Open Heart Surgery: Revamping Sports Tracker

A lot of you have been asking for more transparency to the development of Sports Tracker and rightly so. We’ve been busy recruiting and ramping up a killer team to take the development of our service and apps to the next level and in the process have not been as active as we should have been in communicating with you – our users.

Time to change that.

Here are the highlights of what we are up to at the moment. In the future you can find the latest on our service and app development status in the new Behind the Scenes -section of this blog.

Building a killer team

During this year we have grown from 5 people to 15 experienced developers and experts. This has unfortunately been a big strain on our ability to deliver updates as bringing new people in takes quite a lot of time and energy.

Luckily we found some amazing new talents to the team and we are now more ready than ever before to take the next leaps in the development of Sports Tracker.

We have great feedback from all of you on what the main developments should be and even though it might feel like we have not listened we have and we have taken a ton of notes.

Now we have the team to turn those notes into reality.

Working on service stability

As most of you have noticed we have experienced some unfortunate service cuts and other issues with our service and apps lately. As Sports Tracker is growing (thanks to all of you) we have realized that the solutions we have had in place have not been sufficient to handle all the amazing adventures you are tracking and sharing.

Luckily this did not come as a surprise to us and we have been hard at work on rebuilding our backend systems ever since the spring of this year to make sure we can deliver the level of service that you have come to expect from us. The new backend will not only ensure service stability but will also enable a host of new features.

This work is expected to be complete by the end of September and until then we can only ask for you patience – we will obviously do all we can to minimize issues affecting your use of the service and the apps. If you for some reason do experience difficulties please contact our support team!

Developing and enhancing the apps + creating a brand new web service

The new Sports Tracker Dashboard!

The new team has not only been working on revamping the backend of our service but work has also been ongoing on multiple other fronts.

Our Android app is being rebuilt from scratch to make it more efficient and stable, the iPhone app will also get a major update in September with some long-awaited features (gotta keep some secrets) and today we are sharing the first glimpse to our new web service also launching in September!

Head to our development community and let us know what you think of the new look & feel of the service. Our new head of web development, Risto Vainio will be taking part in the discussion and taking in all your valued feedback :)

The new web service and apps will be developed aggressively this fall and beyond to take in to account all the feedback your have shared. More info on the details of these features and improvements will be shared later in the “Behind the scenes” -blog and in our development community.

A new web store and new products

During the summer we also launched our new web store with prices now in both Euros and USD’s and shipping worldwide.

We also added some new products to help you train better: We’ve got the brand new Sports Tracker Cycling Jerseys and Pants for all the roadies out there as well as the classic I’m a Tracker -tee’s to help you show your color when in the office or out in your favorite bar for that after-training recovery drink.

More new products coming soon…

Platform support

Going forward we will focus our development efforts mainly to both the Android and IOS -platforms. This means that all new features and enhancements will first see the light of day on these platforms. In most cases we will first launch a new features on one of the platforms and when it has been perfected with the help of your valuable feedback it will then be implemented on the other main platform and also in most cases on Windows Phone – mainly on the upcoming Windows Phone 8.

Symbian development has not been cancelled but at the moment we are in maintenance mode making sure the app functions as is and we are still evaluating the possible updates to the app. The future of Symbian is unfortunately very bleak as Nokia is slowly ramping it’s support down and moving on to Windows Phone and as a small startup we have to prioritise and maximize the impact of our efforts to make sure the majority of our users will get the best possible experience with Sports Tracker.

Thanks again for your patience, understanding and support!

Your Sports Tracker Team
Antti, Jussi K, Jussi S, Mikolas, Timo, Mikko, Risto, Tommi, Vesa, Katja, Ramon, Mika, Hannu, Simo, Jari and Ville



  1. Frank

    Hi guys!
    Really, give a push to the Nokia Lumia 800 / Windows PHone 7.x app … it is good, simple on the phone, but great on the website … yet it is rather UNSTABLE. Taking pictures crashes the application, I miss many configuration options, there is no support for the heart rate monitor I already had from the Nokia Symbian app … please!! Help!

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi, if you unlock the screen before you push the camera button, it shouldn’t crash. Have you tried that (we know there’s a problem if you long press the camera button directly and will try to resolve that at some point)? Unfortunately we can’t do anything about the hrm issue as it’s not in our hands, WP doesn’t support the necessary Bluetooth profiles.

  2. Rahul Rajat Singh

    Oh please dont forget the windows phone 7.5/7.8 guys. I myself and a lot of other WP users are using this app and loving it.

  3. Marcos

    When we will have the New Sports Tracker? I can’t wait for it.

  4. amvodnik

    I am repeating someone but:
    1. beeps before start (+end) of intervals. It is a must if you want the app to be used by intermediate runners.
    2. Set counting before automatic start. Currently after hitting the start button I have to try to hide my mobile asap if I am just before doing TempoRun, or speedwork when ‘each second counts’.
    3. Personal bests comparison between friends (or defined persons)

  5. Nysi

    N9 needs some love too. Why not continue n9 sports-tracker app development so you can port it to Jolla and other Qt enabled phones (blackberry etc.)?

    1. Fabio Rebelato

      A very nice Qt version for both the Meego (N9) and Symbian (my beloved brand new 808 Pureview for example) is the right thing to do. ST keep bitching about the future but they forget that EVERYONE (except americans… and ST is not american by the way) has a Symbian phone somewhere. Even people with “””modern””” OSes (you know, those that can NOT trully multitask, can NOT transfer a simple picture via BT, can NOT be used with a BT heart monitor etc but are still “super-modern” according to pseudo tech journalists) could use their old – battery replacement you know – Symbian device to run. Endomondo and Runkeeper officially dropped Symbian development, wich makes ST the only solution for those thousands of phones still working. Oh – and one more thing – “cool” people still can take horrible pictures of their food and share what they’re eating with the world (WTF!) while still being able to install one more “””App””” (ST) that they will never actually use.

      Charge Meego/Symbian users whatever you want for a perfect/updated Qt version. We are willing to pay! Keep the iOS/Android version free (again, so people can install ONE MORE app they will NEVER use) and charge Meego/Symbian users for using a “burning/dead” plattforms. I personally wouldn’t care.

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  8. Ari1970

    My wishes:
    1. Much better filtering of weak GPS signal. In my Sony xperia, the track may be zig zag if the signal is bad, causing the total distanse to be double to the real. (I’ve got GPS filtering on, but it’s not efficient enough). Or any kind of more/less clever method to guess, where the user actually was going if the GPS reading looks weird
    2. Open street map for Android
    3. Auto save
    4. Audio signals (beeps) for interval training

    1. Duncan

      Yes autosave would be very helpful

  9. Fabio

    The thing is… the majority of your users are still symbian users. If am forced into Android, I’d move into Endomondo or any of the many apps for android/iOS. Just because Nokia is treating their loyal long time Symbian users like shi$# I don’t see why ST should follow them specially because it’s been a while since you’re not part of Nokia. You are who you are because of your Symbian users; not iOS or Android users last time I checked. We know the future is not in Symbian but you should give your loyal Symbian users way more love/respect than Nokia has been giving them. Just my 2 cents…

  10. Jeffrey04

    If you guys are not going to continue developing for N9, would you please open the API so that other apps like MeeTrainer could use it to post data to the service?

  11. Antony

    20 Days after the Open comment and nothing happens. You should stop promising things since you aren’t able to complete them.

    I like this application but it’s not trustable anymore.

  12. Monika

    I am a lazy person so my experience with these kind of apps are kind of limited but I’m missing three features that in my mind would help improve your product.

    1: I’d love to be able to specify the length of my planned workout distance and then be given a number of possible routes from and to my starting point.

    2: How about implementing a feature where the user picks the preferred time to spend on the upcoming workout. The app would then give route suggestions based on the users medium pace from previous workouts of the same kind.

    3: Finally I’d like to second the guy/girl that suggested real-time-tracking. “Still hope that the “real-time tracking”, where friends/buddies/family can track your progress in real-time during an event, is on the cards.”

  13. _Martin_

    Hi all, I use the app every day, works great. I have some questions/comments
    – Will the current links to the workouts be working also after you run the new web? I use it in my POLAR training diary…
    – Do you plan to add the ANT+ support? What about the cyclist power measuring and evaluation?
    – After I import the gpx file there is no way how to add photos to workout, could you add this to new web.
    – It is also not possible to import .hrm file that includes heart rate data…

    1. Markus

      – Better compability in the web service with exported files from Polar would also be nice.
      – ANT+ compability would be a BIG plus and power metering a nice bonus.
      – However, I’d guess people using power metereing also use dedicated hardware and not a phone.
      – In the mean time, could the pedometer function on the phoens be hacked into a cadence meter?

  14. Ran

    Hi Guys,
    when do you plan to add the heart rate support to iOS?

  15. Andy

    Over a year on and I am still using my N86 for sports tracker for the reason I posted at the time

    Hoping your new Android app will address some of the issues (especially point 2, as its good to set weekly and monthly targets). I also cannot trust the Android app not to throw away my workout!

  16. sdbenson

    I just completed a 8 mile mountain bike ride…Sportstracker was on…just as I finished phone battery went dead….LOST ALL OF IT! Other tracker apps (ie Jogtracker!..) save automatically…can you make this app save on auto..I’ll delete when I want to…but why MUST I save…. I’ll have to use two tracker apps in the future since I cannot trust Sportstracker not to lose my info…I like the picture thing though, & nice way it posts to facebook/twitter.

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi, I’m very sorry to hear about the loss of your workout. The autosave function already exists in our ios and Symbian apps and we’ll be adding it to our Android and WP apps in the upcoming releases.

      1. jonvitas

        please do so asap, as I had several instances also wherein all the data was gone…

  17. samppa

    Ok. New lumia is released. What about the HRM ? Can we use it with lumia 920 or 820? If not, i’m really going to android .

    1. sepposeppo

      WP8 SDK makes it possible to access the bluetooth stack so it should be possible and is only up to the developer team to add the functionality to the WP app

      1. Pete K

        Apparently, there isn’t bluetooth 4.0 support in the Lumia 920, though, so expect the same poor battery life as previously.

        1. sepposeppo


          Lumia 920 and 820 get Bluetooth 4.0 certification

          1. Pete K

            Good news indeed

  18. Steph

    Could you guys PLEASE fix the camera to attach the pics to the map while recording workouts?? This hasn’t worked on new phones that i know of, for I don’t know how long, but guessing it shouldn’t be that tough of a fix?? I love taking pics on my route & have started looking into other apps. PLEASE fix soon!

    1. Pete

      At least with my iPhone ST app this feature is working perfectly. I just tap the camera button during my workout, shoot and accept to use the photo. Later I will see the picture in my diary both on the app and on the web site. Great feature, thanks :-)

    2. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi, I’m guessing you have an Android phone. This will be fixed in the new version, unfortunately we’re not able to release a quick fix before that.

  19. Juan

    Me parece muy bien vuestra actitud de cara al futuro. Ese es el camino. Pero debéis de seguir vigilando a la competencia, para ver lo bueno y lo malo de sus app y web, y así tratar de ser el mejor.
    Yo he sido un incondicional de ST, mientras tuve Symbian. Pero desde que me pasa a Android he dejado de usar Sports Tracker. Ya que os habéis quedado un poco rezagados.
    A favor os diré:
    • Su interfaz grafico es de los más práctico y útil.
    Si embargo en contra tiene muchas cosas:
    • Falta de audiofeeback en otros idiomas.
    • Voz de audiofeeback por lo menos en android poco legible. Android da más posibilidades de voz. (runtatic, endomondo, sporttracke Live)
    • Pantalla principal no configurable con la información que cada deportista precisa.
    • Entrenador, con indicaciones por si salimos del ritmo deseado ya sea por ritmo cardiaco o por velocidad (micoach de adidas)
    • Poder generar esos entrenamientos en la web y luego sincronizar con la app. (micoach de adidas)
    • Seguimiento de entrenamiento en vivo. (sporttracker live).
    • Importación, exportación masiva de entrenamientos, para poder migrar datos de otras web y poder realizar backups.

  20. Alex

    Hi Guys
    Great work on an amazing app.
    For a future devolpment i would love to see a satnav feature built in. It would stop me getting lost sometimes.



  21. brian

    Have tried ST with both android and nokia E55. The latter is/was much superior e.g. no reliance on continuous connection. openstreetmap rules! PLEASE retain symbian support!


    DEAR FRIENDS: THE TRUTH IS THAT I LOVE THE INTERFACE OF ST but I miss many things that have other programs, like Endomondo. I like it to be TRANSLATED INTO SPANISH, I would like to introduce TRAINING entirely by hand, I would like to import my workouts from Endomondo with all data (now is not able to import weight training, for example, NO GPS DATA), and I MISSING SOME SPORTS, INTERIOR eSPECIALLY AS THE WEIGHT TRAINING, IN THE LIST OF SPORTS. THANK YOU AND I HOPE THESE CHANGES TO START OVER TO USE ST INSTEAD OF OTHER PROGRAMS, uglier but more practical.

  23. amvodnik

    great advantage of some other websites (eg. TrainingPeaks – paid feature) is ability to monitor and analyze training stress/impact (sometimes it is called TRIMP) of your runs/rides. The function in different sorts appears in GPS watches of Garmin / Polar or Suunto. The info would give an ability to check how is your current level of fitness or level of fatigue.
    It would be great to implement it in app or/and on your webpage.
    It is also strange for me that there is still no option to get Personal Bests (Garmin Connect implemented it not so long ago, but in case of any popular fitness apps there is such a feature). Personal Bests could be split between lifetime and season best. But in my case I also monitor my Competition and Training bests.
    In the simpliest scenario records could be manually filled by user.
    Keep us informed about the changes and new features becasue for the last months I though that you are in coma :-).

  24. Ruch

    I’m using Sports tracker on Nokia 6220c and it’s a great application. Few day ago, a friend of mine installed ST on Android based device, only to surprise me with online Google maps. ST on Nokia uses Open street maps (OSM) and they can be used offline and downloaded via PC, which is great, especially for battery lifetime.
    I must say, for people that uses ST for mountain biking, walking and other off-road workouts Google maps are useless because they have far less (or none) off-road tracks then Open street maps. For me, and others as I can see on, it’s a step down for ST instead of step up.
    Anyway, keep up good the work!! :)

  25. iRun

    Well, the open heart surgery supposed to be the most urgent action, isn’t it? A week passed but nothing new except screenshots. I’ve got one crash on Android 4, couple of site troubles and one track lost (fortunatelly the distance and time saved).
    Are you serious, guys? A dying patient is still asking for help!

  26. Paolo

    I am a very enthusiast tracker, I have an Android phone and app is working great!
    I would like a website open to all platform (iOS??) maybe not flash based.
    About the app, a navigation feature will be great, to give all trackers the chance to run over another user’s track, increasing sharing experience.
    After all, we are a community, insn’t it?
    Great job guys and good luck for your next step in developing.

    1. Ante_K

      Yes, the navigation feature is the thing you should implement…..

  27. Mario

    I know that Symbian is no longer future, but voice feedback was promised to be introduced for other plarforms once succesfully passed testing phase on iOS. I am not going to buy new phone every 2 years, and it is not funny to run with big smartphone which battery needs recharging every day- my nokia E52 have very good battery and is quite small phone- but still enough to run ST application.
    So voice feedback and ability to plan intervals/tabata trainings is what I miss veeeeeery much in current ST release for Symbian (s60 3rd). I may even pay for this feaures but please make it available on Nokia!

  28. Michele Iurillo

    Hi,. I have experimented a lot of problemas with the site yesterday and today.

    My setup is: Android two units, Nokia 1 unit
    Browser: Chrome last version

    The problems: Slow to charge o no to charge nothing.. not reconizing my account.. etc..

    Great Work.. I need to share more!!


  29. Rich May

    Disappointed to hear that you’re losing focus on WinPho for the time being – but really hope you turn that back around with WinPho8 when released. Having been using the app since your early days within Nokia seems a shame to be moving away from them so far. Please don’t forget us – I don’t want to have to move to Endomondo!

    1. Jussi Solja

      Hi Rich!

      We are not losing focus on WP. Looks like the post was somewhat misinterpreted. Android and iPhone are (at the moment) our main platforms but we are definitely developing our WP client as well – WP7 will still see new releases with improvements and once WP8 is out we will have an optimised app for that platform as well :)

      – Jussi / Team ST

  30. Gregor


    Using ST on Nokia is still best as the battery lasts a lot longer. Is there an android device which would support HR belt, have gps and run ST for more than 4 hours?
    Some things are still best on Nokia…

    Best regards,

    1. Simo Pahkamaa

      Hi Gregor,

      I’ve been using Sportstracker with Galaxy S and S3. I’ve managed to track quite long MTB rides, by using my phone in airplane mode. I’ll get easily beyond 7 hours, probably much more but haven’t tried. And even without airplane mode, you really should get beyond four hours, especially if you avoid having the screen on..

      Simo / Team ST

  31. Swede

    I would like the ability to compare two or more exercises on top of each other. Then you can se what speed on what point you were strong/weak on the same route. I also want to see cadence meter but above all the ability to compete with a previous result.

  32. dushanko

    we all need GPX & KML import to sports tracker!!! Thank you very very very much to implement this in future vers.!! It would be very useful to import KML route plans to phone and ride a bike according imported route.
    Sports tracker is anyway great app. Thx you much the development team! You make good job.

    1. jeff

      I import gpx files every day, so what is the request?

  33. scipio africanus

    hello folks,i have been roadbiking for the last 15 years and started to use s-t in last weeks,just great on my samsung s3,really great,can not compare it’s perfomance with iphone 4s (which i have as well)can somebody tell me why the readings on my cateye are allways bigger than on thr s-t,about 2 km on 100km rides and about 1km in the average,waiting for the bikemount version for the samsung s3,all the best folks.

  34. Charles

    In Sports Tracker we trust! Thanks for all your efforts, you contribution to my training is unbeatable!!!

  35. lciani

    Please keep supporting ST on the Nokia N9. Thanks!!!

    1. Martin

      Thumbs up for that one!

  36. ispedros

    Good news,

    Please be focused in these features that make ST weaker compared with other trackers :

    Ant+ sensor compatibility (endomondo)
    Training plans (adidas micoach)

    I am fed up of using adidas micoach and later export the workouts to my fauvorite site ST so please give same features.

  37. Jari

    So this means that Symbian might get bugfixes in the future but nothing else.
    I am HOPING that when Nokia release a Pureview WP8 phone that the heart rate belt support is there and also all the features I can see in Android mobile app. Otherwise it´s a no-go for a WP8 phone for me.
    Now WP version is seriously behind Android and based on your comment “perfecting the features before relasing on other platforms” means WP will always be behind Android. Hopefully I am wrong.

  38. Tram

    Looks amazing! Great work!

  39. pavel78

    Sports-tracker for IPhone, WP8 and Android is fine, ease to buy a new mobile and keep using ST. But HRM works just with Android! That is already a big restriction when you like knowing your hear rate :-(
    Hope there will be a solution in a future…

  40. Grzywa

    Great news with the non-flash website !
    Finally !!!

  41. petereHS

    thanx one of the best apps
    There are a lot of trackers – me to – which use iPad without flash. Will you prepare also app for iPad? resp alternative for website?

    1. Jussi Solja

      The new site will be optimised for iPad as well :)

      – Jussi / Team ST

  42. andré

    Great.. thanks for the hard work

  43. Pontus

    yyeeaaahhaaaaaa!!! =)

  44. amir

    thank’s guys.

    Best Regards

    1. CreMindES

      Yeah, still missing MeeGo updates, please support this great platform more, I’m haven’t been able to normally use Sport Tracked since I got my N9, which I love.

      1. Martin

        It shouldn’t be that hard to at least implement all the features from the Symbian version to the N9 MeeGo version since both use QT.

    2. Tom

      Are there any plans to introduce a sportstracker sports watch?
      I am about to buy a GPS watch and as the main companies that sell these have thier own services, i would end up leaving sportstracker (which i don’t want to do.)

  45. Calster1 L

    Please fix your mobile website to show in Imperial instead of metrics if that’s what the user has selected. This issue shows up regardless if the user is using a iOS, Android, Windows, or Symbian phone. Folks here in the USA don’t understand pace by metrics. Also, keep up the good work. How do you guys sustain you operations anyways with no advertising money and free apps?

  46. Fabio

    It’s great to hear again from you guys ! I had been more than a month without a single word from ST team. Just as feedback for the Android version, it’s absurdly off on Sony Experia Sola. The HRM (polar wearlink) drops connection and doesn’t come back. The lack of landscape mode is also very bad. Still tracking with my N8 since the Droid version seems beautiful but very early in development. Please make sure the Symbian version works well under Belle SP1 and SP2. Nokia 808 users deserves that love from ST. Thank you guys for the excellent app!

  47. Erez

    Hello guys,

    I use Sports-Tracker for about 4 years and love it! I would be happy to have an option to export the route as GPX directly from my Android phone, like I could do on my old Nokia E71. Having a real time total ascent data on my phone would be much appreciated too!

    1. Ben

      I’m also missing it, going from NOKIA E72 to Samsung Galaxy S2. When will the OPTION menu return?

  48. Greg

    Well done guys, glad to hear there are updates in progress. Still hope that the “real-time tracking”, where friends/buddies/family can track your progress in real-time during an event, is on the cards. This should be THE premium function of Sports-Tracker, and a feature I would definitely be willing to pay for!

  49. Laha

    Please add pedometer support for android devices. Worked fine on my Nokia N97 but now on Samsung GSII there’s no pedometer support.

  50. Ernst

    Hi there, perfect app for Iphone. But I hope that the “freeze” while sync a track is history, because a lot of my friends using Endomondo because of this bug… And I don’t want to….

  51. Dan

    Support for Android Tablets. Maybe a “Super” tablet interface?
    Support for Android in Landscape Mode.
    Share workout stats with MyFitnessPal would be excellent and save me extra steps daily.
    Audible beep when HRM is running out of battery, or disconnects. I had mine die during a workout and didn’t even know it.

    And just a side note about the Sports Tracker HRM, didn’t anyone think about putting an on/off switch on it? Works great but I have to charge it every night because it is always broadcasting. Seems silly to me. I’ve been thinking about uncorking it and seeing if I can put my own switch in.

    Just my thoughts…

  52. Floris

    Please give me a wabbased version on the iPad.
    instad of an coment such as “you are working on a mobil divice”

  53. Netro

    just hope no more downtimes, good luck!

  54. Batesy

    really hope you support wide screen monitors.!!. the amount of unused space is annoying me big time, On my 24in it’s only using half my screen. You can fit so much more on the screen !!.


    Ps I know you have that button to expand a workout to be full screen, I’m talking about the main page etc. pleaseeee. !! :)

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi all, thanks for your comments so far! Please join the discussion on our forum and give feedback there: Cheers!

  55. Sergio

    I’ve been using ST since Nokia N95… And always worked fine.
    Now I have a Nokia N9 that i “love” using, but sports tracker is not so stable and has a lot of functions missing.
    Please don’t leave the development of this issue.

    Greetings from Portugal

    1. Martin

      I’ve taken the same route as you and for sure won’t swap my N9 until it dies of old age.

  56. emre karakoc

    Cant use widget.

  57. Laurent

    It looks fine to me, although I really like the current black look whichs makes it so different from all the other websites ou there.

    Hopefully this revam will also enhance some of the features of the site, especially correcting whacky GPS points, speed, altitude correction…

  58. David

    Might have to dump my Nokia and go Android I think! Love Sports-tracker but don’t want to ride on a ‘maintenance’ only version!

  59. Nrde

    You can put Symbian and MeeGo to eternal rest, but please make both of them bug free first. There are many bugs and missing features left on both of them which have not been fixed even when Nokia was still committed to Symbian for example.

    I bough the HR belt solely to be used with Symbian and MeeGo and so far I haven’t been able to fully enjoy either of the versions. I’m not planning on using it with Android or iOS so these kind of “rewamp” news mean very little to me.

    I gladly buy products from your store to support development, but I don’t want to support anything else but Symbian and MeeGo. So in other words, until Symbian and MeeGo are fixed I’m not planning to spend any more money on ST.

  60. Rich M

    always good to hear about positive changes – looking forward to seeing how it all develops! Good Luck!

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