Sports Tracker service offline due to technical problems

Sports Tracker is currently offline due to technical problems. It was discovered during the weekend that some of our filesystems started behaving strangely and the root cause was identified to be our database filesystem that exceeded capacity for some specific database files. This made isolation of the problem complicated, since we did not have any immediately visible problems with our infrastructure. This caused our master database to malfunction and finally took down the service.

What does this mean? For you, the end user, this is not anything to worry about. We have a separate storage that will be used to update database for any changes that happened after the malfunction. Also, we have taken steps to prevent such situation happening again.

Finally, why does it take so long? We have multiple terabytes of data that we need to move around networks. Rather than trying to speed things up taking risks, we’re carefully evaluating consistency of the data in order to prevent any data loss. We’re currently working 24/7 to ensure getting the service up and running as soon as possible. Please follow this blog, our Twitter and Facebook for the latest info.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience and frustration this causes. We’d like to remind you that you can continue to track your workouts during this break, they will be synced automatically once the service is back online.

Team Sports Tracker


  1. Jorge Rodrigues

    why i cant create un account ? :c

  2. david

    pretty non convenient, we trust u will sort this out ! good luck. …

  3. caesarmauro49

    Non funziona il download del servizio. Non carica

  4. Jeff

    I’ve got a couple of workouts from a couple of weeks ago that I thought sync’d, but apparently didn’t. Is there any way of re-sync’ing old workouts? No big deal if not, I’m not a hardcore cyclist. By the way – LOVE the app, both mobile and PC!! Keep up the good work! (I’m an IT guy too, so I know how frustrating troubleshooting/fixing DB issues can be…)

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi Jeff, thanks for the kind words:). Which phone do you have? Sometimes it’s enough to sign out and in again on your phone, have you tried that?

      1. Jeff

        iPhone 5. Have tried clearing browser cache on PC, sign in/out of phone, restart phone. Pretty much all I can think of. Understand that you might have many workouts queued up to sync, but can you tell if any are sync’ing? Again, not too big of a deal (I have the workouts on my phone), but it is nice to be able to use the extra features from the PC app.

        Hang in there and keep plugging…

        1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

          Hmm, that is weird. Have you tried to edit the workout data, like the name or calories? Is it just those few or are you still not able to sync any of your new workouts either? Sorry can’t help much more:(.

  5. Enrico Maurizi

    Grazie, per aver risolto e ripristinato tutto. TNX

  6. Josem1974

    podeis mirar también el problema, cuando la aplicación ST está en uso y el teléfono se reinicia, la aplicación St cuando se vuelva a iniciar, pregunte si desea reiniciar el entrenamiento que se suspendió, en anteriores versiones de St en Nokia con Symbian no sucedia esto, era más estable que en Android

  7. Matt Larlom

    Great use of a holding page and blog – you might want to update the ETA for a fix though – 11am EET has been and passed now by an hour and a half!! No rush, just get things fixed – but don’t make promises you can’t keep :-)


  8. Giuseppe

    good job, make sure that all the best sistemerete

  9. RaP

    Thanx for info.

    I can wait. Most important thing is that ST staff communicates and we know that problem will be solved soon. Even with this problems I prefer ST to any other app.

    Other problem which need to be addressed ASAP is that on both of my Samsung Android devices application is not storing pictures taken during workout. This problem is present on Android 4.1.2 version (version 4.0.X worked well).

  10. Mike Peters

    I’ve tried a few of the other tracker apps and in my opinion Sports Tracker is by far the best in looks and in function. Keep up the good work.

    1. Mika

      I have tested Runtastic and Endomondo while ST has been down. With Nokia Lumia 920, I found these two to be better options because of better compatibility with WP8 (background process, etc.). May be this break with ST makes me to change provider if ST will not have any improvements in near future for WP8 application.

      1. Emrah

        being an owner of a lumia 820 and I agree with you, especially background process-multi-tasking and not compatible with heart rate monitors is quite a down side of st, i hope they make many improvements in wp8 app..

        1. Jyri

          I’ve been thinking of moving from Android to WP but since ST WP-version does not support heart rate monitor, I cannot do it… Hopefully they will update the WP-version soon. What I’ve seen of the current version (my wife has Lumia 820) it seems to be lacking lot’s of features.

          1. Pete

            Jyri, some things are missing on WP8, but it’s still nice to use. WP8.1 real soon!

            Just wanted to say thanks to ST. Yes it is a bit frustrating that the site is down, but after four year of solid use, these guys at ST have asked me for nothing, not a single dollar. Thanks again!!

        2. Robert

          I am with you guys on this one. I had a Nokia E7 and things just worked mighty fine with ST, but now with Nokia Lumia 800, it is complete chaos, any button I touch and the whole workout is just gone, so no pics possible either anymore, see the map in big, no way you can back to your workout :( So I hope they fix this, as I WAS a happy user, but now certainly not…

  11. Josyan

    Ahora sí, ahora sabemos algo de el porque de todo esto y las molestias son menos hacia los usuarios. Ahora si se puede decir, ¡¡¡vale, cuando esté arreglado, estará arreglado!!!

    Muchas gracias por las explicaciones

  12. keith

    Hi, took me a while to come on here to find out it was down, phone was just sat trying to upload. Maybe need to add a timeout server down message. I do like ST though I hate the use of flash on the site as one of my laptops cannot handle it any more! I’m on a nokia N8 and could do with a stopped time and riding/running average adding in. Hopefully you will have the site sorted soon. Cheers from the sunny UK.

    1. Michiel

      Absolutely agreeing with Keith. Flash has become obsolete since HTML5 is out. A lot of hardware (iPad, Android, Windows RT) does not support Flash.

      And you need the site for more information than the app (I have both the WP app as well as Nokia app, the latter having more options so still use that).

  13. evros

    Hi Guys,
    I wish you more luck as a system engineer to get that service up.

  14. Tomas

    I understand the service is for free (or at least I am using it for free) so it can happen it is not working from time to time, but what I miss is the information about the outage in the moment it happens. Think this could be improved. However I enjoy ST service and will keep using it – thanks for what you are doing guys!

  15. SportBilly

    Hi, take your time, just do it right.
    My compliments to SportsTracker!

  16. snorts tracker

    It is actually unbelievable how a commercial service of this scale can have this kind of downtime of many days, at least once every month.

    1. Westmountie

      Snorts tracker – Which app are you using???? Several days, every month? Grow up. This is the first real problem I’ve encountered with an excellent free service in many months.

      Don’t be a sad hater, if you are that upset just go elsewhere.

      I do, however, agree with Keith’s earlier comment – it took me a while to get frustrated enough to come to the website and find out the problem – why not email everyone? Or add a push notification function to the next iteration.

      Talking of the next iteration, it would be great to be able to customise the data to be displayed in the larger size fields, personally I’m more interested in speed and distance than time time and distance in a quick glance.

      1. snorts tracker

        the (in)famous “Can’t login/ error 2048” has been present for a while, now. For example, a simple google search shows you someone having this problem on 2nd of June. “Cant login
        Hi! I can’t login to your service, is there a problem with the server or some kind of upgrade going on or i service just down? Hope your server is up running soon again… (2013-06-02) TAGS: error 2048, can’t login”

        BTW, its 11.15 EET and they are still down.

        1. Westmountie

          I have better things to do in my life than google on the off chance someone is posting about an error.

          My experience of using the app six times a week for several months is of only one prior occasion when very briefly the data wouldn’t sync. Has it ruined my life? No.

          It’s slightly frustrating when things dont sync straight away, but its a free service and it gets fixed in the end, usually swiftly.

          1. snorts tracker

            It usually goes the other way around: you have a problem, you google, and you see others have it, too, and learn it’s because of the servers. If you don’t have problems (did you try to login on 2nd of June? It also lasted for about 2 days or so), it doesn’t mean the service works.

            I have used sportstracker on Symbian, N9, Windows phone and Android. Now most of the time I am using a Garmin device and kept the web service for history purpose. I’d be happy to move to other service, but do you think they will provide a decent way to save hundreds of workouts in GPX, for example? By the way, I do have a heart rate belt from them, too, 79.90 without rechargeable battery. I’ll let you guess with which phones from above work, and with which, not.

            Facebook is a free service, too, and I didn’t see much downtime, and there are loads of other free services.

  17. Rouxenator

    Just out of interest, what database are you using? Are workout tracking data stored inside the database as blobs or as files on disk?
    Also, the export GPX feature on the website, is there a REST/SOAP web service that can be called for that? I am looking for a way to backup my 1100+ workouts on my own PC so manually doing it is not an option.

    1. Reuben

      I second this. Filesystem or blob? And how do I export my thousands of files without having to do it one by one?

    2. snorts tracker

      Probably not, as you might go away from their service.

  18. jan

    Any outlook when the problems are fixed? Days, weeks, months?

  19. Ralph

    Good news that you have finally figured out the problem. I appreciate you taking the time you need to do a proper fix to the situation and not a bandaid patch that will crash again later. I have enjoyed using ST for a while now and will keep on tracking.

  20. Ari

    Every time after my sport activity was done I used to share the data recorded on Sport Tracker using Facebook. Several months ago it stopped working for me, even though in “sharing Options” checked on: Friends, Everyone and Facebook.
    Any idea what am I doing wrong? How to fix it?
    I don’t want to re-install the application, since I want to keep all the history.
    My phone is Galaxi SII.

    1. Greg

      You can reinstall the app or update it and it shouldn’t erase what you have on the phone because it actually sync to the web server. So, you can have multiples devices, upload/sync then when you go to a different device/phone it will be sync on it as well in the diary.

  21. Hartza2008

    OK, thanks, but please inform EARLIER the next time about server problems, you have all the email accounts and nowadays it’s easy to send an email informing the shutdown…

  22. Davide

    Thanks for your work. Hope it come back soon.Nice to hear finally some explanation! But it took too much time to do this … but don’t worry, I love sports tracker than any other apps… and it’s free!!!

    1. Hartza2008

      Exactly, no problem, but the information-flow was quite to late…

  23. Nestor

    Surprisingly nobody mentioned Strava — it is free, never goes down (yes, it is possible), expected system maintenance lasts only 10-15 mins — yes, ST Team, it is minutes, not hours/days. FREE functionality is by far superior to anything you’ll find on ST — if you take your exercise seriously give Strava a try, you might never go back !

    As a long user of ST I am sad to see that ST has not evolved since I started using them many years ago in my Nokia days. Just waiting for service to come back so I can export workouts stuck on my phone, not sure I’ll use ST again as I just don’t trust the service anymore. I work in IT industry and seeing the way ST outage has been handled does not inspire a lot of confidence either — it is rather questionable if there is any disaster recovery plan :(

    YMMV !

    1. Miguel

      Nestor, stop bithching around. If you wanna go, just go. Trust me, nobody will miss you. This is an excellent (btw free) service. Guys at Sports Tracker, the only thing I would complain about you is that you have not made the HRM available for Mexico. Hurry up!
      Best of luck solving this issue.

      1. Nestor

        Miguel, Thank you so much for you kind words ! Stop bitching about HRM, if you are not happy just go. Trust me, nobody will miss you.

      2. Nestor

        btw. I have ST HRM for sale, cheap! Let me know if interested, HTH!

        1. Miguel

          Hi Nestor. My pleasure to provide kind words to you. As previously stated, HRM WILL NOT WORK IN MEXICO (are you stupid or what?). Anyway… You should be gone by now and I am not missing you… (btw, try using original lines, if you just copy-paste mine, sounds a bit stupid). Cheers.

    2. Greg

      You said you never go back to ST? It looks like you just did by posting on this outage. The only way for you to find out about this outage is that you must have been trying to upload/sync the workout therefore digging deeper to have found out it’s down. I must say it’s wonderful to have a comparison in workout like strava, both are free and there are advantage and disadvantage. I find it ridiculous to not use any other bluetooth HR transmitter with strava. I find ST have many other types of workout other than cycling/running in strava. With strava you are limited to with android, garmin and ios as oppose to ST are available on windows/symbian/android/ios.
      Let’s see what you can do to offer for free like ST.
      I didn’t think so. So shut up!

      1. Greg

        What I said was for Nestor.
        BTW, Keep up the great app Sports Tracker!
        I would love to have a cadence add on for cycling.

      2. Tonko

        Bitter much ? Which part of Your Mileage May Vary you don’t seem to be able to comprehend ? And thanks for being a part of the thought police. I would suggest you spend some time working on you logic and manners though.

      3. Nestor

        “Let’s see what you can do to offer for free like ST. I didn’t think so. So shut up!”

        Quite an interesting discussion he has with himself, perhaps a visit to shrink would not hurt either :)

  24. Team Erdinger

    Congratulations to Sport Tracker team for your application and devotion that we can have the privilege to enjoy this magnificent service

  25. Ben

    Thanks for detailed information, hope you’re back soon!

  26. Gilberto Rafanelli

    Deixem os caras trabalharem em paz!!! O serviço oferecido é de graça e tem gente ainda reclamando!

    1. Felipe Alves


  27. Mika

    Good to have answers, but why on earth it took so terrible long?

    Maybe you should hire an communication manager, lack of information was the biggest problem here for customers.

    You should have been given answers already on monday or tuesday.

    1. Greg

      Gee, it looks like we’ve all enjoy this service for 0 (nothing/zero) cost and you are complaining.
      You need a lesson to appreciate things GIVEN to you and be grateful. They say “don’t look in the gift hourse’s mouth”. Grow up!

      1. Yucca

        It is not a gift, it is a failed attempt to sell HRMs.

      2. Tonko

        Based on your comments looks like you need some growing up on your own. Ever heard of ‘If You’re Not Paying for It; You’re the Product’. Once again, spend some time working on your manners.

  28. Luuk

    Will it be possible to upload workouts wich aren’t synced at the moment?

    1. Henrique

      Yes, you will upload all unsync workouts

  29. junlal

    Hi, good to hear things will be fixed. I am a happy sportstracker-user for a long time now, but I have one question regarding average speed: at the end of my workout it says f.i. 25.5 kmh average, then after pushing stop and end it suddenly drops to 22.8 or something. The computer on my bike also says 25…What’s this?

  30. Massimiliano

    Hi, good job, i think many users can pay little money (1 euro for example) to help ST team to work better and take better tecnology to do it…

  31. Olga

    Rebjata, poskoree vozvra46ajtesj v rezhim!!! ))))

  32. Tom

    Hey guys, I’m recently testing iOS 7 and I cannot login with FB. Any ideas? Thanks

  33. Michael Cox

    ST is by far the best tracker I’ve tried on my Blackberry Q10. The website has always been ST’s Achilles’s heal. I’m forever having to logout/login to get uploads to happen and the web page never retains any comments I make to the traces. Looking forward to a fast recovery and improvement in web page functionality, otherwise I’ll ahve to continue to export traces from the ST page as gpx files to upload into another service for logging workouts.

  34. Toti

    We can wait! GOOD JOB Sports Trackers team!!!!!!!

  35. Adamphi

    Good news to know that the problem is under control!

  36. justas


    Negaliu prisijungti prie savo paskyros.

  37. Matt

    One feature I really miss from the old Nokia symbian app is the ability to export gpx on the app itself. If the iphone app had the same feature I wouldn’t care about this outage, but having to rely on the website to be able to export my gpx data means this is a major issue for me. Would be good to get an export feature added to the app.

    1. Geoffrey

      I agree.

      I use Sports-Tracker daily to record my activities and process them at the end of the day as part of my job. It avoids having to record a lot of details manually.

      Instead of modifying the app another option would be to have some sort of online or windows app that can produce gpx files from the Sports-Tracker data file.

      1. Michael Cox

        +1 gpx export functionality should be in the app for sure.

  38. peddo

    ayer desinstale la aplicación de mi telefono porque no sincronizaba ahora no me reconoce el correo ni el usuario. que puedo hacer tengo todos mis entrenamientos y no los quiero perder


    1. Toti

      Les ha caido el sistema, nadie puede logearse hasta que lo arreglen y a todos nos pasa lo mismo. Imposible loguearse y sincronizar con web

    2. Timo Korkiakoski

      Hola peddo,

      no te preocupes, estan en ello. la pagina tiene problemas con todo el systema. mañana por la mañana se supone que esta bien de nuevo. Si tu haz bajado o sea syncronizado tus entrenamientos con la pagina de web, no pasa nada, estan cuardados en el centro de sports-tracker. o sea, mañana intenta de reinstalarlo de nuevo y se supone que ya funcionara oytra vez con tus datos:)

  39. Margee

    I am new to ST – just started using it in the last week or so. I do like it and will continue to use it. I can still track my workout just fine, just can’t share It with friends…but their day doesn’t change if they read what I did or not, so not a big deal. Thanks for the information, and hope you have it all put back together soon.

  40. peddo

    hola ayer desinstale la aplicación de mi telefono porque no sincronizaba y ahora no puedo acceder a mis entranmiento no me reconoce el correo ni usuario que puedo hacer


  41. Petri

    I really do appreciate the detailed information you guys are giving us, the customers. Things like this and a good sports tracking service/app are the things that makes me stick to you as a customer. *thumbs up*

  42. Fábio

    Tkx for the information, for future please don’t take this long time to say to people whats the problem.

  43. Stu

    Bad timing after a decent plug on the gadget show. Wanna try it, can’t create an account to see what things look like once uploaded. Been trying for 2 days, will probably end up trying something else.

    1. Geoffrey

      I’m using Ultra GPS Logger in the interim.

  44. Claudiu Dinga

    Can’t wear ST cycling team outfit and use another tracker!!! Anyway, I’ve tried many other apps before but ST was the best of all! So, this actual issue will not push me to change my recording workouts path! You r doing a great job and, yes, as somebody says before, patience is a virtue!

  45. ivar

    Maybe you can implement strava-like segments at the same time?! :)
    Now I have to export the data from S.T. to import it on Strava.

    Thanks in advance :)


  46. Paolo

    All the people write against Sports-tracker problems.. because we love ST and we know that the the best app is Sports-tracker!

    We love sport and you will have all our support!
    please be happy and have patience!

    bye bye

    Paolo from MILANO -ITALY

  47. mateusz

    Finally good solution on the webpage!

  48. Sergio

    Tengo problemas para acceder a mi info, que puede ser?

  49. Celal

    I think you can export data to hdd or someting, and sent via post office,. Welcome to simlicity :)

  50. Jose Luis

    Ok. Thanks for this info. I thought the issue was something on my computer or navigator.
    Take the time necessary to solve the problem.

  51. Jordan Melick

    Hi Katja, thanks for the updates. No worries here. :) Take your time with bringing the Servers back online, keep up the great work with Sports Tracker, and we’ll keep pushing the envelope!

  52. Kaija

    Gott sei Dank, endlich eine Erklärung!

    Ich weiß, Sports Tracker hat finnischen Ursprung, und ich weiß, Englisch sollte man heute fast überall verstehen, aber bitte, bitte, könnten Sie Ihre Erklärung auch auf deutsch schreiben, oder auf schwedisch – auf finnisch ist es wohl unmöglich im heutigen Finnland auf diesen internationalen Sport-Seiten.

    1. Frank Wiley

      Hallo Kaija,

      na, hätte ich das geahnt, dann wären meine Nachrichten auf Deutsch :).

      PS: Ich Liebe Sporttrackers, seit Feb. 2013 über 3386km überwiegend Fahrrad und über 125 Stunden Sport (158 Workouts :) Trackt mit :).

      Viele Grüße aus Deutschland :).

  53. Tomas

    New DBA needed? ;)

  54. Guido

    Sorry to hear this spoils your summer Sports Tracker team. I am happily adding workouts that will sync to your service backend once you are done.

  55. John McCabe

    Thanks for letting us know; I was getting worried!
    Interesting to see people considering MapMyRide and Endomondo. I signed up to MapMyRide the other day but 1) it wouldn’t import workout data exported from SportsTracker and 2) it would import workouts exported from Endomondo but you needed to pay to see heart rate data.

    As for Endomondo; it’s nice, and has some great training features I’d love to see in SportsTracker (creation of routes from maps, follow routes etc) but I abandoned it a while back because it was doing weird things; missing GPS/heart rate data at the start of workouts when I used the countdown timer and missing out sections of my workouts on upload.

    SportsTracker is by no means perfect but I prefer it over the numerous other apps I’ve tried.

    I’d also be happy to pay for the app if they’d implement the routes functionality of Endomondo ;-)

  56. Frank Wiley

    Hi all,
    I know you have very much data/files…

    … I think a quicksolution with many problems isn’t so good as…

    …you take time for a stabil database and a good working endsolution :)… is in my heart, I love it.

    Many Greedings from Germany.
    Frank Wiley…

  57. Mary Regula

    Glad to hear that the problem has been identified. I hope this is resolved quickly. Really like the app!

  58. Ciodo

    Patience is a virtue!

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker


  59. El Norte Es Nuestro

    Hola…..como hago para recuperar los track que no me dejo guardar (la app dejo de funcionar), tengo un GALAXY 4S y tuve un dia que me mostró incongruencia en el track tanto Km, como recorrido……

  60. JJussi

    Let me quess… Your DBA used autoextend tablespaces and they extend itself over physical disk boundaries… :-)

    — Senior DBA

  61. Marco

    just take your time you need to get this sorted accordingly. It’s for sure the best app outside there. I have tested several different apps, but after sports tracker I did not laod anything else any more. :)
    Looking forward for service being back online and upcoming updates in the future :)

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Thanks Marco:)!

  62. Bill

    I strongly agree that today’s main page should be visible since Saturday. It was very frustrating to try and figure out what was going on all these days.

  63. Jari

    Hi, been using ST for years and have over 760 workouts there and will not change away to any other SW even with these glitches in the backend systems. The client on my phone works flawlessly so I can wait. Anyway I really hope you find a permanent solution to the stability issues and give the infra to someone to run, monitor and maintain for you. STs real talent is in the SW, not the infra?

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Thanks for the feedback and for being a loyal supporter. And yes, I agree and we’ll make sure things will go smoother in the future.

  64. Rafael

    Ok. no problem, I’ll keep tracking my sport activities and wait the moment that you updates in your huge data bases than you works.

    thanks alot for this awsome aplication, its so importan for me record, have sport history :D. this help to keep motivate and continues running, byke, etc.

  65. Jorge Servetti

    Okay, this is what you should have done from the beginning.
    It is better to know what’s going to not be nervous.
    Cheer up and continue working to permanently fix the problem, we will continue our sports trackers and waiting to return to follow up our workouts.
    We’ll be waiting.
    Go ahead!

    1. Rambooo/Jorge Servetti

      Ha ha, I forgot, I’ve been complaining a lot these days about the lack of communication, so I clarified that Jorge Servetti is Rambooo, ha ha ha

      1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

        :) thanks for all the feedback, we’ve learned our lesson and will be better in the future:).

  66. Nikispapa

    Seit 5 Tagen down, inzwischen 4 workouts. Ich habe jetzt runtastic auf dem iphone, irgendwie lassen sich die gpx files schon übertragen. Sorry – so geht das nicht. Gute App aber der Service ist eine Katastrophe. Diese Outages häufen sich in den letzten Wochen leider.

  67. AlMcCausland

    Katja , thank you for your reply. My pictures have not been uploading for a while now. Once fixed, will they upload?

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      I’ll have to ask our team whether the pictures will be uploaded from old workouts, not sure at the moment. At least new ones will be once the new app is out.

      1. AlMcCausland

        Thank you!

  68. 69 buick

    hi there guys and girls
    I have only being using sports tracker for a short while now but am crazy about it.
    to bad de server went down last week, i thought i did something wrong when i couln’t sync good to now everything is gonna be alright soon.

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Thanks for your patience and sorry for the lack of communication on our website.

  69. Terry

    나는 영어로 말을 할 수 없지만

    문제를 해결하기 위한 당신들의 노력에 감사합니다.

  70. Terry

    I cannot make myself understanood in English.

    Thank you for your efforts.

  71. Carlos

    Gostei muito deste aplicatico gtanto que estou pedindo para trazer um frequêncimetro dos estados unidos.
    Minha pergunta é como faço para ter ou pagar um serviço mais completo, site endereço, se o gratis já é bom creio que o pago melhor ainda e mais seguro.


  72. DaBuzzzz

    Hi, user from the get-go here. Goodluck with the recovery! Now that I have your attention:I have a new phone and on which ST report ridiculous speeds. I run around 107 km/h, Mountain bike @ 420 km/h average and my car almost goes in orbit @1007 km/h. The rout however is tracked nice and tidy so it must be a miscalculation of some sort. I have Runkeeper installed as refference and this tool reports correct speeds. Nice one ehy? For as long that this is the case I will use Runkeeper, as I need my data to be correct. Do you have any clue on this?

    Awre best!


    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi, sorry to hear that. Which phone do you have?

      1. Another chinese mobile...

        The same with Lenovo a820…. There is a problem in a android library and the mediatek chip.
        Or ST overwrite this function (getDistance() I think) or change the phone…

        There are more apps with this problem and others without it….

        1. DaBuzzzz

          Kewl to know, I knew it was MTK based but the thing is that Runkeeper is not infected. so I would say app related. source data is coming from the same hardware, driver and SDK. (at least I think)

      2. DaBuzzzz

        It is an MTK based Chinese Phone. Used by milions in different brands and types so It is hard to pindown. But because of the consequent caracter of the issue it must be app based. It is reproducable and speed is shown at around a factor 10 of the real speed. Distance and time and the route shown on the map is accurate.

  73. Staszek

    I will agree with the rest of the earlier comments, it’s very good to finally know what happened and where the site will be back (or at least when you are planning to finish the recovery), but guys you should seriously work on notifing the users. Make some paid version of the phone app or create some paid plans for using the sports tracker web if you need some additional resources I’m sure that there are hundreds of thousands of addicted users which will be willing to pay a few $ for a realy good service. I’m seeing that people starts to switch to endomondo (maybe it’s just my friends, I’m sure that you know the exact numbers) but please don’t let this happen! :)

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Point taken and lesson learned, I do agree on the importance of communication so we’ll be better in the future:).

  74. AlMcCausland

    Pictures will upload also? Thank you and best of luck in your effort. Thank you also for a fabulous sport site.

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Yes if they normally do. The Android app contains a bug so that some users aren’t able to upload the photos at the moment. If you’ve been uploading them without issues so far, then they’ll upload now too:).

      1. EP

        I can’t upload photos on my Nexus S (running Android 4.1.1). I can take pictures but they get lost, nowhere to be found.
        It’s not a critical issue but it would be good if you guys can fix that issue.

        1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

          It’s unfortunately a bug in the app. We’ll try to get the new Android app out as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  75. Angel

    I am here. Going no where. Get it fix soon and safe. Thanks for your efforts to get it back soon. Great app.

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi Angel and thanks for still being there:) We’re doing our best to get it sorted asap.

  76. jjczopek

    You will be able to login and/or recover password when service will be back again which will takie place after they finish database migration.

  77. John

    Thanks for the info guys, best app out there.

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Thanks John:)

  78. Remco

    Thanks for the info – good luck with solving all the issues! And thanks for your great app, by the way :-)

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Thanks Remco for your support, much needed at the moment:)

  79. Steeler

    Nice to hear finally some explanation! But it took too much time to do this … some of my friends already started to use Endomondo for this reason. Don’t know will they return to at all …

  80. Robin

    Thanks for your work. I love sports tracker than any other apps. Hope it come back soon.

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Thanks for your support:)!

  81. Brewster

    I’ve been having trouble for weeks, now after logging out and attempting to login per Sportstracker advice i’m told by the site that there is no record of my login. Can you folks get your stuff together before I head off to Mapmyride …?

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi, you can’t login at the moment as the service is down. Once we’re online it’ll work normally, if it doesn’t please check these instructions (not now, only once we’re online)

  82. Darran Day

    I’m having trouble logging on as I have forgotten my password, is there any way we can sort this out..

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi, you can’t login as our servers are down. Once the service is back online, you can ask for a new password on our website.

      1. Darran Day

        I haven’t been able to log in for a while now not just the weekend. I have tried with my same email address but it wont even let me set up as a new user… Any suggestions ?

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