iPhone App Update and Other News from the Front…

The new version of our iPhone app just hit the AppStore! This time around the update includes full support for the new Sports Tracker Heart Rate Monitors, informative Heart Rate Zone features and stability improvements.

What’s New in Version 1.8.5 for iPhone

Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor support for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5! Order the compatible Sports Tracker Heart Rate Monitors from shop.sports-tracker.com.

New Features

  • Pair with Sports Tracker Heart Rate Monitor 2 and SMART
  • See current, average and maximum heart rates during tracking
  • Learn Heart Rate Zone training with three new specialized views: Time Chart, Time on Zones and Distribution Details
  • Set up your HR Zones using your personal Maximum Heart Rate value (HRmax)
  • Switch heart rate display units any time: BPM or percentages of your HRmax
  • Use pre-set or custom alarms to stay in the right Heart Rate Zone during training
  • Change Heart Rate alarms also during workout

Other Improvements

  • Performance improvement for all charts during workout
  • Fix for crash preventing app working on some iPhone5/iPad devices
  • Fix for crash when opening a workout in Explore and User Profile views
  • Fix for crash while editing/adding workout manually

What’s up at the Sports Tracker HQ

Development & testing – that’s what’s up! Our new backend – meaning new super-fast databases and support for some awesome features – is currently being tested with real data. It’s looking good and is just incredibly fast! Work is also steadily advancing on the new web site and the improved Android app. Beta testing on both is coming up and we’ll be asking for your participation when the time comes :)

Beyond work the beautiful autumn sun is shining on the terrace of our Tampere office and it’s -1 celsius. Excellent weather for some biking in the forest trails. How’s the weather in your neck of the woods?

Happy tracking!

Team Sports Tracker


  1. Marcel

    Í’m using ST for 18 months now and very happy with in. In the past I had it installed on a Nokia E52, this version recorded the steps per minute (the step rate). Since autumn last year I’ve got a iPhone 4S. Look’s like the step rate feature has disappeared. Am I doing something wrong or is the step rate feature not part of the ios app?
    thanks for your answer!

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi, the step counter was only in our Symbian version. At the moment I don’t know whether it’ll come to others.

  2. Cliciano Rizzon

    Olá, não estou mais conseguindo compartilhar meus treinos com o Facebook??
    Sempre consegui, o que pode ser??

  3. Sascha


    is there also news on an update of the Windows Phone app? WP8 is out there for a while, it supports proper backgrounding for location-based apps and Bluetooth stack should actually support the Heart Rate Monitors.
    If there’s something I’d like to help testing ;)
    Or you open up your API and see what the dev community can do.

  4. Tiina

    Moikka! Päivin ohjelman uuden version iPhoneeni ja se on nyt pettymyksekseni automaattisesti suomeksi! Onko mitään keinoa saada sitä takaisin englanniksi? En yhtään tykkää käyttää tätä suomeksi, se on jotenkin niin kankea..

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Moi, ainoa tapa on muuttaa puhelimen kieli englanniksi.

  5. Brian

    To Katja :

    Hey isn’t there any new updates for nokia symbian OS?
    No new features? New layout? Anything?

    It seems that you guys are focusing only on mainstream brands like iPhones and etc. etc. :(

    I am a loyal user si yeaaaa

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi Brian, unfortunately we don’t have resources to update the Symbian app. We’re focusing on the others because Symbian will cease to exist. Sorry:(

  6. ironcream

    Guuuuuys :)
    Any update?

    This year Samsung sold more phones in US than Apple did.
    Maybe it’s time to switch priorities? :)

    How are you?
    1) new site?
    2) new android app?
    3) beta-testing invitations?
    4) any kind of API?

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi ironcream, we’re still here:). Sorry for the silence! The new site has been pushed back a bit because of the other more urgent fixes (like the backend) but it’s slowly getting forward and we’re aiming to release it first half of this year. The new Android app is in beta testing phase now, you should have received an invitation, but we’ll send you a new one. Not sure what you mean with the last point, but we don’t publish any API’s if that’s what you mean. Note though that the new Android app is mainly built from scratch for stability reasons. Once we get that version out we will start adding new features to it. It’s taken quite a while to do the coding from scratch which is why it might feel we haven’t prioritised Android, but that’s not the intention. Happy tracking!

      1. ironcream

        A lot of work, yeah?

        >”we don’t publish any API’s if that’s what you mean.”
        Sad to hear. That might be a good thing for hungry Symbian guys or for anyone who starves for updates.

        Looking forward to find a beta-invitation in my mailbox.

        1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

          You should have received 2 invites already, did you check your junk email?

          1. thehex

            Is it possible to receive a beta-invitation in my mailbox?
            Thanks in advance.

  7. Michael Smits

    Why? There are millions of people around the globe who lift weights/ practice fitness…and yet this is nowhere to be found in S-T! I just don’t get it, other sports like XC Skiing have been added, but one of the most practiced forms of exercise isn’t? At least let me change one of the “Other” workouts then S-T, come on!

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi, it probably originates from the fact that you can’t track indoors with gps and that’s what our app is made to do. However we are adding new icons at some point and more options for indoor will be added as well.

  8. Enrico

    My iphone 4s don’t see the HMR2

    software versione 6.0.1

  9. Adrian Gardiner

    Is there an update due on the progress of the website and Android apps?

    It’s been a while since the non-iphone community has seen heard anything.

  10. Juanjo

    Whats happen!!! in all weekends its impossible log in the page and not sincornize works. In weekends Sporttracker.com no works!

    1. Jan

      I agree, it’s very painful to use S-T these days… No progress, no new web, no new android client, no communication with users. I am trying to log several times, synchronization with my phone has 1:20 success rate, so so bad… Where is my reliable S-T as I remember it several years ago?!

      1. Faio Rebelato

        Killer team hahahaha Ex-ST Symbian user… now I run with MotoACTV. Join me and be happy :-)

  11. Jason


    Ip5 can’t sync workouts to website?

  12. Adrian Gardiner

    Is there another update due?

    Most people don’t mind the delays, but regular updates will keep people interested, even if it is just to say that features are being bug tested and reviewed.

    That will help to keep the community interested and returning.

  13. Marlon Campos

    Não consigo sincronizar meus treinos do Iphone 4, algum problema ??

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi Marion, have you tried to sign out and in from the service? Maybe try to restart the phone as well.

  14. ironcream

    Any updates on this?
    Autumn is over – no site, no Android app, no beta-testing invitations.
    How are you, guys? Team? We need you.

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Sorry if you feel we’re absent, we’re working full on with those, it’s just taking longer than expected. We’re already testing the app internally, just need to fix a few issues and can then release it for beta testers.

      1. thehex

        Faster, sporttrackerists, faster! ;-) (please!)

        1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

          :D we’re trying..

          1. ironcream

            We believe! You can! :)

          2. thehex

            Yes. We believe. Yes, you can! But “facit’ampress'” (hurry up!) :D


    Hi! Syncing not working on the iPhone App? Is an update on the horizon?

  16. Håvard E

    There still seems to be some sync issues. I just finished a workout using SP for Android. Right after I finished I tried to sync it. I then restarted the application after having showered and opened the diary page. It says “syncing” automatically but nothing is uploaded to the web. I also tried to force syncing, but this did not help.

    Please fix this issue.

    Many thanks,

  17. Petri

    Tämä tuntui auttavan. Sain ohjelman viimeinkin auki iPhonessani. Jotta sain vielä tiedot synkkautumaan jouduin kirjautumaan ulos pari kertaa. Mutta toivottavasti nyt toimii…

  18. Mika

    Updated to latest version, now syncing to server does not work at all (FB sync worked this time). I have logged out etc. and iPhone shows that some data would be transfered when opening Diary, but nothing is seen in ST website. Last summer I stopped using this because syncing to social media did not work reliably.

    This is really frustrating, and I truly hope you find and apply the fix soon. This has been great app to use, but if it does not work – it is worthless.

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi, it had to do with our server issues, not related to the app. Everything should be back to normal now.

      1. David

        Hi Katja,
        I think this app is great, however, there are still sync issues (with FB and the website), so whatever you have done, it has not fixed the problem unfortunatly.

        But keep on the good work, hoping you’ll find a solution soon.

        1. Gken - Carrickfergus

          Hi – (iPhone 4 & I Love this App).
          I saved & synced my workout this morning, (a pretty good one for me)..
          Anyway – when I logged on to the PC browser the workout wasn’t there ! First time ever !!
          I know – I’ll update the app on my iPhone..
          Thought it would also fix the having to tap the stop button twice at the end of a workout, but no.
          The workout hasn’t synced & the app is broken on my phone.
          It starts, shows the splash screen & the closes.
          I have rebooted the phone, same problem.
          I was going to remove it fron the phone but it said that it would remove all data.
          I don’t want to loose my last workout.
          Any news on whats happening ??
          Hope its fixed soon
          Kind Regards

          1. Gken - Carrickfergus

            Yippee – Everything is working again !!
            On my PC browser I logged off & on again & sure enough, my last workout was there.
            I could then confidently delete the app from the iPhone.
            I then hard rebooted the iPhone.
            I reinstalled the app from the Appstore to ensure I got the latest version.
            Everything is back to normal.
            A gradn job !!
            Thanks again….

            1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

              Glad you got it to work:). Fingers crossed we’ll soon have the new backend system up and running to avoid these sync issues.

  19. Mladen

    Hi, I have been having problems with Sports tracker lately. Last two workouts it kinda “fell asleep” after 22 minutes 30 seconds and didn’t “wake” until I finished the exercise and tapped the app to save the workout. It then just connected the location at 22′:30″ and the end location with a straight line. And today it won’t even turn on, I just see the splash screen and then the app closes down, but it seems that it is working in the background.
    I have an iPhone 4S.

  20. ZdenkoR

    Something is not working today (Sunday, 25.11.2012, European times):
    1. I receive notifications about my friends’ acitivities but I can not see them neither on my iPhone, nor on web.
    2. I can NOT see even my own today’s activity on the web.
    3. Very frustrating!

  21. Luiz

    What is hapenning with android phone, I just can´t syncronize the exercise.

  22. Petri


    Päivitin ohjelman versioon 1.8.5 ja nyt se kaatuu välittömästi, en pääse edes aloitussivulle. Onkohan korjaavaa päivitystä tulossa?

    Updated to version 1.8.5 and now it crashes immediatetly after opening, can´t even get to the opening site. Any updates to fix this problem?

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hei, jos sinulla ei ole synkkaamattomia treenejä, niin suosittelen asentamaan sovelluksen uudelleen ja käynnistämään sen jälkeen vielä puhelimen uudelleen. Kerrothan jos se ei auta ongelmaan.

      1. Petri

        Heitti vastaukseni tuonne ylös, yritetään uudelleen. Eli nyt tuntuu toimivan. Jouduin pari kertaa kirjautumaan ulos ja takaisin sisään saadakseni tiedot synkattua.

  23. Josh

    Since updating my iPhone I have not been able to track a workout. The app crashes continuously. I have deleted it and reinstalled it but continue to have the same issue.

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi, sorry to hear that. In which cases does it crash? Are you able to send us crash reports?

  24. Frank

    I updated sportstracker and now it crashes when I start it up. I dont want to loose my data so I won’t remove the app, but what to do?


    1. Josh

      I’m having the same issue as Frank, ever since updating my app crashes repeatedly and will not track a workout.

  25. Frank

    I updated sportstracker and now it crashes when I start it up. I dont want to loose my data so I won’t remove the app, but what to do?


    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi, if you have synced all your workouts to the web service you won’t loose them. You can check that you have them on http://www.sports-tracker.com.

  26. ZdenkoR

    The application stopped tracking by itself (luckily, it was near the end of the planned route) and it is logged on my iPhone but NOT on the website.
    What is going on?

  27. Greet G.

    I updated this morgning sportstracker on my iphone 4S and now it crashes when I try to start the app. Very annoying… I don’t want to reinstall the app to fix the problem, I would like an update to fix the problem…

    I hope there will be soon an update, if not I will have to look for another app.

    1. Fabio Rebelato

      HAHAHAHA Symbian users literally begging for an update for their way more than an year old Symbian version. Spoiled (typical) iOS brat demanding and threatening. Is that really the kind of user ST wants to serve?

    2. Greg

      All the same with an iPhone 4.
      Shipping broken releases sucks. Well I guess your “developers” can’t code.

    3. Janne

      I updated Sportstracker in my iPhone5 and it stopped working (crashes every time when opening it). How to to fix?

      1. lars

        Janne: Uninstall ST from your phone and then install it back again. I had the same problem.

        1. Frank

          But you will loose the data I assume?

  28. janos

    Hi Everybody !

    I had a same problem, android with samsung gio isn’t good. Always waiting the gps signal.10-20 minutes !!!
    I bought a new iPhone4 I don’t have problem. 0 minute waiting gps signal. Inmedietly gps and no wifi, no gms data !!


  29. ironcream

    I was always thinking of your product as of being very non-iOS friendly app.
    But it seems now that iOS updates became your primary target. That’s sad.
    Android app is very non stable, buggy and ugly (I can send you a screenshot from my HTC One S).
    Symbian app is somewhere even farther behind.
    Site is an old piece of flash… but we have a new iOS version.
    Come on! Are you serious?

    Give us new apps, please! Give us new site, please!
    We’re even ready to be your beta-testers while asking nothing in return. But the only thing we have is another “soon! on your devices”….

    Maybe you’d rather give as an API? REST API? Any kind of API?
    Some of us are developers :)
    Give us dev. tokens, ask us to opensource our code (state it in a license), take code from us, incorporate best features in your own client and let us feel ourselves contributors.
    Let people guide progress in the direction they’d love to.


    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi, thanks for the feedback. I completely understand your frustration. However, trust me that we’re doing everything we can in our power to get things done as quickly as possible. We have separate developers for the platforms, so doing one isn’t taking away from the others. Unfortunately as we had to start the Android app from scratch, it’s taking a long time. Once we have the new Android build out, I’m sure we can get updates out quicker. So I’m not going to promise “soon” anymore, but I can promise you we’re sweating our a..es of to get the releases out:).

      1. ironcream

        Thanks for the update, Katja! :)
        BTW, my name is Platon.

        Nice to see dev.team keeping in touch with community. This is the thing I love most about your company and your product. At least we can see the product is still alive.
        An yes, I believe you are working hard there. All of you. I know what development is :) So thanks, thank all of you once again.

        Still: can’t find the answer regarding disclosing the API :) Could you comment on this somehow?

        And another thing: what would you say if we (commuinty) ask you to implement some kind of “early access” program?
        “Nightly” builds? Alfa/beta testing?
        I believe that even semi-stable version of your new Android app could be much better than the current one. And we could send you a bug-reports :) Or logs. Or db dumps. Or whatever!

        Thank you for keeping in touch. This makes me believe :)

        1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

          Hi Platon, thanks for understanding:). At the moment we’re not willing to release the API because of all the major development that’s happening. We can consider it later on, but it’s not a promise that we will release it then either..
          We have beta testers, so let us know if you want to be part of it and let us know for which platforms (I gather at least Android). Thanks for wanting to help us out!

          1. ironcream

            I own HTC One S (Android 4.0.4 so far) and Nokia 5800 which is S60.
            If I could be of any help for sports-tracker team – count me in.
            Willing to be a beta-tester.

            1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

              Great, I’ll add you to the beta testers. Thanks!

      2. Fabio Rebelato

        Hi Katja. I know you are not the one to blame. Put since you are the bridge between the new “killer team” and the users, here we go :-) I bought a couple of months ago the brand new Nokia 808 Pureview. Yeah, it is great! I have been bugging the new “killer team” for a while because the Symbian version has not been updated for more than a year, it has “features” that never worked and “classic” bugs such as absurd speed peaks that have never been fixed. AND it does NOT work properly with the 808 Pureview.
        I just bought from Amazon a Motoactv, as you can see below:

        estimate: Nov. 19, 2012
        1 “MOTOACTV Sports Wrist Strap”
        Watch; $9.99
        In Stock
        Sold by: Dave Parkers
        1 “MOTOACTV Bike Mount”
        Electronics; $11.20
        In Stock
        Sold by: Amazon.com LLC
        1 “Motorola MOTOACTV 8GB GPS Sports Watch and MP3 Player – Retail Packaging”
        Electronics; $149.41
        In Stock
        Sold by: Amazon.com LLC

        So I will not bug you no more. The killer team won. I just kindly ask you to let the killer team to know that main reason for the number of Symbian users to drop day after day is that ST is pushing us away. The sad part is that ST did NOT have the balls to come to public and say they were abandoning Symbian just like Runkeeper and Endomondo so rightly did. No, it seems that the idea was to keep Symbian users around during a “transition period” while clueless iOS users were not happy enough and while the Android version is still an early alpha.

        Thank you for the great time, but the way you are handling the “transition period” is not honest with your old time users.

        I can’t say I wish the killer team all the best. Actually I wish ST to become nothing more than one more icon in the crowded Apple Store.

        See you!

  30. RalfR

    And what’s about those faithful Symbian-Users? We asked for Heart Rate alarms while iOs or Android haven’t been born :-(

  31. Pete K

    Seems this update works nicely with the Polar H7 Bluetooth Smart heart rate monitor, too.

  32. William Docherty

    I have been using sports tracker forever.(since my N95) I have access at home to belle IOS and android phones . However bitter experience has taught me not to use anything but symbian (belle) Apple devices are so fragile(front and back is glass on the 4 an4s!!) and the battery life so poor that a days hillwalking or a long bike ride is just out of the question. My HTC desire S was also useless for anything other than a hand warmer.
    My point is this. People who are SERIOUS about tracking are either using platforms that are more frugal in their use of power (eg BELLE or similar)
    OR using a dedicated device eg a Garmin watch. On a hillwalk I tracked with my Nokia N8 I was out for over six hours taking photos , recieved a couple of calls and made it back to the car with a working ,tracking phone and I had left wi fi on !!
    Please in your headlong rush into the arms of apple and google DONT FORGET TO SUPPORT us Symbian users who’s batteries actually last long enough to make USE of your service

    1. Fabio Rebelato

      Can you please fix it for Nokia 808 Pureview. It barely works and the GPS is so off…

  33. Fredo

    Its simple if you can’t keep your promises, don’t make them! It seems like the departments are not communicating on the delivery dates for the development of the new apps and web site.
    Web site and app was going to be September….”Killer Team”

    1. Fabio Rebelato

      A “Killer Team” maybe refers to a team to kill all loyal Symbian users. And they are doing a great job at that!

      1. ironcream

        Fredo, Fabio!
        I understand your disappointment.

        I own Nokia 5800 (Symbian) and HTC One S(Android), having Sports-tracker on both of them. Neither works perfect, both are buggy :) They’re even not look close and one lack functionality of the other and vice versa…
        I even like the Symbian version more! Mostly for using the OpenStreetMap and not this google-shmoogle-not-caching-stuff.

        Let’s face the truth: nowadays there is much more new iOS, Android and now Win8 devices appearing out there and selling each day better than the Symbian ones.
        Symbian is almost abandoned and no one could tell will it survive or not.

        1. Fabio Rebelato

          My point is quite simple. Say it CLEARLY that there will be no more fixes/updates to the Symbian version so I can start looking for a new platform. I would buy a Motoactv. But then I heard it’s been discontinued… Anyway. Just state CLEARLY that Symbian users are no longer welcome and we’ll go away.

          1. ironcream

            Agree with you.
            My point is that if Symb will be dropped, API should be disclosed so that fans could build their own app.

  34. Stefan Schuh

    at first i’m very happy that a can see the development of Sports Tracker is going on.

    But please can me explain why you always bring the first update for iOS? I don’t know but i think there are more Android Sports Tracker as iOS user, i’am right?

    Maybe you’ve a simple explanation? Are there maybe more “iOS Developer”?

    Stefan – Austria

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi, we’re building a new Android app from scratch as the current version is quite unstable. This is a huge task, so it’s taking quite some time. We’re getting closer to the release, but it’ll still take some weeks. After we have the new version out, then we can start to add new features to it. Sorry it’s taking longer than expected.

  35. Marco

    Ma la traduzione in Italiano per iphone non è prevista?

  36. jusko

    Very disapointed, why is always bullshit iphone first?

  37. Charles

    Sports Tracker Team; Back in June, you told us that the update v1.4 for WP7 was “targeted release first / second week of July”. I have been waiting patiently whilst you have been doing regular updates for iPhone. I do get the feeling that I have been abandoned! Is there any hope that my “minimalist” application will updated some day?

    By the way it’s raining heavily in my neck of the woods (Madrid) Honest :(

  38. Fabio Rebelato

    Hi. In case you don’t know it yet, ST does not work properly with Nokia 808 Pureview.

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