iOS & Web Front End Developer

We’re looking for brilliant talent that preferably has experience in both iOS (primary skill) and web front end development. Specifically, skills/experience in following areas are required:

• iOS version 5 and 6

• Knowledge of Location API, Bluetooth API is a plus, but not mandatory

• Modern web technologies. Keywords: REST, jQuery, HTML5

Being used to working effectively in a small and energetic group (remotely or in the same location) is a must. We also appreciate if sports plays a part in your life so that you can also help us develop the service concept by understanding the mindset of our users.

We are a small but highly energetic team that approaches the development of Sports Tracker with immense passion. We offer a fun, dynamic and open working environment with motivating challenges for each and every day.

We are located in Helsinki and Tampere in Finland but working remotely is also an option.

If interested please send us your free form CV.


  1. kakar00t

    no puedo ingresar a la pagina me imprime un mensaje de error #2048 !!!
    por favor reparenlo gracias

    1. guaneru

      mrdam celej sports-tracker, neustálé výpadky, furt to nefunguje!!!

  2. oipat

    Hope the web front-end keywords mean bye bye for flash :)

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      It does:) html5 is on it’s way.

      1. Nevena

        It will be a sad day :(

  3. Ari

    well, still using Symbian and ST but time to switch to some other platform is getting closer, how about Jolla, does ST support it right at the beginning?

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi Ari, don’t think we have time to add support at the moment, but let’s see if it’s something we can do later on.

  4. Nick

    How about advertising for a Windows Phone app developer as well?

  5. Fabio Rebelato

    What happened to the “killer team”? Hahahaha… ST was THE app for Symbian. Now it’s a multi-platform joke. Soooooo much happier with my MotoActv and export to Endomondo solution AND my Nokia 808 running Symbian Belle FP2.

    1. JL

      Rubbish, I’ve tried several apps on iOS, including Endomondo, but ST is simply the best for iOS. If something is a joke, it is that Nokia 808 with dead Symbian inside.

      1. Nick

        The 808 is far from a joke. Symbian may not have much of a future but there are still a decent number of apps ranging from networking, file sharing, media, utility, games, social media, exercise/lifestyle etc etc which are enough to keep most 808 users happy. The Symbian version of ST is a very good app imo, even though it hasn’t been updated for a few years. It beats the Windows Phone version!

        Symbian is STILL a very customizable OS too..even though it’s ‘dead’.

        The 808 is a fine phone imho. The camera blows every other camera phone away with ease.

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