Sports Tracker service down for unexpected maintenance

Like many of you have noticed the Sports Tracker service has been down for some unexpected maintenance since Saturday the 14th of July. This is due to some unfortunate issues at our service provider.

We are working on getting the service up and running asap. Follow this blog, our Twitter and Facebook for the latest info and sorry for the inconvenience.

PLEASE NOT: You can use your Sports Tracker app to track normally even during the service break. The app will sync your workouts to the service once it’s up and running again :)

Thanks for your patience and understanding!

Team Sports Tracker

p.s. We are also working on improving all our backend systems to ensure that service breaks like this will be cut to a minimum.


  1. elisa

    We are impressed by the caliber of information on this site. There are a lot of fine resources the following. I am sure I will visit this area again soon.

  2. JordandaSilva

    I can’t login my application from Sports,please help

  3. taka

    the app told me to re-login during the service break period, and after that i lost all the saved dairy data (130+tracks since may 2012) on my phone T_T

  4. bogdan

    This very unprofessional, 3 days in a row down? Are you kidding?

  5. Tuko

    Me sincroniza las sesiones con facebook y se publican perfectamente, pero no se puede entrar en la pag informa de un Error 401 #2048… Espero que lo arreglen pronto.

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      HI, sorry for that. Please try these steps:

  6. stefano_69

    Da qualche giorno non riesco ad accedere con il mio account: “Login error. Error 2048”.
    Qualcuno potrebbe aiutarmi?

  7. moneta48


  8. rubinje

    Hi, Sports Tracker does not Sync with twitter an Facebook. Are there issues?

    1. FuRy

      Hi, Having same issue with facebook. Does not post anything to facebook.

  9. unodue

    the ovistore for nokia telephon dosn’t work is not possible dowload the applicatione Sports traker

  10. Richard

    I’m experiencing the 401 / 2048 error and am unable to access the site as of 5 Aug 2012, 12:58 MDT, USA. Using Firefox 14.0.1, Flash 11.3.300.270, Windows 7. Cleared the cache and restarted the browser, but the problem continues.

    1. Ross

      The same trouble…error 401. Don’t make me use endomondo;-).

      1. Ross

        it works…all of a sudden…díky Vám!

  11. Vadim Nikitin

    I,ve solve it by tune if Adobe Flash Player properties (Mac OS):

    System preferences\ Other\ Flash Player\ Storage\ mark “Allow sites to save information on this computer”

  12. Eelko

    Is this error still occuring? can’t login at this moment….

    1. MMarco82

      me too, I’m a new user.

  13. Vadim Nikitin


    After the “crash on Jul 14”, Sportstracker do not recognise me. I need to input login-psw each time, even if just refresh page.

    Mac OS X and Safari. I’ve cleaned cash earlier, and recently completely updated Mac OS to new version, with new Safari. Nothing changed.

    Sports Tracker do not remember me! But I love Sportstracker!

  14. blasbike

    Some widgets are not working for a long time.
    There is an error with parsing XML generated by sports-tracker.

  15. Kevin Larkin

    Could someone from Sports Tracker please tell us something. Like many other people I can’t log in to the website and I have tried all your suggestions

    Come on sort it out !!!!!!!

  16. Oleg

    Today was walking about 4,3 km, but Tracker gave result that it was 0,17 km in 2:33 min, the route on the map is right and it is saved. How it´s possible???

  17. Tapani

    My sportstracker in iphone is not syncing and it keeps dropping off all the time. I am not able to log off from the app, it will just drop off the program???? Do something, please.

    1. Leo

      I have got the same today…

      1. Jen

        Also crashing / iphone 4s

  18. Alexandre

    Guys, allready did what you said, cleared chache updated flash etc etc. and i still cannot login with IE or firefox. I can Log in with the safari, but i do not use the safari ( except now because i have to log in to Sports tracker…)

    Come on guys…

    1. mad

      The loin page works for me well now, using the Firefox.
      I have notice another problem recently. My photos taken during the trip are not saved at all. Trying to search for the through entire Android device / Nexus S with latest ANDROID Jelly Bean V 4.1.1. Any idea how to get rid of this issue ?

      1. raki

        Hi, I have same problem with photos :( A week ago I upgraded my Nexus S to Jelly Beans. This week I was on holiday – bike trips every day. After my holiday I synchronized Sports-tracker and I just found out that there is NO photos in phone which I made last week via sports tracker after upgrade to new version of Android Jelly Bean. Sports tracker: Please fix this bug.

  19. Marcioney Santos

    O Sports Tracker para o Iphone está fechando repentinamente sem publicar os dois últimos treinos, vocês podem me ajudar ?

  20. kimmo ilomäki

    Now workouts from phone doesn’t sync anywhere! No facebook, no ST website. What is the problem here:::

  21. ilidio pita

    tengo problemas con gps Sports Tracker ya reniseie dos veses cotinua con el mismo problema el phone Gallaxy gio

  22. nikosxanthi

    18-07-2012.I cannot sync my workout yet at sports tracker or facebook!!!from greece.(sony ericsson neo v)
    Any news someone;

  23. Pertti M

    No problems uploading from my old N95 just a moment ago … or viewing the site on my XP desktop.

  24. Palo

    I have a problem with showing map, the app cannot showing me a disc ante during running, walking…. :-(

  25. Ziyi

    I was wondering why I cannot sync….. I like sports tracker. Come on!

  26. Luis Coelho

    Since the weekend i can not open sports tracker on my lap top,gives me an error,am using Windows 7 64bits and IE9.

  27. Erwin

    The app from my Gallaxy S2 and website seems to be working again, but my latest workout from 17/7/2012 is not getting synced and doe’s not show up on the website !!

  28. Pietro

    The iapp from my iPhone and website seems to be working again, but my latest workout from 16/7/12 is not getting synced and doe’s not show up on the website !!

  29. Pietro

    The app and website seems to be working again, but my latest workout from 16/7/12 is not getting synced
    And doe’s not show up on the website !!

  30. Bert

    The app and website seems to be working again, but my latest workout from 15/7/12 is not getting synced
    And doe’s not show up on the website

  31. reebi

    My workouts now upload and post to twitter but when I try to access the sportstracker website I get error 401 and then error #2048.

    Hope this helps you fix the problem.

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Did you clear the cache (not the history) and check you have the latest flash player and restart the browser?

      1. Laurence

        I’m having the same problem. Clearing the cache didn’t fix it. The only way I’ve managed to access the site is by downloading a whole new browser!

  32. Vitor Figueiredo

    Here in Portugal can’t enter yet, gives error 401 and then error #2048.
    Hope they fix it fast


  33. Nik

    I am still getting “internal errors in uploading my track data since last Sunday. I had restarted my Nokia e71 as well.
    now it is OK. TQ VERY MUCH.

  34. Kurt

    Maybe alive, but new workouts not showing up.

  35. Crysthius

    IT’S ALIVE!!!! :)

    Thanks ST

    1. Dirk

      Yes, alive again and indeed : all the “submitted but not visible workouts of the past days…” are visible now.

      Thanks for fixing ST !

  36. G

    Just Getting box come up saying error Error 401 with another box saying error #2048 (UK based)

  37. damianu


    Unfortunately for me in Poland this service still doesn’t work. I cannot log in, it lasts forever :(

  38. kostas

    Here in greece the site is working normally again and i can sync my workouts, which was impossible since saturday.

  39. septmber2011mannen

    Windows server?

  40. Milivoj

    Hope the web site will be operating again.

    Regards from Croatia

  41. DannyL81

    Good luck for the update! ST forewa!!! ;)

  42. Sofia

    We’re with you, up and down :)

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Thanks Sofia:))

  43. klaus1912

    No big deal, take all the time it takes and then I am looking forward to meet you online again ;-)

  44. Guillermo

    Mis saludos a todos los seguidores, usuarios y administradores de esta magnifica plataforma. Un abrazo! y adelante con la mantención!. Comparto la idea de poder cambiar de deporte en una sesion y así poder realizar bi o tri-atlón.

  45. Crysthius

    Thanks for the update ST. You guys have my full support. Hope the problem is not to big. Great software BTW, Thanks.

    Regards from South Africa

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Thanks Crysthius! Your support means a lot to us:).

  46. Charlie {USA West Coast}

    “Bleep” Happens! As long as the data stored in the cell-phone uploads when you get it fixed, then it is no big deal. Hoping for a quick recovery.

  47. Darren

    Get well soon, Sports Tracker :o)

  48. Antonio

    Paciencia, que es la madre de la ciencia.
    Esperamos tranquilamente
    un saludos a todo vuestro equipo

  49. Pedro Conceição

    Aguardamos o regresso deste excelente site.

    Pedro Conceição, Portugal

  50. alex calle

    no puedo iniciar sesion olvide my contraseña y no hay opcion de recuperarla .. gracias

  51. antonio oliveira

    Obrigado esta aplicação ser muito útil

  52. Anil Parmar

    Get Well Soon !

  53. Lumac

    Where we finally see that Sports-Tracker works properly on Bada system??

    1. Lumac

      *when ;)

      1. Fabio Rebelato

        Try never :-)

  54. Marcos

    I will be crossing finger and wishing get back soon

    I got this problem on my site ….. it sucks as it is not our fault and a hosting provider issue

    Best Wishes


  55. pan


  56. Anja

    No hard feelings mr. Cheeky ;-)

  57. Petri

    Good luck with fixing the issue. I’ll keep collecting miles in meanwhile, good that off-line works perfectly. Regards from the sunny Yantai, China.

  58. royvanbetuw

    jammer dat de site down is.
    nu kan ik niet uploaden op de site en Facebook om ff flink te doen over mijn prestaties met mijn nieuwe fiets.

    ik hoop dat het snel weer werkt.


  59. Steve

    Please consider using for hosting. They are awesome and have great support.

  60. Uwe

    What do you think it’s up again?

  61. ahseraph


  62. V Mata

    Hi everyone. Thanks for excelency of TS. Hope you have the issue solved anytime soon. Warm regards for sunny and hot Portugal

  63. Bruno Ribeiro

    Esse programa é muita bacana.
    Espero que volte a operar o mais rápido possível.
    Grande abraço!
    Bruno Ribeiro

  64. rafald

    We’re keeping our fingers crossed for you and ST!!

  65. Luis Silva(PT)

    Dear all, LS from Portugal.. ST will be available soon, I’m sure. Anyway, let’s hope that some issues became also solved, like the problems regarding the syncronization of the workouts between my mobile device and the ST site. Thanks. LS.

  66. sirieix

    Hopefully will be soon !
    please advise your members by email when it’s back to normal.
    is there any plan as well to have a guidance function when route are used in the next version ?

    all the best in sports tracker

  67. fernando

    Falha na fala das distância após atualização do android para 4.1.1

  68. Pep

    Thanks guys, and keep up the good work.

    I’m eager to see sports-tracker up and working again.

  69. 感谢者


  70. Marcin

    Good work, guys. Keep it up.
    Appliaction is powerfull and user friendly
    My bike is asking me where we are going to track some new location :) I hope for some new upload of track to later tonight. cheers


  71. Juan

    Aplicación me encanta, pero cuando se podrá hacer que en una misma sesión se pueda cambiar de deporte, es decir estar haciendo bici y cambiar a running, que coja los datos en la misma sesión pero que no los mezcle, porque sino las medias no son reales, incluso tres deportes (triatlón).


  72. Viktor

    Hi, fantastic application, good luck and I hope you´ll be back soon!

  73. Jeronimo Rodrigues

    Para a Equipe:Sports Tracker
    Eu Agradeço à Equipe Sports Tracker por este serviço.
    o meu obrigado.

  74. Mike

    Good chance for all of us to take a little braike. I’ll go for some maint-ce too

  75. nicolettisouza

    Don’t worry guys!! We will wait and keep on traking! lol

  76. Lars

    Hoffe das das System bald wieder läuft. Top App die ich jetzt schon vermisse auch wenn es nur 2 Tage sind. Good luck.

  77. MAx

    Espero que consigam retornar logo!

    Boa Sorte!

  78. Denny

    Grazie per l’informazione, sono cose che succedono. Attendo con pazienza che tutto ritorni alla normalità. Buon lavoro

    1. Kimmo

      Pankaa nyt äkkiä homma kuntoon… :-)

      1. Pesonen

        Ottaa pattiin, kun ei pelaa…. Vauhtia, vauhtia… :-)

        1. Karpi

          Mites helvetti tämmönen vaikuttaa mitenkään mihinkään? Kyllä se softa silti toimii. Kaiken lisäksi softa on ILMAINEN, eli ei ole heillä mitään velvotteita käyttäjiä kohtaan. Itselleni on kuitenkin tärkeintä se, että käy lenkillä.

  79. Rudy (NL)

    Good luck!

  80. Chase

    “Tech Support!!!” (Vanilla Sky) Love this APP so much that I noticed that it was down for the day/night…patience is a virtue even when your working out like a crazy person :)

  81. Tim


  82. Marcin

    S**t happens all the time :) I keep my fingers crossed to get the system up and running. Anyway, your software is awesome!!!

  83. Joan

    Ufff, menos mal, ya pensaba que habían chapado… ánimo entonces.

  84. iika

    Ahh, I was wondering why I couldn’t send anything from my phone

  85. pucklord

    Meno male, stavo andando nei matti …… ho comprato un omnia w giusto giovedì scorso e stavo impazzendo ………….

  86. Gianni

    Sono sicuro che risolverete il problema…
    Ad ogni modo, importante è che ne abbiate capito la causa…
    Vi ringrazio molto comunque per il lavoro che svolgete e che ci permette di usare un servizio fantastico come il vostro.

  87. unclefed

    It’s doesn’t matter how did you write your notes, please run your service as soon as possible! Goood luck!

  88. moninpro


    Es el segundo corte inesperado en poco tiempo, y ademas en fin de semana.

    Espero vuelvan pronto a la normalidad.

    Un saludo

  89. Aleksei

    There’s a grammar mistake in your topic, which could have a misleading information for those who don’t know English pretty well.
    3rd paragraph “Please NOT” change it to “Please notE”, so people would actually realise that it’s just a tip and not something that you shouldn’t be doing.

    Hope to see your service back up soon!

    1. Leroy

      I would say your grammar error is more misleading, ‘which could have a misleading information for those who don’t know English pretty well’ would be better like ‘which could mislead those whose don’t know English too well’
      Just saying :)

      1. Thomas

        What a stupid remark from you, Leroy. The official text is read by many – comments by few. Relevant information should be correct. Aleksei was helping Sportstracker. You took a chance to be rude. Not very nice …

        1. Anja

          I agree with Thomas – we should be nice to each other in the Sports Tracker community, we members speak many tongues and try our best to communicate in English – which is a wonderfull thing that we are able to share our sportlifes like this no matter where from in the would we are – EMBRASE THE DIFFERENCE :-) And good luck to the Sports Tracker team – hope the web site will be operating again :-)

        2. Leroy

          oh please chill out…it was said in humour…hence the little smiley face! i was being more cheeky than rude! :p

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