Sports Tracker for iPhone v.1.7.3 out now with sync fixes & more

Our latest iPhone app update fixes some annoying sync issues that we have tracked down (no pun intended) with the help of some awesome iPhone Trackers. Thanks to everyone involved!

Changes in v.1.7.3

  • New: Small map can be zoomed during workout
  • Improved: Map is now updated when resuming the app during auto pause
  • Improved: Version info shown also when not logged in
  • Fixed: Workout data is no longer duplicated after editing the workout data with no connection to service
  • Fixed: Unsupported Emoji characters are filtered so syncing will no longer break
  • Fixed: Few other small improvements and fixes

Head to App Store to update your app now. Happy tracking!

Team Sports Tracker


  1. Bogo

    Iphone 3g
    email is alredy registered for my telefon. Bat for new password is email unregistered for sports trackers.
    Sorry for my engish.
    pleas help

  2. jc

    habe the app, wich icon habe to choose to trak fixi bike? or what settings habe to be fix?

  3. Tuomo

    Hi, I am using Nokia Lumia 800 and just discovered that workouts from my phoneapp doesnt synchronize with web version. I.e. I cant get my latest workouts visible in my web profile. Any idea what should I do?

  4. Hambec

    Hi, any possibility to connect my HR belt to iPhone 4S?

  5. angel DC

    Do you have plan to sync Wahoo Blue HR for iPhone 4S with your ST apps? thanks! in advance.

    1. Avi

      I just bought wahoo hr Bluetooth monitor.
      Does it works with st?
      How do I pair it with the apps?
      Can’t find any setting option in the software ,is there any guide to do it?


      1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

        Hi, it should work with our iPhone app once we release the hrm version (upcoming weeks).

        1. Jonas

          Can someone now confirm is Wahoo Blue HRM actually now works with Sportstracker on iphone 4S?
          Many thanks

  6. Laurent

    Still no luck in getting your HR belt to work on iphone ?

  7. Emilio Perez

    ¿Para cuando la app de iphone en español?

  8. jose

    no sincroniza ni con facebook ni sube a su propia pagina, hecho login tres o cuantro veces y nada.

    Alguna solucion.

    1. Arturo

      Estaba caído el servicio, ya funciona.

  9. Massimo Fabbri (maxcube)

    Never had syncing problems before.
    Tonight, with the latest iphone release, my workout does not seem to sync on the site. Facebook and Twitter entries were correctly generated, but the links land onto a page that says the workout is not found. My profile does not show my latest workout either. I tried logging out and in again, shutting down and restarting the app, loading new test workouts from the iphone but the result is the same. No way I can load new workouts or comments to the previous ones form my iphone.

    1. Lamborelle

      I had often troubles to synchronise (with Iphone 3). I though the problem was solved with the new release, but this morning I can’t synchronise my last running. Maybe it is “just” a temporary server issue ?

    2. Jussi Solja


      We are having some unfortunate issues with our servers. Check this blog post for more info:

      You can track normally and the workouts will be synced once the servers are back up!

      Sorry for the inconvenience!

      – Jussi / Team Sports Tracker

  10. subb

    Sportstracker is a great app, however, it sorely lacks important features, such as music support and pace/distance/time target. Will these be added anytime soon?

    1. Jonne

      If you are using with iphone with multitasking like 4/4S you can listen music at the same. Easy and fun!

  11. Gina

    my partner and I go out walking together do exactly the same distance and route but when we compare end of walk the distance is always different. I have iphone 4 and my partner has Nokia. Nokia also use a better map as it shows footpaths as though u r looking at an os explorer map. I am disappointed about both issues

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi, different phones have different quality of gps receivers. So far in my experience both Nokia and iPhone give pretty accurate results. The accuracy also depends on how you hold your device and whether or not you use internet connection while tracking. We’re working on some improvements regarding iPhone app so stay tuned for more news.

  12. Petri K

    I just purchased a Polar H7 heart rate monitor for my iPhone. Seems to work well, I assume support for Sports-Tracker is coming, importing .gpx files from endomondo is a bit tedious.

  13. Annie

    My last run 5 days ago did not sync and J can’t edit it. If I try to click on this particular work out it just freezes. Any suggestions?

  14. Francis Cano

    Cuando estará la aplicación, en iPhone, en español?

  15. Carlos Thiry

    No map input support, to use a previous done route, yet;
    No music support, like endomondo;
    No updates for symbian for a long time;

    That’s why other programs are getting more users!

    1. Petri K

      Just out of curiosity: which Symbian programs are the ones getting constant updates these days? :)

  16. Jim

    On the web service (using Firefox Browser) the exercise marker icons do not show up on Sundays. They never have in my account and usage. Anyone else out there notice it or have this issue.

    1. JanL

      I have my marker on the last Sunday when I tracked my activity. I’m using OSX Firefox.

  17. Jan

    I’m waiting to connect my bluetooth heart rate belt from polar to connect with my iphone, so i can trow away my nokia 5800

    1. Salle

      Why not throw away the iPhone instead?

  18. yaniv

    1) Are you testing and addapting a new version to the ios 6? (for now the app crash specially when opening the ipod – music player)
    2) Are you planning on adding media player directly to the app? (as it is on runkeeper for example)
    3) Is it possivle to synch the app with polar watch? your belt isn`t good for me since im using iphone

  19. Rafael Lopez

    the time in Spanish on the iphone app?

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