Android Beta – looking for new testers!

Our beta testers have been eagerly testing the new, completely rebuilt, version of our Android app. We’ve been really satisfied with the testing, so now we’d like to open it up to a whole bunch of you. We’re especially looking for you with full HD phones as well as our heart rate monitor users. Others are of course also welcome to apply.

To get hands on the beta version, please apply here:

Thanks for bearing with us on this somewhat long journey:)!


  1. Frank

    Sports Tracker App cannot find the Polar H7 HR monitor on my Galaxy Note 3 with Android 4.3 JB installed. Other apps like the BLE Heart Rate Monitor find the Polar H7 HR monitor as soon as the app is started.
    Sports Tracker with the Polar H7 HR monitor connected worked just fine on my earlyer phones like the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S….
    Sports Tracker version 2.0.15 Release (44)
    Any solutions ?

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi, our Android app doesn’t support smart belts yet. We’ll try to add it at some point.

      1. Thomas

        Same problem. Do you have any idea when you have a solution? I’d like to continue using Sports Tracker.

        1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

          Hi, we have quite a few critical updates before we can consider adding that, but we’ll try to add it at some point. We’ll inform once we know better.

  2. sakis

    The new version of Sports Tracker (2.0.x) cannot get GPS lock on my Xperia Ray with Android 2.3.4. I need to open another GPS app first to get GPS lock and then use Sports Tracker.

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi, thanks for letting us know. If you have any bug reports in the future, please contact us via our support so that we can react fast:

  3. Anke

    Any chance of adding statistics to the app? This would really be most important as your website won’t load on a mobile/tablet; forces to download the app which is already in stalled. Furthermore: I would like my statistics to be available offline, i.e. not viewing via the website. That would be great. Thanks.

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Chance yes;). We’ve been talking about adding statistic features to the app itself, so it’s being considered. We’re working on a new website (flash free) so soon you can see the website on your tablet as well. When it comes to offline, that I think is unlikely as our whole service is online. But let’s see what the future brings:).

  4. Anke

    Can I import gpx or fit files into this app from other sources, like a Garmin, for example? That would be great. Could be locally, i.e. by moving the files to the phone without connecting the Garmin.
    It would be nice to see all of this collected data in your app, as it’s the best out there. Thanks.

  5. martinsjt

    Do you have a time frame for finale release?
    Can you open beta testing for more people?
    I would love to test the new app, I have a Nexus 4 rooted and I run 3 times a week.

    Best Regards

  6. Petr

    Hi, can I ask you when will you release new version? I have SGN2 (Android 4.1.2) and ST (v1.8.5) don’t add photo to workout. I’ve saved only 29 workouts, but app is quite slow.

    Do you have enought beta-tester or you need more?

  7. sakis

    it would be nice if the new version of sports tracker could export gpx files without the website. can you add this feature please?

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi, I’ll have a talk with the team about that. The new version won’t have it as it will soon be released, but let’s see if we can add it later on.

  8. kalmburbur

    I am currenty using this app and have cca 100 workouts.
    The app has become so laggy and slow and non responsive.
    Is this besause of my phone, or the number of workouts or… ? Also tha app has crashed several times durign recording of workout, so i lost that particular workout…
    Is this new version of app gonna speed up things and when will it be available for download ?

    SGS2 Android ver 4.1.2

  9. bengqu

    When this version can be completed? I’m looking forward to it

  10. Frank

    android app always cannot sync server

  11. D!on

    Is is possible to add a local (on the phone) gpx-export function

  12. ediman

    I’m a sports tracker new user.
    I use it basically for cycling and I find it very useful, best of other similar apps.
    With the new release for android is it possible to disable automatic laps keeping only manual laps for some activities ? For cycling activity, for example, does not make sense to record automatic laps info, we need only registered laps (for example a uphill or a circuit).

  13. XANi

    Any chance for Pebble support now that they have real API for sports app ? Only app supporting it is, well, not very good compared to ST

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      No decisions made yet but let’s see what the future brings:)

  14. Patryk Stach

    I have some suggestions for your new app.
    1) choosing the source of the map. There’s a lot of maps, not only Google. For example free Open Street Maps, which are really more accurate in Poland and can work offline. If it’s possible to do, it can be really nice feature.
    2) better Facebook login.
    3) graph on the map view, where I can Swype on graph and it takes me information on map. Something similar is in other tracking app E…

    In this version I really like option with choosing the source of TTS voice. Other apps haven’t got that and its very useful feature, I hope that new version has this feature too.

    I’m the user of Samsung Galaxy S3 with stock Android 4.2.2 and I will be honored if you could invite me to your beta app.
    Greetings from Poland!

    1. Wojtek

      I agree with Patryk. I will be very nice to add some offline map to Sports Tracker such Open Street Map.

      1. Bruno

        I’ve been using ST on good old symbian. Now, with android phone I find some illogical features on ST compared to symbian app, like:
        1. No open street map. Not because I hate google maps or something, but OSM are way better off road (cycling, hiking), includes more paths then google maps and has detailed terrain contours on it.
        2. No offline maps. Even as an option to go to offline mode without any map download. Constant download unnecessarily drains battery. I can’t charge my phone while cycling in the forest.
        3. Auto restore when app crashes. Symbian had it.
        Everything else is great, but those three features were available on symbian app so it’s a bit surprising android app doesn’t have them.

  15. Thorsten

    I’m currently using a Nexus 4 with Android 4.2.2 and a Polar WearLink too and would be happy to test the latest beta. Thanks.

  16. Fourester

    Oh, and more frequent updates. Even the small release apps I use that are directed to a very small audience update their apps a few times a year. I have been using ST for about a year, and have never had a request for an update come through my smartphone.

  17. Fourester

    I have some suggestions for your new release for Android:

    1. Better, more user-friendly interface with Facebook for uploading workouts.
    2. Allow manual entry of workouts. Currently, this is not possible from the app.
    3. Allow the app to turn with the phone like most other apps. In other words, when I turn the phone horizontally, the screen should turn with it. Currently, the ST app stays vertical even when the phone is turned horizontally.
    4. More reports. I am given work time to do personal training, but I have to send reports to my boss of what I have been doing each week. If I could email him a weekly diary of what I have been doing, without him having to be a member of Sports Tracker or even having to log into the ST website, that would make things much easier for me. Something simple like time of workout, speeds, etc.

    I am using Android v. 2.3.7 on a Motorola DEFY XT556.

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi Fourester, thanks for the feedback. Regarding the updates, we do normally update our apps constantly, there’s just been a huge gap for Android now as we’ve rebuilt it completely and understandably that takes time. The aim has been to make it more stable. But rest assure, once we get this new version out, there will be more frequent updates. Then to the rest: 1) Do you mean when you share, that what is shown on Facebook should be nicer, e.g. a map? If yes, that’s on our to do list. If not, let me know what you mean. 2) This will be in the next release 3) I’ll add it to the wish list, not sure if it’s possible but let’s see. 4) Point taken, let’s see if we can do something about that. In the mean time, maybe you could take a screenshot of the diary for him? I’m sure you have your ways already though:). Thanks again for the feedback and happy tracking! (p.s. you have a nice boss;))

  18. Charles

    I would like to test it. :)

  19. raatikka

    Hi, I’d like to try it out, and I’m more than pleased to get possibility to participate enhancing it.

  20. Mireczech

    There is no beta version. It´s only a fiction.

  21. RafaG


    I’m interesting in beta version. My phone is a Xperia S with Android 4.1 and I use the heart rate monitor.


  22. Shashwat

    Please can I have the testing build , I don’t have a very lavish phone but I can provide valuable info.

    Mobile – Xperia Sola on custom from Cyanogen JB4.1.2


  23. Wojtek

    I will be very happy when i can test beta of Sports Tracker :) Please send invite to me.

  24. Roman


    Using s3 mini, unfortunately gps signal gets lost when the phone turns the display of.
    For all here with the same problem:
    Solution is to set the backlight to always on, and lock the screen in the app.

    Another issue:
    It would be nice, if one can plan the tracks in the app using a number of waypoints and the app returns an elevation profile. Do you think it is possible?
    I like and using your app since ages…good job

  25. Kasi

    Hy.I woeld like to test the new release, i`m using Defy MB526 with CyanogenMod Android 4.1.2

  26. Florian

    Please let me participate :) I really want to try out the beta. Having a Nexus 4 running Android 4.2.2.

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Just sent an invite to you:)

  27. Stefano

    Hi, i’m using the APP with samsung S III mini and it’s not working. There is a problem with GPS.
    It’s a pity because I used it with my old nokia E5 and i was really satisfied.
    I hope that my feedback help technicians to resolve it.

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi, if it’s a bug in our app, it’s most likely been solved in our new version already. The release is just pending the new backend. Hopefully in a few weeks we can release it. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  28. quique

    i’d like test the beta app. galaxy s3.

  29. Mike Menhart

    using Samsung Galaxy S3

  30. Marc

    would like to join the test. I’m also a Samsung S3 mini user GT-I8190. Android Version 4.1.2. Do you need more information.

  31. Dan

    I have a GS2 phone and use the HRM and would like to try the new version of the app.

  32. Tuomas

    I would me more than glad to participate. I have Samsung Galaxy Note.

  33. bengqu

    i would take share of beta testing ,please,
    Motorola defy +
    android 2.3
    thank you!

  34. S

    When will the new version that doesn’t lose gps tracking on the Samsung s3 mini be released? I would love to keep using this app but its taking too long for the fixed version to come out and I’m looking elsewhere!

    1. Anto

      Try to uninstall and reinstall st, I had the same problem on my optimus one and I solved this way

  35. bengqu

    the link .i cant open it .im in China :(

  36. Nevena

    We have to apply again?? C’mon :(

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi, if you’re already a beta tester, you don’t have to apply. We’re looking for more testers.

      1. ashatalin

        I have applied for beta testing 2 weeks ago and did not get any reply. So, in case testers are needed I’m eagerly looking to participation.

  37. kingsui

    I would join as a beta tester, if the SMART belt would be available. The HRM1 is still nonsense with its pour running time of 5-7h.

  38. Lars-Olof Mark

    I really would take share of beta testing.I am using the app with Hrm 2 and a Sony xperia V.

  39. John

    Sports Tracker is really critical to our record having walked nearly 7000k in two years and well over 14,000k in over four years. We started ST on the Nokia and have transformed through Apple and now onto Android (SGS4). Been very few crashes over the years and just one bothersome ad recently that has taken the app out. Love to be a beta tester.

  40. Rami Honig

    I’ve just noticed that you can add “Fitness” to your Facebook profile – and this links to the “Fitness” section to the Facebook App Center.
    But to my great disappointment – Sports Tracker is not listed.
    Looking forward to seeing you there.
    Love your app

  41. LuigiZ

    I’d like to participate as a beta tester.
    I use the Android app every working day to commute home-work-home

  42. Adrian Gardiner

    I’m happy to participate as a Beta tester. I’ve been waiting for a chance to use the new website/app since last September!

  43. mat

    Started using other apps together with ST mainly for voice statistics prompts. Also would prefer the web to be much less flashy. Hate to have to copy paste the password rather then have my browser remember it or drag and drop from my password manager. And yes loosing the workout due to battery flat out is not very pleasant. I’ve always had a hit and miss relationship with the HR thingy I’ve bought from ST. Sometimes I’d have to wait quite long for it to be picked up, sometimes, it wouldn’t be picked up at all. Now it just won’t find it at all, despite the battery change. Should probably get a replacement, but the whole HR experience got me quite sceptical. I’d also like a little bit more customization in the app and more stats like in the good old symbian days.

  44. sim

    It would be grate if sport-tracker also could track or save data like pushups, situps…
    Think this will be as good and hopefully better than it already is.

  45. Core90

    I would also like to participate in this beta test.

  46. Jan

    I have to admit that I use ST and endomondo together. Eventhough I prefer ST, I have to use endomondo because of the stability. I hope the new version will be available soon. And I also hope that you will solve all the stability problems.

    You probably can’t say, when the final version will be approximately available, do you?

  47. Margido

    Will ANT+ support be added, like eg Endomondo which has support for both BT and ANT+. There are quite a few mobiles supporting it.

  48. Nick

    Great news for Android users. iOS users are well looked after too…

    Lets just hope WP8 users don’t have to wait much longer :)

  49. duwichtel

    Thank you! :)

  50. jani jokela

    i would take share of beta testing

  51. west

    How about improving the workout sharing feature?
    If someone is tagged in a workout it should appear in his diary like any other workout.

  52. verpalu

    There Are thousands of People waiting for WP8 update! Most Symbian users Are moving to wp8! Don’t forget. Your Very First users! We love Sports tracker!!!

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi and thanks for loving the app:)! No, we won’t forget you, the Android app has just been first in line (the update has been promised already since last year) but WP8 is next in line. We do appreciate your loyalty!

      1. Juha

        Well, you have been promising WP8 & heart rate monitor support too for some time now already. Any news ro estimates on that? I wouldn’t want to maintain my old symbian device just for sports tracker use nor to switch to another app completely.

  53. Victor

    Please included an auto save function. My phone crashed a couple times and the app did not save my work out.

    1. a

      I support the proposal. It’s very necessary! – “Please included an auto save function. My phone crashed a couple times and the app did not save my work out.”

      1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

        Hi, autosave will come but not in this release. However, hopefully most of the crash situations are solved, and you won’t need the autosave with the new version:).

        1. Ricardo

          Hi Katja,

          Battery drain is an issue on any GPS based app. So I think the autosave feature is important even if the app is crash proof, especially for long duration workouts.

          1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

            True that! It’s on the to do list, I’m pretty hopeful it’ll be on the release after the next one.

        2. Lucifix

          The main problem with ST is missing of autosave function. Usually workout is not saved because of battery drain and not because of any program bug. I just couldn’t believe my eyes when you wrote that you didn’t include this in new version?!

          1. bigk

            Yes, autosave function should be included, it’s a must. Cause it could take you again one year to produce an update…

        3. XANi

          I think the most important use of autosave would be when someone (like me) either starts with low battery or forgots to turn it off and phone dies (some phones/old batteries have tendency to die instead of gracefully shutting down)

          I’d say it’s a very nice feature even if app is 100% crash-free.

          1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

            Hi, I agree, it’s been decided to be added as soon as possible.

  54. kostas1252

    In the new version for Android, i would like a selection for seeing the lap distances not only for 500 m, 1 Km, 2 Km etc, but also for distances that puts the user himself. For instance, 200 m. or 400 m. whatever. Thanks

  55. Veronica

    Thank’s for a great app! Great to hear that you are working on the Android app :)

    I have a wish :) Can you please make the “Description” box bigger so it can hold more characters? I tend do write quite long descriptions, then everything doesn’t get published and I have to make a Comment to add all my info.


  56. Martin

    whwn coming update for windows phone?

  57. Zdravko

    I hope that the new version will solve this problem
    I have a problem with my new Samsung Galaxy S3 mini and Sports Tracker. And many other reporting this problem. Sports Tracker works fine with my ZTE Blade. The first I thought that the fault is in bad GPS module in my phone. But the GPS work fine with Navi software. I realized that in Navi software the phone screen is always on and with Sport Tracker go in stanby. And when the screen go in standby the gps stop working. And when the signal is repeatedly interrupted then for a long time does not want to connect. Solution is that you in Sport Tracker settigs set Screen backlight to Always on. Now the problem is that the random clicking Stop suspended yor current workout, and also the consumption of the battery is greater. I’ve tested various additional programs like GPS Status, Tracker Booster, Keep My GPS Alive … but without success . I tested others Tracking apps My Tracks and GPS work without problems with screen of.

  58. roc634

    Great to read this post. I’ve been looking forward to the new version of Android app for so long. I’ve been thinking using endomondo or runstatic as alternatives if sports tracker can’t sovle the problem of losing data causing by crash.

    1. ricky

      hi there how do I get the beta version – current version does not always get the distance right.

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