Choose your Ghost – and defeat it

We’re excited to introduce a new Premium feature. Ghost Target allows you to see in real time how far ahead or behind your target you are. Your Ghost can be your own workout or a friend’s workout, but be careful what you choose: an instant favorite of early testers, this feature is guaranteed to push you to the limit!

















The initial release of Ghost Target gives you info on your current standing on the map and we are already working on voice feedback, which will be added soon to give your race an extra boost. Go chase your first Ghost now with iPhone and Android!

Happy tracking!

Team Sports Tracker

Ps. We did a little maintenance in our back-end during the past couple of days. If you were not able to access our website or log in the app, it was because of this. Sorry about that. Everything should be back up and running now!


  1. F.Taiakin

    Got mine hanging today and rebooting the phone Note II after 21km ride. I think the bug related to the trying to end the workout in the building while GPS signal is lost.

    1. Vilma / Team Sports Tracker

      Hi, are you running the latest version 3.1.6? We haven’t gotten other reports about a bug like this, but please drop us a mail if this occurs often:

  2. Jürgen Weber

    I use sports tracker since the first days with Nokia.
    One day Sports Tracker gets an independent company.

    And than?
    Since years we have seen how many good functions are easily removed by each release for Android.
    For example: ghost target, a usefull statistic etc.

    Now, some years later, the same features that already existed earlier, offered for an additional price.

    Thank you Sports Tracker!!!

    I’m using Sports Tracker on with an old Nokia mobile phone.
    Having the usefull functions for free.

    1. Vilma / Team Sports Tracker

      Hi Jürgen! You’re right, we had a target workout mode in Symbian back in Nokia Sports Tracker days. This new Ghost Target is much, much better though thanks to the powerful algorithm behind it :) The current Premium features have not been offered on iOS and Android platforms previously. Cheers, Vilma/Team Sports Tracker

  3. EE

    Is WP going to be supported in the future? Can you give even a rough estimate if so please?

    Been waiting for this kind of feature for ages, thanks for making it happen!

    1. Vilma / Team Sports Tracker

      Hi! The decision has not been made yet, so I’m afraid I can’t give you an estimate at the moment :/ We’ll post about any news here in our blog and also on FB/Twitter.

  4. Thorsten

    I like the Ghost Target, but right now it is almost useless to me as I don’t look at my phone while biking. Thats why I’m looking forward to the voice feedback. :)

    1. Vilma / Team Sports Tracker

      Yes, voice feedback is indeed essential in some cases. I’m happy to tell you it’s in the works already and will follow soon :)

      1. Maciej

        I’m so happy that you finally started to develop whole service :) I would pay immediately but I have to wait with my Nokia Lumia

  5. MrNice

    Nice one for updating the Android App to include support for the bluetooth speed & cadence sensor, been waiting on this for a while. In fact I have used Sports tracker since the BETA days on Nokia/Symbian

    I bought a Wahoo Blue SC Cycling Speed and Cadence Sensor for and Android a while back before you guys released you accessory in the shop. As far as I can see it is the same hardware and I’m sure I saw on the blog a while back that it is.

    I am unable to pair the device with the updated Android app though? (it pairs OK with the Wahoo app)

    Can you confirm if it should work, as I am waiting on getting it working before I ‘go’ Premium.

    Cheers :)

    1. Vilma / Team Sports Tracker

      Hi! Always a pleasure to hear from a loyal user :) Our app currently supports only our own S&C sensor, even though it is indeed the same device. We’re considering adding support for 3rd party devices in the future.

  6. Juha


    Is your premium account tied to a device or to an account? I use my WP8 device for tracking but also have an android tablet which I can use to view my data – so if I order premium for my android tablet and do the tracking with my WP8 will I be able to use the premium features on the tablet?

    Obviously the premium feature should be tied to an account not to a device (/operating system).

    And how about adding the premium features also to your website?


    1. Vilma / Team Sports Tracker

      Hi Juha! Anyone can upgrade their account to Premium, but the subscription currently works on iOS and Android phones only. Premium features are not yet visible/usable on our website, but it’s on the drawing board.

      1. Juha

        You didn’t really answer my question, did you? Let me try to formulate it again – is your premium account tied to a device (~OS) or to an account?

        (Yes, I think I already know the answer but please try to clarify the issue – also regarding premium on the website.)

        1. Vilma / Team Sports Tracker

          Hey Juha, sorry for not being clear. Premium is tied both to an account and OS, i.e. Premium subscription is activated to your personal Sports Tracker account and you can use it on iOS and Android.

          As to Premium on our website, it’s not there yet but it’s planned.

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