Sports Tracker for WP8 v. out now

We’ve just released a new version of our Sports Tracker WP8 app with improvements to accuracy and a bunch of bug fixes and other improvements. Go update yours now!

We’d also like to thank all users who reported issues and helped with the update. As always keep the feedback coming!

Main changes in v.

  • New WP8 GPS interface, which means improved accuracy
  • Facebook & Twitter sharing bug fixed
  • Live tiles
  • Lock screen data feed, even during workouts (has to be activated in phone’s settings)
  • Settings from previous workout are used as default values when new workout is started
  • Lots of other fixes

Change log:

  • New WP8 GPS interface, which means improved accuracy
  • Facebook and Twitter status update fix
  • Added updating workout info to live tile (medium and wide tiles) and lock screen (has to be activated in phone’s settings)
  • Settings from previous workout are used as default values when new workout is started
  • Made changes to buttons appearances
  • Added icons to workout type selection
  • Progress bar shows when synchronisation is ongoing, both in home and diary page
  • Fixed week information in diary
  • Fixed several problems with application tombstoning
  • Added not synced -info (visible only if workout has not been uploaded to the web service) to diary’s and home page’s workout lists
  • Added description to first workout in home page’s workout list
  • Added missing paddling icon to workout summary
  • Fixed tracking page’s last km pace unit to be pace unit (not speed unit)
  • Replaced current/average heart rate info with average speed/pace info in tracking page’s data view
  • Fixed altitude’s value in tracking page
  • Added delete button to workout summary
  • Enabled text prediction for workout summary’s description

Update: Known issues with autopause:

  • Indicator not working
  • Speed doesn’t always go to 0 even if autopause is functioning
  • Can take up to 10 seconds for autopause to react

Next steps will be announced later.

Happy tracking!

Team Sports Tracker

New lock screen view




  1. m_S

    very good program, I use it for a long time, fully pleased Incidentally … very cool interface in the new version

  2. Oshog

    Hello , updated to the latest version on my Lumia 920 , noticed that even after the update , the captured pictures in the workout won’t upload to the workout or in the ST site. Any advice?

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi, the photo upload is not a feature in our WP app. Currently it’s unsure whether it’ll be added some day or not.

      1. gummiadler

        Hi, the photo upload is not a feature in our WP app. Currently it’s unsure whether it’ll be added some day or not.

        OK, then its time to say goodbye to sportstracker for me and my friends.

  3. Ossi Kinnunen

    Still missing horseback riding ?? You promised it several years ago.

  4. Marc Jame

    Is there also an update comming for the windows Phone with W7.8?

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi, unfortunately nothing to share about that, but hope we can make some tweaks to that as well at some point.

  5. Craig Wiley

    Will the Polar HRM ever be supported? I thought it just wasn’t working for now. The Adidas micouch apps works with it but I like sports tracker way better

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi, at the moment we don’t know, so we’ll have to wait and see. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  6. ori

    Issue with average calculates wrong,loses about 2km/h.please check it out.

  7. Gert-Jan

    I updated ST on my Lumia 920 to the new release last weekend. I have used ST on my Windows Phone since Christmas 2013 successfully together with my HRM2 hart rate monitor. However with the new release the HRM2 BT connection with my phone stays up for appr. 5 sec only and then disconnects. I have removed the HRM2 from my Bluetooth device list and reconnected again, but always with the same result. What is the problem? Is there a bug in the new release or is my HRM2 faulty? I was satisfied so far, but now I regret I updated to the latest version.

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi, sorry to hear that. Check the instructions in our support center and if it doesn’t help, please contact our support team from there:

      1. Gert-Jan

        I read the instructions behind the link and that is exactly what I have done. The problem is that when selecting ‘Connect hartrate belt’ it complains that the belt cannot be found and tells it needs to be paired first. It guides me back to the Bluetooth setup section where I started from. Again I can connect the belt for appr. 5 seconds, but again it won’t find the belt from the ST app. So something has changed compared to the earlier version of ST? With that version my belt always connected directly from the BT setup section and stayed connected until I closed the ST app (i.e. after having finished my exercise). I would really like to get the belt working again with the ST app. Can you please help!

        1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

          Hi, please contact our support, they’ll help you:

          1. Gert-Jan

            I followed your link and found the instruction on pairing of the HRM2 with a Windows Phone. The main thing is that after removal of the HRM2 from the BT device list the phone shall be powered off. After switching the phone back on the HRM2 is detected in the BT device list and can be paired. The behaviour of the 5 sec connection followed by disconnecting remains, but this time the ST app starts to show the heart beat rate. So now it is working again.
            As a feedback I can say that the connecting of the belt from the settings menu of the ST app still behaves as I described earlier (no belt detected), but in reality the belt has a BT connected with the phone all the time. This is not in line with the user instructions and misleads the user. The only hard fact to see that the BT connection is working is the heart beat rate indication in the ST app.
            Thanks for the good support. Again I am a happy user of Sports Tracker on my Windows Phone.

            1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

              Hi Gert-Jan, glad to hear it’s working again! I’ll forward your feedback on the instructions forward to our support team so they can adjust them to be easier to understand for everyone. Happy tracking!

  8. Jonekone

    Hey guys!

    Thanks for the update. Looks sweet and works great!

    I noticed that if you have the “keep me logged in” – checkbox activated on the website page, it wont always refresh your activities. Quick fix for that is just log out and in again and all the latest activites will appear.

    At first I thought it was a sync error, so could be that other people also struggle with it.


    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi Jone, thanks for the feedback and the trick. One way is also to refresh the browser. That should normally trigger the sync. But if not, then your suggestion at least works. Happy tracking!

  9. Vladimir

    Dear Sports Tracker team.

    Please look at this workout screenshot:
    Can you explain why tracking sometimes shows wrong path. One time I was run ‘Sports Tracker’ and ‘Health and fintess Bing’ apps at same time. ‘Sports Tracker’ had same issues. ‘Health and fintess Bing’ had perfect route. Your app has a bug? Or is it a coincidence and my Nokia Lumia 920 has a problem with a sensor GPS? Thanks.

    And thanks for updates.

  10. Vladimir


    Thanks for updates.

    Can you add functionality to interact with friends (Share workouts with friends. See and comment on the workout of friends …).

  11. Ben

    Thanks team, I was runing the beta with the HRM 2 and Nokia 920, that worked fine, I see the improvements here. Great!

    One suggestion… I understand the advertising needs, but a HRM 2 advert is useless as I already bought one from you. Personalized advertising may be ;-)

  12. Hoo


    With symbian version there was a feature when taking a picture while tracking, it was put on a map exactly where it was taken – really loved that! Any plans for gettin that into win version?

    1. David

      I really liked this feature too. I used it on my Nokia N8 all the time to capture what I see on my rides. Would love to have it on my WP8 phone!!!!

  13. antti

    Facebook sharing does not work… Lumia 1020.

  14. tiziano

    Hi, on market store of wp8 thereis two Version different by date (2 days) witch is correct ? I try but nothing is Connect with hrm Bluetooth Smart on My lumia 820. (i use mycoach an My belt Bluetooth Smart going Perfect!) thanks in Advance, Tiziano

  15. James

    I note the date/time of a workout on the website has not been fixed. I am in Sydney, Australia and just uploaded my morning workout from my WP8 phone. On the dashboard page it shows ‘Tomorrow’ at the correct time. In the dashboard list of workouts it show the correct date. On the Myworkout page it shows date and time as yesterday evening. On the ‘Add description’ line it shows the correct date and time of the workout. I raised a support ticket when the WP8 version was released, so was expecting it might be fixed in this version….

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi James, it has to do with our website, so the mobile releases won’t help. I’ve asked our new support helpers to give you another shout tomorrow (saw you had contacted us again) to ask a favour so we can try to track this issue. Thanks for your patience!

  16. Steffi

    I’m still waiting for Smart HRM support for Lumia 925 and nordic walking as activity…

  17. Seppo

    How about this latest version, can it continue tracking while it is moved background and phone has some other application activated, for example navigation?

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Yes it does, like did the earlier version. It’s only with WP7 phones and version it doesn’t work as the platform doesn’t support background tasking.

  18. Mnemomic

    no wp 7.8 update :( thanks :(

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Sorry, we’ll see if we can do something about that next. What would you need to see updated?

  19. flyge

    Thanks! :)
    However, currently, the diary is not updating in the new WP8 version. At least my S60 version was able to send a new entry to the server at the same time. Could someone please check this and provide comments to confirm/to the contrary?

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi flyge, do you mean you can’t see any workouts on your phone’s diary? Or what do you mean with the diary not updating?

      1. flyge

        My WP8 (Lumia820) had 506 entries in Diary, latest from March 03. I have succesfully entered several workouts since, via S60 device/web site. The updated WP8 app just kept on showing the data transfer/updating symbols (the animated dots on the top part of the screen) but nothing else happened. Tried rebooting the phone: did not help. Tried logging out/logging in: no help. Tried uninstalling/installing the ST app: that helped and now my WP8 diary is up to date.
        Problem solved, just took some extra effort.

        I suppose the Polar HRM will not be supported in WP/ST, ever, or do you have some better information on that? Is it a proprietary BT protocol they have in it? Any good deals coming regarding the ST HRM2? :)

        1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

          Do you remember which version you had before you updated the phone? Did you have 1.0.14 or 1.3? Yes, unfortunately we can’t get the Polar to work, we tried for a long time and everything we could but unfortunately we can’t use any more time to that as it doesn’t seem to get solved. We have special deals every now and then so I recommend you follow our Facebook page and subscribe to our newsletter:).

          1. Marc

            Great…so you are making me buy a new belt and leaving the old one worthless…80 EUR down the drain!
            I will buy a Suunto now, time for professional service!

            1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

              I completely understand your frustration but we tried everything we could with our lovely beta testers:(. Having said that, we haven’t sold the Polar belts for years now so we never promised WP support when we sold them. But as said I understand the frustration and we’re so sorry for the disappointment we’ve caused!

          2. flyge

            I think it was the most recent version that was available in Feb/March, whatever the number. The above numbers you mention seem odd, or has the 1.3 really been out before the 1.0.X?

            Regarding Marc’s comment below: the original Polar belt I was asking about is not that spectacular, e.g. it does not keep pairing with the phone if the phone is on different side of the user’s body as is the sensor, and it eats the battery out quite fast. For me, it cost less than 70e, and to divide that with 3 (bought in 2011) it’s not so much per year – and it still works with the S60 device I have.

            1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

              Hi, ok thanks for the clarification. Yes 1.3 was out before. As it’s a separate app from the 1.0.10 (and 1.0.4) the numbering doesn’t match. But I understand it’s confusing for our users, sorry for that.

  20. Matyas Gaspar

    Hi ST Team!

    It’s great to see that you put so much effort in developing your apps for different surfaces. My only question is right now, that is it possible yet to upload photos from the phone in this WP8 app, like it goes on symbian? Thanks for your answer, keep up the great work! Matt

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi Matt, thanks for the feedback! Unfortunately the photo upload is not available. Currently it’s unsure whether we can add more features to the app or not, but we’ll keep you posted. Happy tracking!

  21. Armin

    What about the ability to edit the duration and mileage values on a workout.
    Also, I have noticed that it did not download the diary information from the website.

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi Armin, thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately editing is not a feature in our WP app, we’ll have to wait and see if we can add it at some point. What do you mean with the diary info? Don’t you see any workouts in your phone’s diary? So you can’t get old workouts synced? Did you have our old version before and just updated? And if so, do you remember which version you had?

      1. Armin

        At least, data can be edited on the site, and it does get synced back to the device diary. It was a clean install, no update, no older version. Diary currentlly has only 5 workouts, maybe it will not sync over 3G, havent connected to wirelles hotspot yet. I’v just noticed a new workout from september last year.

        1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

          Hi, you can try to sign out and back in within the app. We have some users with corrupted data who can’t sync from web to phone. This should be fixed tomorrow, so please try again in the end of the week.

      2. Armin

        I’v got the diary problem fix from your fb site, just loged off and logged on again, and the diary was synced :-)

  22. Vanja Zander

    I still cannot Login in the current Sports-Tracker Windows Phone 8 app.
    Password and/or E-Mail address are wrong, although they’re not. Please help me!

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi, have you tried to login with your username instead of email? Do you have some special characters in your password? If so, which ones?

  23. John

    Hi, i have just tried the updated WP8 on my nokia 625, the live tile seems unstable, it keeps flashing the tile colour randomly when a workout is in progress, it is stable when workout is stopped.

    Cheers, John.

  24. oren

    Halo, can I sync my S.tracker to my Garmin watch FR220?

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi, currently we don’t have any compatible watches in our range, so no. We’re looking into different options though.

  25. Rich May

    Got update this morning. Unfortunately a day late as spent the whole day yesterday on the bike!

    Here’s a possible feature request – having suffered yesterday. Is it possible to have data auto saved? I was 18 miles into a ride yesterday. Stopped to take a photo and camera app crashed and took whole phone with it (phone rebooted). Not a ST problem but would be great if activities could be auto saved when running so that the activity wasn’t completely lost – even if I still needed to restart a new activity afterwards it would be ace if the app would say – found this unfinished activity – when restarting and allowed it to be saved.

    But thanks for getting the update out. Please keep the Win Phone 8 updates coming! :-)

  26. Charles

    Fantastic! Always pleased to get updates for WP!!! Will it work for all Polar Wear HRMs now?

    1. Jonekone

      I belive Katja has stated several times that Polar HRMs are not supported anymore due to technical difficulties. :/

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