Service maintenance today, May 3rd 9am CET

Update: The service is now back online. It might take a few hours (or up to a day) for all workouts to be synced, but you should now be able to login to our service. If not, please follow these instructions:

We will be performing some service maintenance today, May 3rd at 9am CET, in hope of getting rid of the login issue that some of you have been experiencing.

Estimated downtime is a few hours. During this time, you’ll be able to track your workouts as usual, but login/ sync won’t work.

Thanks for your patience and understanding!

Team Sports Tracker


  1. guaneru

    Dont work again… It is time to switch to … ?

  2. Pinarello

    I’m getting sick and tired of these login problems. I’d be willing to pay for the service if it would help.

  3. emrah

    Still have problems uploading workouts (both Sunnis and windows mobile) also log in on web page is not possible. Is there a long term maintance?

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi Emrah, it’s an issue with our servers. We’re working on the fix but the recovery is estimated to still take this day. Sorry for the frustration this causes!

  4. Jari

    Why is there maintenance every day?

    Please fix this app soon!

  5. antonioledesma

    Gracias, gracias y gracias… El servicio que presta SPORTS TRACKER es increíble. ¿Cómo pueden pedir disculpas por un servicio gratuito?. Francamente, un 20 sobre 10… Gracias…

  6. José Ángel

    No funciona la conexión con tuiter!!!

  7. Kashim

    Hello! Could you please give us some hints about the upcoming website update? The last info about it was posted ages ago! I love the program but the current flash based website is horrendous. I am really interested in when you kick-off the new site. Thanks!

  8. Izabella

    I can’t use your page for more than a week… It just keeps loading, but nothing happens. What could be the explanation for this, what could I try doing?

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi Izabella, sorry to hear that. Have you tried these already:

  9. champ

    This app. is useless, and almost never working. The web page unavailable,and I will never use this app in the future…

  10. sirdo

    today, in the middle of my bike ride, tracker went crazy. the second half of ride is represented just by 3 straight lines, skipping some places I passed. as a result, it reduced real distance by 6 km…

  11. ahmad khalifa

    i did a workout yesterday and i cant upload it from my windows phone “lumia 920”

  12. czmiel

    I’m sick and tired of sports-tracker and all the workouts (as well as workout data) that disappeared on the way from my cell phone to the web(and I don’t mean the last few days). This is the last time I’ve been using your app. Goodbye!

  13. Vokk

    Thanks guys,
    it was a long time without your tool. Hope for a better maintanance in the future.
    With best regards from the Baltic Sea.
    Volkmar Langer

  14. oj52

    Yes, the red banner is visible and the website is not working. But I noticed that the main website is working correctly on a privat window using the firefox.

  15. roverman

    Bonjour, cela fait plus de trois jours que je n’ai plus accès au site, toujours bloqué sur la barre de chargement. A quel date pouvons nous espérer un retour a la normale

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Merci de réessayer maintenant. On a fait un peu d’entretien de service aujourd’hui. J’espère que cela fonctionne maintenant. Il faut d’abord vider le “cache” de votre navigateur et le redémarrer. Vous trouvez les instructions ici:

  16. MTB

    cant log-in always have the red bar.

    Greez from Germany!

  17. CMGeorge

    PS: It’s from at least 2 days ago, and still persist….

  18. CMGeorge

    I notice, her in Romania, the main website is not working. It stops on the red loading bar.

    1. Izabella

      This is also happening with me…Page keeps loading, but never never gets to be fully loaded, I keep experiencing that for at least one week!

  19. Fabioamd87

    Thanks, I also noticed that the “JOIN NOW” banner is still visible when you are logged in.

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