Sports Tracker iOS version 1.8.18 out now

A new version 1.8.18 for our Sports Tracker iOS app is out now.

This is a recommended maintenance update with:

  • Improved handling of cases when GPS is lost while tracking
  • Other minor bug fixes

Happy tracking!

Team Sports Tracker


  1. Jenni K

    My st used to crash sometimes when taking a photo, especially several for one session. Apparently the new update didn’t fix the error for Susan. I haven’t tried the new update yet by myself.

    1. Vilma / Team Sports Tracker

      Hi Jenni, have you tried if the problem still persists? Taking photos shouldn’t cause the app to crash per se, so this might have to do with your phone running out of RAM memory. Please try closing as many running apps as possible before starting tracking.

  2. Susan Bazire

    I just got a heart monitor last weekend and I had assumed that I had made a mistake when all my sessions from the first weekend disappeared. I also changed gender and to metric when I started again this week after a trip to Warsaw. I am now assuming it is because of an upgrade. I would also like to know how I can manage to take a photo on my phone without the app assuming I have ended the session. I have been through some lovely bluebell woods. I haven’t dared take any or photos as it was when I returned from that session I realised the prior weeks sessions had all gone from the app.

    1. Vilma / Team Sports Tracker

      Hi Susan, sorry for the late reply! Updates should never cause the loss of your previous workouts. Could you drop us a mail via our Support Center so we can look into this in detail? Thanks!

      As to the photo problem, you can take pictures within the app by clicking on the camera icon at the top of the tracking view.

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