that it has Flash now but Flash on Android, well, it’s just bad.

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi, yes of course you can test them both. We’re running behind a bit, so haven’t started the beta testing in either of them yet, but we’ll contact you once they’re ready. Thanks for the interest!

      1. Manuel

        I would be also interested in testing ST beta programm. Via Galaxy S2 on Android 4.0 and flash-free website too :-)
        Thanks a lot!

        1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

          Thanks! I’ve added you to the list.

  16. ironcream

    Go-go-go-go! :)
    Beta for HTML is gooood. But “beta” should mean someone outside the development team has access to it.
    Can we see it?

  17. Abe

    Please don’t forget about the windows phones :) We love the app too!

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Thanks, no we won’t forget you:)

  18. Marcel

    Nice to hear that. I just thought I can throw my sports tracker into the trash can with all the bugs I discovered but this sounds like a second chance is a good idea :-)
    I’d love to take part in the beta test as well. As I’m working as a professional mobility software developer I hope I can provide some feedback that helps making Sportstracker one of the best tracking apps.

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Thanks Marcel, do you have an Android phone? If so, I’ll add you to the beta testers:)

      1. Marcel

        Yes I have an android device (HTC Desire HD with Android 2.3.7; soon (one of) the upcoming Nexus)

  19. Shashwat

    Cool work going on :) Keep up the good work..

    I hope the android beta gets out soon, would love to get a hands on beta and provide all the valuable info that I can to make a beautiful s.w even more pleasing.

    Kudos , and hope the long awaited android update lands soon along with a revamped website :)

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Thanks! I’ve made a note to myself that you want to be a beta tester:). News to follow soon.

  20. Chris

    I can’t help but feel that you need a revenue stream. I too like the poster up thread have purchased a heart monitor which is really the only way I can support the service. I too like many others have disappointed by the slow roll out of updates and improvements and share the general feeling that ST is falling behind competitors. Maybe a revenue stream would focus support where it is needed be in Android, Iphone or Symbian.

  21. George

    I’m very happy with ST,
    the only feature that I miss is user configutable interval training with audio feedback.

    For example:
    -400m pace 5mins/km -> audio feadback if faster/slower
    -1min pace 8mins/km etc

    Like garmin connect workouts

  22. Fourester

    When fixing up Droid app., please set it up so that the screen will turn when I turn the phone. All of my other apps do this, and it would make seeing/using the screen so much easier while running with the phone strapped to my arm.

  23. amvodnik

    I am not sure if except making android app more stable you are going to add any new features the community asked for?

  24. Tatu

    Hi, I am using SportsTracker both in Windows Phone and Symbian. My primary phone is Lumia 800 and I use ST client mostly to browse my tracked excercises. I have old Nokia C6-01 which I use to track excercises with Polar HR belt (and nowadays I use BT GPS accessory too, since I do not have SIM for C6-01). I would rather use the Lumia for the tracking if it would have HR belt support. I know it is not fully ST team fault, since WP 7.5 is missing necessary BT protocols. Hopefully it will be fixed in the future. Does anyone know if WP 7.8 brings any improvement on this?

    1. samppa

      I have the same problem. Lumia 800 and HR belt that don’t work…

  25. Mikko

    Hi, looks good.
    But I must admit that I am dissapointed with your development. There are many features that your loyal users have been requested long time ago, like groups, live sharing, different gear (tracking for different shoes, different bikes for kilometer followup), storing weather information into exercise, just few to mention. Instead of developing the application, you are doing the same thing you did last time: You are redesigning your website! Don’t get me wrong, it is good you are developing the website, but users are waiting for mobile version development even more. Old website and old symbian versions had more features… If you do appreciate your users, please show some evidence that you really are working on those topics you see in “Planned ideas”

    Best wishes from your loyal user,
    679 hours of Sports Tracking

  26. Marko

    Comment about the diary view: is it possible to select in the monthly trend a specific sport or is it only total hrs/kms?

  27. Pete K

    Great update.

    Keep up the good work, make the site & apps in peace even if it means one more week of waiting. We’ve waited this long, we’ll wait a little longer if you keep telling us where things stand.

    I’d rather have a working app in a month than a piece of c**p in a week.

    My personal wish list, ofcourse, is the Bluetooth 4.0 heart rate monitoring support for iOs and I wouldn’t mind seeing routes, spoken lap times etc a bit similarly to what endomondo does. If you ever do implement lap times, make them customisable. For some sports, a kilometer is a rather short dash (such as street bicycling) whereas for some others, even 500 meters is enough (such as kayaking) and there are indoor sports, where you might want to have a spoken lap time for 5 minutes etc.

    Anyway, eagerly waiting for your updates to go into beta. This is going to be good, I feel it in my bones…

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi Petri, this kind of feedback gives us confidence that we’re doing the right things, so many thanks! About the lap times, if I understand you right, you have an iPhone and would like to have voice feedback on laps? In the ios version you already have that. In the 3rd screen view you can see the laps and choose between 0.5km-10km, and even tap on lap whenever you want to hear the lap results. When it comes to the rest of the wishes, I’m pretty sure we can make most of them come true:). Happy tracking, Katja

      1. Fabio Rebelato

        Typical iOS user… Oh, look, the feature you think you want you actually already have… but you don’t know how to use it!!!

        1. Petri K

          Typical forum poster, nothing to say about the actual topic, but an immense need to say something bad about other posters :)

  28. Linus

    Looking foward for the Android app update and would love to be part of the beta test group.
    My wife would like her iPhone app to record heart rate with compatible Polar monitor (H7). Is that planned for the new release?

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi Linus, thanks for the interest in becoming a beta tester. We are working on a solution for iPhone hrm so stay tuned for more news! Happy tracking!

  29. DZ

    I’ve also been a Nokia user for years. ST is one piece of fantastic software and works perfectly on E5.
    Even so other OS have appeared, I strongly believe that the Symbian version of ST should be kept alive and somehow up to date, because ST is a Symbian project from the start.
    The whole thing would loose credibility is vS60 is burried.

    Thank you for you great work. On Symbian phones, there’s just nothing comparable to ST software allied to the sweet website.

  30. JRA

    Windows Phone app works ok (only few crashes) but I really miss my Bluetooth HR Belt. Send angry emails and letters to Microsoft to add serial stack to Windows Phone.
    Any news if it is included in WP 7.8?
    “Lumia 900 user”

  31. mrodrigues

    Please, it is possible to implement the gps filtering function for N9?
    Without filtering, occur some inaccurate results.


  32. Wujozbujo

    Symbian is in use and works excellent. Not everyone chases the newest in technology and buys new phones all the time or like touch phones.
    Good Nokias work great with ST and their GPS is very good too.
    Do not scratch Symbian off yet…
    It’s like the good old operating systems, it’s not the prettiest but works fine.
    All the best.

    1. Mario

      I share wujozbujo opinion. My E52 is much more usefull during trainings than many other new smartphones with theirs big size and short lasting battery. I use ST for real running not occasionally to boast about ‘cool app in my phone’. Still waiting for voice feedback and training plan (intervals etc) in Symbian app. Thank you.

      1. Ashish

        Please continue support for Symbian and Meego!!! Maybe you have more market with iphone/android, that’s good. You need to pay bills too. But don’t leave the originals behind. If that’s the case, please open up the source code for those two.


  33. Jonathan

    Love the updated look and feel, good work. Hope you keep up support for MeeGo and my N9

  34. Jayrton

    Where are the WP updates or are you waiting for WP8 “final release canditate” to arrive?
    I am extremly happy with the current Android version (SGS2 with Android 4), very stable and good features. DO NOT remove any of the features but please have “default sharing options” added.

  35. Steven Moore (stevestink)

    I agree with the other comments, sort out the WP7 app, it seriously needs an update and added functionality, until then I’ll keep using my Symbian version.

  36. Olaf

    yea this looks greet,
    but after the last updates it is nothing good working anymore, no updates to facebook/twitter, i use galaxy s3, i hope it will now soon all fix other wise i must look for some other tracker

    1. Jussi Solja

      Hi Olaf!

      Those are exactly the issues (among others) that the new Android app will fix :)

      Thanks for your patience!

      – Jussi / Team ST

      1. Olaf

        Hi Jussi,

        Ok nice to hear that this part will fix, but when we will become the update for this problem??

        Hope that we must not wait so long time for it ;-)

        Regards from Finnland

  37. Chux

    Symbian is almost dead. The team should focus on the new website and on the new major mobile SOs (which are iOS and Android).

    There is no new website and no new mobile version and you guys are asking for a new symbian one…

    Ask for an open API and do it yourself.

    1. Nrde

      Yes Symbian is almost dead, but Symbian is also the reason Android and iOS even have ST.

      I bet there’s still a lot more users of Symbian than there’s WP users. So WP development should be post boned until there’s measurable amount of users.

      But it’s clear some one (guess who) is making sure there really is WP version even thought there shouldn’t be any commercial reason for it, at the moment anyway.

      I have bought the heart rate monitor (which is the only way I could have supported ST) and have expected to use it with my Symbian and MeeGo devices. What have you done to support ST for them to provide an Android or iOS version, let alone WP version?

      So the summary, I’ll continue to use Symbian and Meego until they stop working, and then move to something else that has native support to the platforms I (continue to) use. On the other hand I stop to actively promote ST and it’s services to my friends.

      1. Faio Rebelato

        Same thing here. It’s been a while since I last recommended ST to friends. Again, Symbian folks should deserve more atention/respect/love based on number of REALLY active users and how much we have always tried to bring more people to ST.

        1. ttown

          Am a Nokia N8 user. Love ST with HR belt. Would wish for voice feedback though, not only for laps and time but also when leaving a heart rate corridor.
          I’d also love to see some tools, on- or offline, for comparing workouts.
          Great Project! Please don’t drop Symbian – I promise I’ll avoid WP as long as I possibly can (which might well be forever)

    2. Martin

      The question about an open API has been asked several times and as far as I know never been answered properly so I don’t think they’re willing to offer that unfortunately. If they offered this it would be very good for Symbian and MeeGo users, but since that probably won’t happen we have to hope for more support made by themselves.

  38. Carlos Thiry

    No symbian and WP updates? That’s very sad … =/

  39. Netro

    What about Symbian and Windows Phone apps?

    1. Kristjan

      And Meego?

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