Sports Tracker for iPhone v.1.8.16 out now

A new version of  our iPhone app is now available for download.

What’s new:

“iOS7 update! Visual facelift for the whole app and performance improvements. Please note: This version no longer supports iOS 4.x.”

We’ve enhanced the memory management, but we still recommend iPhone 4S users to keep other apps in background to a minimum (close the ones you’re not using) to avoid problems during tracking.

The new version works from iOS 5.x & iPhone 3GS onwards.

Happy tracking!

Team Sports Tracker


  1. Brian

    Agree SportsTracker is a great app but bugs continue to detract. There’s still a problem with recorded lap times for any given workout not corresponding when viewed on different devices. The times as recorded and shown on my iPhone5 (iOS7) are fine, but when I view the same workout online via my iMac the recorded lap times are different. Extra time is added to each recorded lap when viewed online, then the final lap time is truncated to still yield the correct total time. This problem has been around for ages. Am I the only one who has it? Would love to see it fixed.

  2. Mika Y

    I’m quite disappointed since you still haven’t tested & fixed the app properly!

    If I get a call during tracking (I’m using earphones), tracking stops – until I open iPhone UI and the ST app. VERY unpleasant feature.

    When music ends and I need to select new album, ST stops tracking – until I open ST again. VERY unpleasant feature.

    Overall experience is that ST cannot handle situation when other apps are used – not even an incoming phone call!

    App itself is super, but it is useless if each tracking is messed because of other apps’ activity.

    1. Mika Y

      Oh, just forgot the latest experience: if I opened another app while tracking, ST ended tracking session (most probably it was not able to run on background). I needed to start new training session which was made the whole tracking useless.

      1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

        Hi, have you checked that you have enabled background app refresh? Sounds like it’s disabled. See more:

  3. Mili

    I missed the subject! :-(

  4. Mili

    I’ve changed my phone from Android 2.xy to Android 4.1.2. With the old one, even if it were a very slow one, I have collected a lot of kilometers with only few mistakes! Now, with quad core one I just cannot use Sports tracker! It always shows 50, 150 km/h even if I am walking! I like ST and I would be happy to use it again, but only with that little adjustment…!
    Best regards!

  5. Joe

    Great news! This does exactly what i want. A great way to keep track of my progress. Thanks.

  6. Alfa 101

    Work out are displaying wrong date and time and only half the map data

    1. Rise

      Yes, having same problem with iPad, some wrong dates (year= 2402!), and showing only start of the route.

      1. Kirsi

        Same annoying problems here. Showing only part of the workout route! What is the problem and when will this be fixed?

  7. Ronald

    Hi, the new version looks very good and works fine on my iPhone4 with iOS7.
    I had hoped that the diary would be like the same as the new android version.
    Sort by name or date, ascending and descending would be very desirable to over a thousand trips now.

    Best Regards,

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