Quick progress update from Sports Tracker team

We’ve been really busy here at the Sports Tracker office as you’ve probably noticed from the lack of frequent blog updates, sorry for that! But here’s what we’ve been up to and what’s happening next:


We’re super excited to announce that the new version 2.0. is now available in Google Play store ! The app is a complete rebuild in order to make it more stable and enhance the performance. This also means that it will now be easier to add new features to it.

What’s new in version 2.0 for Android:

  • completely renewed application to solve numerous technical problems
  • add new workout manually from “Diary”
  • landscape orientation support in multiple views
  • better scalability for various screen sizes, resolution support  from QVGA 320×240 to Full HD 1920×1080 (close to 4000 different device models supported)
  • available for Android tablets
  • multiple user interface updates
  • improved performance

Next step is to concentrate on fixing any occurring bugs and at the same time we’re eagerly planning the next phase. More on that later.

Windows Phone:

The development of the WP8 app is progressing nicely and we’re now in alpha testing phase. The new app will support heart rate monitoring (BT2.0), so our Sports Tracker hrm1 & Sports Tracker hrm2 will be supported. We’ll keep you posted on the progress and inform when we’re ready to start beta testing. So keep an eye on the blog!


The new modern and sleek iOS 7 facelift version will be released shortly. We’ve done a lot of work behind the scenes to make the app even better. The new version will no longer support iOS 4.x but we’ve made sure that it works well with iOS 5.x and of course iOS 6.x & 7.x.


Our new backend has been rolling steadily since September, new servers have been cooperating really well with us!


New HTML5  website is also being worked on (after being interrupted by backend work). We should be ready to start beta testing fairly soon. More news on that to follow.

 Other than that we’re pretty much waiting for some snowfall to start the ski season!

 Happy tracking!

Team Sports Tracker


  1. Josef

    Ok, I’ve read that there is no plans to create an ST app for Jolla/Sailfish.. But I still wish there would be.

    What about port the Nokia N9 app to Jolla?
    If I had some programming skills I’ve gladly would’ve volounteered in such project.

    (ST for Android 2.0.19 crashes Alien Dalvik in my Jolla..)

  2. Caprico (@capricotwi04)

    Jolla support would be amazing! :)

  3. adrien

    Hi, when elevation (in summuray) in mobile app are available?

  4. Giuseppe Cipolla

    Since I downloaded the new version I started having issues with the synchronization of workout on my account. Some times it works, some times not. I’m using a Samsung S3. How can I fix it? If I try to go out from synchronization with sport-traker.com I will lost all the workout synchronised on my phone, like suggested when I try to do it?

  5. Stinky

    HI, STT is great app, but these versions, i mean 2.x, are not working well, because of negative numbers of attitude on the websites. It´s right in phone app. COuld you help me download older version or find the solution?

    Thank you

  6. David

    We can no longer see the zones sum up in a graph! that is really useful and obliges me to go to the computer to see it.

    In addition, why not include Heart Rate Zone Alarms in the Android Version? I bought Sports-Tracker’s HR Belt and I imagine it could be more useful if you add this function!


  7. juan

    Utilizo sport tracker desde que empece con symbiam, llevo ya años con el, primero en mi 5800 y luego en el X7,mas de 4 años.
    Ahora tengo el lumia 920 y la aplicación era un desastre, en la ultima actualización de hace unos días y ya optimizada para WP8 lo único que he notado es que ya funciona en segundo plano, menos mal, un avance, pero sigue siendo un desastre.
    No hace bien la auto pausa y para mi lo mas lamentable es que no pueda ver un grafico de velocidad, altura , creo que para que llegue a la altura que tenia en symbian este grafico es IMPRESCINDIBLE.


  8. Attilio

    .. Add sync with myfitnesspal..please =)

    1. Janet R

      Yes please to Myfitnesspal sync. Such a pain having to manually enter workouts tracked so well by Sports-Tracker…

  9. George KG

    Greetings from Serbia!
    I have been impressed by Sportstracker since it came out on Symbian/Nokia. I have since gone to Android version and here are my observastions:
    1-> Could it be possible to automaticaly pair phone with BT HRM, like in first versions?
    2-> Is there plans to add incline/decline option in % (current, max, avg) like on advanced bike computers?
    3-> Why not option for export offline to google earth compatible files?
    Otherwise, great program, keep up the good work!
    George Tomic, Kragujevac

  10. Tomas

    with the new versions I do not get my friends workouts loaded on my HTC Desire X any more. ;o(

    At first, my own workouts did not load either but signing out and back in helped.
    Any trick to get friends work outs loaded / synced properly?

    I also came across situation that friend’s workout is displayed under “Latest” tab but is not shown when I go to her full profile. Disappointing.

    Otherwise I am happy with the new version, believing there has been more tuning done that is invisible rather than obvious. ;o)

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi Tomas, thanks for the feedback. We’re working on the friends workout issue. We have some more critical bugs to fix first, but it will eventually be fixed.

  11. Andrej

    I wish an old version. Please!!!

    1. Igor

      Me too, HR zones are still missing (they are very important for training)…It would be nice from ST team to publish a source for older version re-upload for the time being before the new version is upgraded with HR zones feature again. Many thanks for that, in advance, Katja (I sent you e-mail but you did not respond).

      1. Peter

        +1 on HRT zones! That is why I made a backup using Titanium and now I’m using old version. Alaso why is ST always wanting permission to start BT even if BT heart belt is not worn?

      2. Igor

        Older version 1.8.5. backed up from tablet, so HR zones are again available on mobile ;-)

  12. Cris

    Hola, con la nueva versión 2.0.10 en mi samsung galaxy ace no puedo ver las sesiones de mis amigos. ¿qué debo hacer?

  13. Skeidzi

    Please keep the black design fot iOS. It´s better than white colors of new iOS7. Or you can add automatic switching between day-mode (white) and night-mode (black) – maybe based on sunrise / sunset times. This shouldn´t be to difficult. Thanks alot.

  14. Andy

    Really hoping we might get some better statistics in the Android diary (weekly, monthly distances etc). Sill using my trusty N86 until then, but it can’t go on forever…

  15. Zoltan

    Will the new WP8 app support running in the background? It is the biggest flaw of the current version.

  16. Alex Duarte

    Thank you for the app and for the upgrade but i still cant post my train reports on Facebook.
    Do you have any solution for this problem?

  17. Udi A

    Very nice application – I use it a lot in android,
    the new version has very good new interface – and the new feature that it is always on top is very useful.
    two bugs I found:
    1. in the application when Altitude is below 0 (yes, there are places like that :) )it won’t appear in application (on your web-site it works properly).
    2. when running with music the lady does’nt speak,
    somethimes she speaks and sometimes not (in previous versions she spoke all the time :) ).

    thank you very much for a wonderful application.


    1. Piet

      I have the same problem. I found out on my Samsung Galaxy S4 if I started to run without my screensaver on the voice function fully worked all the time.
      With the screensaver on the speakfunction sometimes worked after 2 km and sometimes it did’nt. That’s what happened until the new app. I used the new app and these problems didn’t occure anymore. I also get laptimes from my first km. Perfect. Hope it stays this way.

  18. rafald

    I found that in my phone (Galaxy Note GT-N7000; Android) I can’t see (in diary) my latest workouts. Any solution for that?

    1. rafald

      Ok, I found solution. You have to sing out (in app) and log in. It works.

      1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

        Glad you figured it out:).

  19. Jokkeri

    What you should move is possibility to use diffrent maps instead of basic Google maps. Why? Because me and I believe many others use tracker elsewhere than city area. At the moment those basic maps are blank green whitout any forest trails or tracks. It use to be possible to use “own” maps at Symbian age. For example in Finland we have possibility to use very accurate maps for free.

  20. Marko

    After updated latest Sports Tracker 2.0.10 release(39) for Android 4.1.2 – no sync with web at all! What is wrong???

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi, sorry to hear that. Try to sign out and back in on your phone and see if that triggers the sync.

      1. Marko

        Yes it helped, but this worked only one time. No updates after this. If I need to update ST in my phone – I have to sign out and sign in again. I think this not normal.

  21. Kevin

    Awesome to hear there are improvements for Windows Phone!

  22. Jonathan

    Still, no total ascend/descend… Disappointing!

    1. VILI

      Also I expected that with the new version also total ascend/descend will be present in the android version (now available only in (PC) web version). I hope with the next upgrades will be added.

  23. Charles

    Thanks for the update, team! It’s good to know about the things that are going on behind the scenes! I’m looking forward to the WP update in the near future.

  24. LJ

    How about weekly shared stats on Facebook like Heiaheia works?

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi, yes we’ll try to add that at some point.

  25. SAV

    Would be useful in Android version:
    – export selected tracks
    – detailed sharing with selectable parts (basic data, map, heart rate) for those whose wouldnt like to sharing the personal information about the place and health.
    – live tracking for sure
    Thank you!

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi, thanks for the feedback! Valid points, let’s see what we can do about those. Happy tracking!

  26. Maarten Kat

    Q1: Why isn’t the app synchronizing with facebook and/or twitter anymore from Iphone 5?
    Q2: Why isn’t the app following the route on my son’s Iphone 4? It’s making a straight line between start and finish!

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi, A1: try to disable and enable Twitter sharing from our website and see if that helps. For FB follow these instructions: http://support.sports-tracker.com/customer/portal/articles/433343-facebook-sharing-doesn-t-work A2: Check that he has background app refresh enabled for Sports Tracker: http://support.sports-tracker.com/customer/portal/articles/1316680-ios7 -katja

  27. Mireczech

    Many of us would certainly appreciate offline maps as was in Symbian version.

  28. bruno1024

    finally. 2.0 version was announced 6 months ago and god knows how many months was in pre-alpha release development. six months and time before that with app crashes, losing gps signal and overall instability is too much to be patient.
    unfortunately, I’m afraid that many people moved on some other tracker apps.
    still, with new app, there’s no:
    offline maps (like open street topo map with slopes),
    autosave if app force closes,
    resuming stopped workout,
    community like endomondo,
    export on the phone (plain&simple .gpx format file ).
    oruxmaps (android) has everything mentioned here without web service. it is a little complicated app, but it shows that it can be done without any delays, excuses or endless development which is the case with sports tracker. and it’s free.
    sorry guys, i liked you from the days of my symbian nokia, but when i came to android i was unpleasantly surprised by not finding several options that I used to have on symbian version. big step down. bunch of people would even pay few euros to have more options, so being a free app isn’t an excuse.
    thankfully, there are other apps that are really listening to their users opinions.

    1. Mireczech

      I totally agree and I add a signature!

    2. VBMart

      +1 vote

      1. Fred30

        I agree as previous stated, especially the autosave, a feature the Symbian version had. If you run out of battery you always had the recorded points up to the shutdown.

        1. Sakari

          Why missing the autosave when re-writing the App from scratch?
          Feedback about this feature has been available at the beginning of Anrdoid App release.

          Please add this feature asap!

    3. Nomad75

      I’m totaly agree. I have been using ST for more than year but just now my patince reach limit. No improvement in new version but only bugs. For month I’m not able to sync my workouts and no any improvement.
      I’m starting to search for new android program.

  29. Neil E

    I don’t understand why you haven’t done anything about allowing uploads directly from Garmin GPS like what you can do in Strava and Daily Mile.

    Most serious athletes don’t use a phone, they use a dedicated GPS. And most Garmin GPS use TCX or FIT files which you can’t handle.

    The Garmin Communicator plugin has pretty a easy API to code to. I am surprised you’re not interested in interfacing with it.

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi Neil, thanks for the feedback. It’s not that we’re not interested, we’ve just had to prioritize work as we have limited resources. The Garmin connect is on the to do list, hopefully we can add it soon.

  30. targon

    Is version for Jolla in works? Must be more complete than old N9 version was to keep me using ST.
    Yeah, Why don’t you monetize more? Sports Tracker branded running, biking etc. gear made by quality manufacturer. Colors (ST Orange/Black) would look cool! Additionally special offer on gear together with big brands (their standard products like shoes)?

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi, thanks for the feedback. No decisions have been made about Jolla, so currently the answer is no it’s not. We had superbe quality gear 2 years ago but we made a decision to stop selling those. But thanks for the suggestions, let’s see what we’ll come up with next:).

      1. Nicolas

        Jolla is in the field for around 1,5 month now. I got my device close before X-MAS and the last thing I am missing is the working Sport Tracker.
        The Android version does not work, it is not showing the maps and the GPS does not find the position.

        I can live without the map, but GPS and HR would be great. So if it is not possible to develop and native Sailfish version of Sports Tracker, maybe you can adaopt the Android version so that it is getting compatible to the GPS and Bluetooth interface of the Android compatibility libraried (Alien Dalvik).

  31. Sudhir T.K.

    Hello! I have updated to the latest version but unfortunatly, I am unable to get the latest running details from my friends.

  32. Toni

    I’m very glad to hear that development has been restarted. A hint: to get income to make ST even better , you could have ads in the website, I wouldn’t mind…

  33. Nrde

    Are you planning to either:
    – test/make Android version to be Jolla/Sailfish compatible?
    – quickly port N9 version for Jolla/Sailfish?

  34. Bas

    When will BT 4.0 support for Android be available?

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      It’s on the to do list but no eta at the moment unfortunately.

  35. John

    Good to hear someone is still there. Seriously though, its getting boring. Check out Strava. The social, competitive nature of routes, segments etc is really addictive.

    Any new fresh ideas? New user features? Basic functionality is important, but its not going to keep people.

  36. Pekka Kangas

    This is great! What happens to the data logged with demo client (Android)? I’d say, I have some 2 months of tracking not synchronized and thus not available in the new web. The online sync was unavailable most of the demo client use.

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi Pekka, they will eventually be synced, but unfortunately I don’t have any schedule for that at the moment.

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