August updates for Android

Our Android team has been cooking up some new features for you during the summer season. Without further ado, here’s what’s new in version 3.4.1!

  • Customizable data fields (Premium). By tapping and holding any data field in the tracking view, you can now choose which data you want to see. Your preferences will be saved for each sport separately.
  • Barometric altimeter (Premium). If you’re tracking with a phone that has a barometer sensor, you will now get more accurate altitude data thanks to barometric altimeter that uses air pressure to determine your altitude. Sports Tracker will automatically detect if your phone supports this feature.
  • Total ascent and descent. See your total ascent and descent in the app. The values will show on top of the speed/altitude graph that you can see by simply swiping to the left two (diary view) or three times (tracking view).











Other: Ghost Target info is now shown also on the expanded map, and OSM based map tiles display correctly (Premium). All users will also enjoy the workout map opening faster when opening a workout now.

Update now to enjoy the latest additions!

Happy tracking!

Team Sports Tracker


  1. kent owens

    My sports tracker keeps crashing upon completion. I have a new gal.s5 can you give me any help kent

  2. paulxf

    Many people from my country (Poland) use sports tracker but they are unhappy because you don’t have polish language. They change aplication for endomondo. Is there a chance for polish language?

  3. Tommy G

    New website is absolutely terrible. Cannot import GPX files, my old workouts seem to be corrupted and wont display on the map. What ever happened to “if it aint broke, dont fix it”?

  4. Rudi

    After a lot of new funktion the premium Version is perhaps something for me. But your price ist many to much. In my opinion round about 5 EUR per App or per year is ok, but the real price is for testing too much. We are a family with 4 Persons and each person can pay the full price – even the kids, sorry its too much.

  5. Rob

    The latest change to the altitude source does not stay on GPS if I choose that method on my Samsung. It always defaults to barometer (OpenWeatherMap)and it is not proving as accurate as the altitude recorded before the update. The offset also does not appear to be affecting the recorded value on the barometer setting. Prior to the update I had an offset value and known hill heights as well as descents to sea level that validated the recorded values.

  6. igoriando

    Dear Sportstracker team, when is such a basic feature like heartrate zone alerts will be available on Android? Updated this time and still don’t see it. iOS version has it for quite a while as far as I know. Is it that difficult to introduce to Android app?

  7. Antti Koivisto

    Currently I use Sports-tracker both in my iPhone5 and in my Samsung Note (Android). If I upgrade to the Premium, can I access it in both of my devices or do I need to pay it for each one separately?

  8. Nicholas

    And where is support for smart hr belts other than your own. I will stop paying for premium and start using another app if you don’t provide this support.

  9. Andrew

    Hi guys I love my sports tracker and was hoping to see a marathon mode feature of some sort in the future.

    I am coming up to my 50th tracked circuit and wanted to do a 50km walk/run/bike but understand at this point they would all be split up into individual circuits for now but I just wanted to throw that idea out and maybe for the big 100 or something I will be able to do that should you guys feel like incorporating something like that.

    anyhow thanks for your app it works great and keeps my goals intact!

    cheers Sports Tracker

  10. Simo

    Cannot connect polar h7 belt in android

  11. Jani

    Workout description doesn’t get saved anymore (3.4.1 on Android). It is possible to add description later by modifying the workout. Small annoyance.

  12. Maurizio

    I am using Sports Tracker since the 1st launch of the application and will love to continue to use it but the policy of a premium app with a monthly/yearly fee is not fair from my point of view.
    I am using polar flow too and I will be happy to pay a one time fee for the premium app but not continue to pay forever and ever!!

  13. Alberto

    Hi, in Android version I set my windsurf activities as Watersports, but looking at them on web pages they are shown with the (6) icon.
    Please fix it, thanks

  14. fugas66

    hello. do not plan on the possibility of setting indicators instantaneous slope (rise) in percent

  15. Jozef

    Pefect, Thank you customization is great!!!

  16. Matteo

    I will pay to use your premium app only when there will be the HR and pace thresholds activable within the voice feedback.

  17. jeroen

    Would be great if Sportstracker running like ISmooth (for Iphone) could give feed back on a pace target, like running 4:30 and being x-seconds ahead or behind; and comment during an interval (faster, slower, steady) would be great.

  18. Vilma / Team Sports Tracker

    Thanks for your feedback, we’ll take this into consideration. Cheers, Vilma

  19. MacMurphy

    And one more proposal – premium for one time fee or for year fee in level of average antivirus. Current prices are crazy, but i hope your marketing and sales team knows prove elasticity of your customers…

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