Updates for WP8 in version

Sports Tracker for WP8 takes steps forward with new features added on version

Vibrating heart rate alarm and advanced indoor-mode are now included in the application. Indoor mode no longer shows the map nor any GPS data, and instead provides lots more info on your heart rate. In fact, we found this new heart rate view so cool that we added it to all the other activity types too! The heart rate alarm uses the same 5 zone approach as we have in our iPhone application. There’s also a custom zone where you can set your own heart rate limit.

Last, but not least, we included warning messages from the operating system. These messages are triggered when the OS sees that resources are getting low and applications need to be shut down. Our warning message tells you when this is about to happen, and asks you to bring Sports Tracker to the foreground to prevent the shutdown from happening.

Change log for


  • Autopause indicator added
  • Heart rate alarm added (vibration only, no audio feedback yet)
  • New heartrate view for workout tracking page
  • Indoor activity shows no map, speed or distance
  • Indoor activity shows no map in summaries
  • Toast messages added to inform user when tracking could be interrupted or lost because another apps are using too much system resources


  • Several crash fixes.

Happy tracking!

Team Sports Tracker


  1. Jarkko

    Will Polar Wearlink works with this new version? I have bought this heart rate monitor via your shop.

    1. Vilma / Team Sports Tracker

      Hi Jarkko, our app currently supports our HRM Smart and HRM2 heart rate monitors. Support for Polar is under consideration.

  2. Toni

    When travelling, it is nice to look in advance at ST what route others have trained on. This feature could be more developed. It would help alot to find the best routes in a location you never visited before.
    Brand it Virtual Exercise Route. i.e. in Monaco it would be nice to find a good 10km route to run. not only back and forth on the boulevard.

    1. Vilma / Team Sports Tracker

      Thanks for your feedback Toni! Our Premium feature Follow Route is a first step towards this direction and we’re looking to develop exploring functionality for our free version as well.

  3. Fred

    Hi guy! Thank you so much for your hard work here! I am using SportsTracker for quite some time now; first Symbian, then on the N9 (<3) and now on WindowsPhone. One key feature I am missing since the Symbian version is having photos taken during the workout to be shown on the map. This was just one great thing to share your memories with your friends. Hope to see this again soon :)

    1. Vilma / Team Sports Tracker

      Hi Fred, thanks for your comment! Always a pleasure to hear from a long-time tracker :) I’ll forward your feedback to our WP developers, let’s hope we get the camera/photo feature in our WP app too in the future.

  4. Didier

    it is impossible to take pictures at the same time as running sports tracker on WP8? Low memory messages?

    1. Vilma / Team Sports Tracker

      Hi Didier, some WP8 phones have a very limited memory and it might indeed be difficult to take pics while tracking. Have you tried tracking in airplane mode? That prevents syncing and other memory-consuming tasks and might help.

      1. dado385

        I have similar problem on Lumia 625. While tracking, I can take pictures, but those pics are not automatically part of the track, as was on my last mobile with Simbian OS.
        Is this configurable or ?


        1. Vilma / Team Sports Tracker

          Hi Damir, our WP app doesn’t connect pics to the track yet as the pictures are not taken in the app. Let’s hope we can add this feature in the future.

  5. lee

    Hi How about a voice prompt telling you the distance and average speed. I used cyclometer for a couple of years now and this has proved to be a very advantageous feature.


    1. Vilma / Team Sports Tracker

      Hi Lee, voice feedback is definitely something we hope to add in the future.

  6. Petra

    Love to see you made Sports Tracker for Windows Phone 8- Thank you very much for that. As already mentioned by Jan it would be really great, if I could use my Polar HRM7 Bluetooth HR device. My Lumia 920 got Bluetooth 4.0 LE with the latest Update and since the Polar Cest Strap HRM7 works fine with Adidas miCoach App – so technically, there should be no reason why Sportstracker couldn´t either – I hope you take a look at that and make it possible. Sports Tracker Looks fine to me, but I am new to it so I will have to test it a while – but I like it already. Thanks again for bringing it to Windows Phone :-)

    1. Vilma / Team Sports Tracker

      Hi Petra, thanks for your feedback and welcome to our tracker community! :) BLE support for WP is under consideration. We’ll post about any updates on this here in our blog. Happy tracking!

  7. Richard Hipkin

    Hi Guys, I think some people here are being way too harsh blaming you for Microsofts difficult app development, as an IT Manager I know the frustrating limitations Microsoft offer the developers at the moment. The new features and bug fixes are great, I look forward to further development on the WP8.

    For me I would love the option of an audio update telling me lap times and last km time, these save me from having to fish my phone out my bag or pocket to see how I’m doing. Having an audio update will not make me lose momentum and even possibly better much of my times.

    Thank you and keep it up, Sport Tracker is still one of my favourites (I use several).

    1. Vilma / Team Sports Tracker

      Hi Richard, thanks so much for your comment! Voice feedback is definitely a key feature. Let’s hope we can add it to WP in the future.

      1. Didier

        I have a problem with lumia 625 Low mémory when I want to take a picture together with sports tracker ……… I always get a message Low memory!
        then with the Nokia C7 I had this problem

  8. Peter

    Thank you for your version of WP 8,, but even that is not accurate. On longer routes differ by 2.5 kilometers. I check it according to the version that I have on the phone with the Symbian operating system and there SPORTS TRACKER works without problems.

    1. Vilma / Team Sports Tracker

      Hi Peter! Tracking results depend on GPS, which in most cases depends on your phone, not Sports Tracker app per se. Have you tried checking if your GPS is accurate with other apps that use GPS? Quick tip: rebooting your phone regularly might help in some cases.

  9. Guy

    Please add track direction on the map.

    1. Vilma / Team Sports Tracker

      Hi Guy, thanks for your suggestion!

  10. Symeon Grekas

    Hi all,

    I want to ask why in WP8 version didn’t include the voice feedback as you have in IOS version

    1. Vilma / Team Sports Tracker

      Hi Symeon, our WP8 is not quite as advanced as our iOS and Android app versions simply due to limited resources. I’ll let our developers know voice feedback is wished for.

  11. Marcel

    Great app, love it! There is one thing that could make it even more awesome which is to show the ascent of each workflow in the mobile app. Go on!

    1. Vilma / Team Sports Tracker

      Thanks Marcel, will write this down for our developers! :)

  12. Jan

    Would be even more perfect when you add:

    number of meters ascending/descending
    percentage ascending/descending

    If I could use Polar or other existing heart rate monitors.

    1. Vilma / Team Sports Tracker

      Thanks for your ideas, will forward these to our developers as well!

  13. Jaska

    I just ran first time with HRM2 and WP Sports Trscker. Heart rate alarm was accurate but I realized one problem.. If phone doesnt touch your body (leg/arm) anyhow (eg. If it is your enpty pocket) you dont feel vibrating alarm at sll.

    What I suggest is that next version there could be options for alarm: a) None b) vibrating c) voice alarm (at least I use HF while running) or d) vibra&voice alarm.

    It shouldnt be big task to develope. Voice alarm could be just “peep” every second when alarming, not any special voices (like “now you are under/above your level”)

    1. Vilma / Team Sports Tracker

      Hi Jaska, thanks for your feedback. Voice alarm is definitely planned. The vibration was a first step and we hope to improve the alarm function in the feature.

  14. Jan

    Hello, thanks for update. What about auto-save ability? I hate it when I find completely discharged phone and after restart all data are gone. One time I unintentionally closed app from task switcher and after app restart all data were gone too, that made me anger too. Is auto save feature available in future or there is any problem with it? Thx for reply.

    1. Vilma / Team Sports Tracker

      Hi Jan, there’s currently no auto-save in our WP app. It’s on the wishlist though, let’s hope we can add it in the future!

  15. Rado

    Hi. Yesterday i uploaded my workout to web, but i don´t see my route on map. In my windowsphone i see route on the map. What’s up?? This is second workout with this problem. Thx. Rado

    1. Vilma / Team Sports Tracker

      Hi Rado, please contact us via our Support Center with any problems with the app. Thanks! http://support.sports-tracker.com/customer/portal/emails/new

  16. herde thierry

    Is Sports Tracker’s current app going to work on WP 8.1? Do you think WP 8.1 will allow you to easier develop your app and give the users the same possibilities as with Android?
    Thanks! Thierry

    1. Vilma / Team Sports Tracker

      Hi Herde, yes our WP8 version works wonderfully on 8.1 too. Developing our WP app is more dependent on our team resources, but 8.1 definitely has some advantages, including a much more reliable GPS which improves the usability of Sports Tracker.

    2. sid


      i am using wp 8.1 and sports tracker is running fine

  17. korrapaolo

    WP italian version When?

    1. Vilma / Team Sports Tracker

      Hi, unfortunately we don’t have news to share on that.

  18. Pasi

    You really need to put Yur efforts for enample the Open Street Maps and the offline map use in the next update.

    I think these are the biggest lag of functions att the moment.

    But thanx for these minor updates.

    1. Vilma / Team Sports Tracker

      Hi Pasi! Thanks for your feedback, let’s hope we can add these features in the future.

  19. Pasi

    Thanx for these small updates. They are great, but stil I feel they are minor (haven’t tested the bug fix side yet).

    I think the biggest lag of cunctions are the maps. Why on earth there is no open street maps option available? We all now that for tracking this is the map that needs to be in use. And the maps NEEDS to be possible to load on the device for offline use. If You do long lasting tracking You need to turn the data comminications of from the phone to have batterylife in use +5 hours while tracking. So the propper offline maps are essential for us!
    I really hope You are putting You efforts for this?

  20. Carlos A.

    Sorry, but it is not enough comparing wp8 version to iOS or Android. You cannot even see your Friends activities from the App, you cannot take pictures in the activity, only Works with bing maps, thats no ways in the country where the map is totally unuseful. There is no filter to show your stadistics… There are more complete apps with much more options in Windows Phone Store. It doesn´t worth it and it takes always too long to the next update. Maybe in 2020 we can see a modern App fully featured. Or just buy an iPhone…

    1. Vilma / Team Sports Tracker

      Hi Carlos, thanks for your feedback! Our WP8 app is not quite as advanced as our other app versions due to limited resources. I’ll add your request to our WP wish list though and let’s hope we’ll be able to develop WP to the same level with our other app versions.

      1. mato

        Guys, seriously, this app needs a lot more work. I was Sports Tracker user on Android, but on WP8 I’m staying with Run The Map for now.
        And yeah, offline map support should be supported. Majority of WP users have Nokia phones and those have offline Here maps. And btw navigating map in your app is very slow compared to others.

        1. Toni

          I agree also. The old ST for symbian was much better than the WP App. Details of your run /km and other features are missing.
          Also I think you should do a fusion with Heiaheia app company. Actually their latest update for WP is starting to take market share from your business. And I believe Heia heia even makes some money.

          1. Vilma / Team Sports Tracker

            Hey guys, there is indeed lots work left to do.. Luckily we do have some new stuff coming up: both offline maps and four new map types including OSM and OCM will be released pretty soon for Android. New sports are also coming out shortly as well as a new HTML5 based website, both of which have been in the pipeline for quite some time :)

  21. stefan jacksch

    Is there any way that my Polar H7 belt will pair with my Lumia 820`s blue tooth ? Is there any Lumia phone that works with Sports Tracker and Polar H7



    1. Vilma / Team Sports Tracker

      Hi Stefan, at the moment Polar H7 doesn’t work with any Lumia or WP phone. Adding the support is in our plans though (schedule still open)!

      1. Ilves

        Well… Polar H7 do work with the Lumia phones, but not with the sports-tracker… if you want to use your polar h7 hrm, you could try the “adidas miCoach” app from the store.

        This is so unfortunate that popular sports tracking applications does not support bluetooth smart heart rate monitors.

  22. Rob B

    You guys still lack a lot of key functions.
    It use to be my favourite app on Nokia Symbian phones, but now the competition is doing lot better.
    Please improve and improvise.

    1. Vilma / Team Sports Tracker

      Hi Rob, you’re right. Our WP8 app is not quite as advanced as our other app versions due to limited resources. We’ll do our best to develop it further in the future.

  23. Richard May

    Great news to see some development continuing on the WP App. Many thanks [would still love to have photos option from within the app though!].

    Do you have any more instructions on using the HR Alarm system? I’ve had a look but don’t really understand how it works. Many thanks

    1. Vilma / Team Sports Tracker

      Hi Richard, you choose the zone of your preference upon starting your workout or alternatively during the workout from the three dots at the bottom of the screen. If you wish to create a custom zone, you can do it in the settings.

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