Sports Tracker is moving


Sports Tracker is moving to an all-new website that will bring a fresher look and improved usability throughout different devices. For the moment, the map visualization on our website does not work, but the workout sharing is functional. We are working hard to go-live with the new site very soon! We would like to note that:
• Your workouts are safe in our servers and you are not going to lose any information as a result of the change. Once the new website will enter into service, you will be able to see your previous and current workouts including the maps.
• You can continue using all tracking functions of our mobile apps as usual, and you will also be able to see the map of the workout there. After the workout, you will be able to save and synchronize the workouts with our server as usual.
Sorry for any inconvenience, we are doing this to benefit you as a user.


  1. Ivor Bike

    I’ve just logged in to Sports Tracker to be greeted by the new site. Only today I was recommending ST to some friends as the best of the sports loggers but I think I may have let them down.
    Options for different map views – gone. Options for displaying the data in different ways – gone.

    Sorry, I really don’t like it. This may be a “Windows 8” moment for you.

  2. Edir

    Much better! But I can’t share using the new link, it shares the website, not my workout. Would like to see something like Runtastic does. Thanks to remove Flash.

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      HI Edir, thanks for the feedback. We’ll have a look at this issue.

  3. Frank

    Maybe it is a good idea to explain the sudden rush to kill the old site and open a half functioning beta site instead. A lot of, satisfied, users are scared off in this way without a clue of the reason. Never change a winning team. (when there is no urgent reason, at least). Please help me (us) to understand…

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi Frank, unfortunately we had to move to the new site earlier than we hoped as Google stopped supporting flash. Hopefully you’ll end up liking the site, we’re working hard to make improvements.

  4. Andrey Shatalin

    In case of entering from mobile browser it still recommends to use desktop browser for full experience. I guess it is not applicable now as flash content is removed. Please remove mobile-browser check in order to give full website access from mobile device.

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi Andrey, thanks for the feedback. We’ll fix this.

  5. Matteo

    Please to add also in the new website the possibility to upload photos in the single workout page (as in the old site). Thanks!

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi Matteo, thanks for the feedback! It’s on the wish list, so hopefully it can be implemented in the near future.

  6. Charles

    This new beta version is absolutely terrible. Previous version is much much better. Better colors – dark, more compact, better view.
    How to change to satellite view and full screen?

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi Charles, sorry to hear you prefer the old version, I guess it’s a matter of opinion. We’ve had a large beta group testing the new site and we adjusted it according to feedback. Of course we’ll continue to listen to the feedback and make adjustments. We now use OpenStreetMaps so no satellite view is available, but we’re looking at different options at the moment. Also other improvements to the maps and analysis is on the work list.

  7. OlliS

    Thanks for the updated web page. Definitely an upgrade compared to old one what comes to usability on different devices.

    One major issue is that the lap times are wrong for the workouts. Just compare the times of any workout with old and new pages. My running time doesn’t improve just by updating sportstracker web service, which is a pity. :)

    Thanks and please bring lap functionality to Windows Phones as well!


    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi Olli, thanks for the feedback. We’ll have a look at this issue.

  8. Alex N

    When is this going to be fixed?
    Anytime soon we’ll celebrate one month on this issue!

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi Alex, which issue are you referring to?

  9. JiiR

    So, my 5 cent opinion of the new site (also said on the community site):

    html5, like the idea.

    But, unfortunately I am a bit bothered about the not so good looks and functionality of the new site.

    The dark background used on the old site works way better when visualizing the result, the new looks appear aggressive and disturbing. The layout of the Dashboard on the old site is compact and gives an easy access for old exercises, the new version makes user click more, which is irritating. The old Diary is well thought and usable, new one is not really an improvement compared to the older, unfortunately.

    What really rocks on the old site is the analysis of the exercise (Workout overview/Data view), the new version is actually really bad to be honest, laps-functionality is almost unusable and very uninformative, no way to toggle full-screen on the graphs etc. etc. etc.

    The new looks actually remains me of the Garmin site-which I don’t like but I use bacause I have to (I am using Garmin devices but have been exporting my exercises to Sports Tracker).

    There have must have been some skilled and passionate people creating the layout and visual appearance of the old site, it is well thought and appears modern and timeless. Very usable. I think that it should be just re-implemented (if it is possible using html5) as is and not replace it with a worse solution.

    I love the Sports Tracker and have been using it for a while, but the new version really is a huge disappointment, please do not spoil something that has been a top of the best.

  10. zoranpl

    Where are the google maps?

  11. Anni

    Could you please update the android app to support other HRM devices such as the Polar H7 HRM? It’s been asked for for a long time now. Do you have any estimation when it will be available?

    I like the new website, but I’m also new and didn’t really use the old one. I noticed that exporting to GPX finally works without going to legacy site. Though the website isn’t very mobile friendly which is a bit ironic.

    It’s also a shame that you have set the premium features behind an expensive subscription fee, so I can’t support your app development that way. Though right now I have to look for another app anyways as I have polar h7. Sports Tracker just runs smoothly on my rather old and poor phone (with custom ROM to get android 4.4) compared to e.g. Runkeeper which unfortunately does have HRM support.

  12. Jos

    Where are the Widgets????

    Implement all old and GOOD stuff, before you go and launch a ‘beta’ (crappy) site.
    First you test it, then you launch it. Not the other way round and frustrate a lot of your costumers. But:

    Where are the Widgets!

  13. Joel

    It’s too bad that your site has fallen apart. I have logged a lot of miles and now I have to find another application. I even own some of your hardware that will not be obsolete for me. You should have warned your users what was coming. I really liked the free app and will not pay because you folks changed you mind and decided to start charging. Very dissappointed!

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi Joel, sorry to hear you don’t like the new site. Any concrete feedback is more than welcome! We’re trying to improve it on a daily basis and take into account our users opinions. As for the app, you don’t have to upgrade to premium, we still offer the same features as before for free:).

  14. Gianluigi

    The new export function is not compatible with the old one. I have some trouble loading the exported file in another personal app.

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi Gianluigi, thanks for the feedback. So far we haven’t had feedback on this, but we’ll have a look. Could you try a few workouts to see if the problem exists with all of them?

      1. Hans Biber

        That’s not true at all. I miss the comparison to other similar workouts within the workout view in beta. And I guess this is due to your new business model, right?

  15. Tim

    I’ve tried to access the new site and it won’t open. As much as I liked Sports Tracker it appears I will be changing to a different mapping program. From what I’ve seen Map My Ride seems to be a good program and fewer bugs. Sorry to leave but frustrations are to many.

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi Tim, sorry to see you leave:(. If you still want to give it a try, try to clear the cache of the browser and restart it. That should help you access the site

  16. Veronica Åkerfeldt

    Hi, something’s wrong with the GPX import. I’ve always imported my .gpx file from my Garmin and it has worked fine. But now I just get an error message saying:

    “Something went wrong. Please check your files and try again. Only GPX files are supported.”

    It is a .gpx file, same sort I’ve used the last 2 years. It doesn’t matter if I import it on your new website or the old one.

    Does anyone else have a problem with this?

    1. Veronica Åkerfeldt

      Oh sorry, my bad! I tried to import a gpx file without a map *stupid me* :P No wonder I got an error message!

  17. jconstanti

    Hi everybody,

    I have just entered the web and I found a lot of changes, and some gaps yet reported (as you can’t delete photos …).

    But I’m glad to see maps based As editor I try to have the information up to date in my area and add tracks and paths to run closer to nature: I like to see that my efforts to be better than google maps can be useful. One suggestion, to indicate fountains of water: if some day you can see in the phone can be useful during the workout.

    Congratulations to continue looking for the improvement.


  18. Salla Huttunen

    Oh – it IS a completely new site, and no longer works! Why, oh, why, don’t you inform the users?

  19. Salla Huttunen

    I cannot seem to see the new Dashboard at all, and the old one is not functioning. Instead of a map, I see a wheel that keeps turning, but accomplishes nothing. I cannot share to FB, etc. Am I in the wrong place completely? Should I login through some other URL? Does work anymore?

  20. cejkal

    1. Proč mi ve verzi beta nejdou přepínat mapy např. satelitní???
    2. Kdy bude spuštěna aplikace v českém jazyce!!!???

    Děkuji za odpovědi.

  21. krios

    Not Happy, I have been with Sports Tracker for a long time. The old app worked great. I’ve spread the word about the app and now I getting lots of negative feedback.

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi krios, sorry to hear you don’t like the new site. We’re happy to receive any kind of feedback so please let us know if you have any concrete suggestions/ bug reports.

  22. tuma

    In new version absent button “delete” photos (not work on old site), absent export/import. The new version is backward, too many missing features.

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi, thanks for the feedback. We’re working hard to improve the site on daily basis and the delete photos and export will come. Import gpx is already there.

  23. Phillip

    Another user noting that functionality is missing. My workouts -> Data View -> Your other workouts does not seem to be on the new website. It would be a shame if the new website does not provide this capability to compare workouts.

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi Phillip, thanks for the feedback. You’re right, it’s not on the new site. Currently it’s unsure if we’re able to bring it back, but we’ll consider it of course.

  24. Rupen Sharma, PMP


    The new website design was refreshing. I loved the fact that it is more social. One aspect I thought may help is having group goals. For example, if you’re training for a marathon or ride up the himalayas, you might have a group goal of clocking 500 kms/week as a prep. If people are located in different areas of the world, but will be riding together in the mountains, then this group goal feature could help the social cause.

    The other feature that is missing is Interval training by time and by distance. Unfortunately, I’m yet to see an app like SportsTracker, Endomondo etc. that offers this. Can’t really figure out why though, because it’s a relatively simple piece of code.


    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi Rupen, thanks so much for the feedback! Glad to hear you like the new design. We’ve been talking about group activities, your idea about taking it even a bit more social is really nice.
      Let’s see what can be done with the intervals as well. Happy tracking!

  25. Alt-Shift

    Hi! I see some new results of your work with a new version of site. It’s incredible! Thank you so much for your new import! Tracks are very informative now on site!
    Please add a possibility of import photos after track on site and you android app =)

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi Alt-Shift, thanks for the feedback. Glad you appreciate our work and like the new site. We’ll be adding the photo import soon. Happy tracking!

  26. David

    Love the GPS feature! Very accurate and helps me keep track of how much I run in both time and distance. Thanks!

  27. Red

    Sportstracker was awesome, a really useful consistent through the devices app and site. An excellent tool at no cost.

    Glad to see the ST team are keeping things fresh and up to date, AT NO COST.

    I see the issues and also the comments and I hope ST can resolve them. Take your time guys, you’re doing this at no cost :0)

    My main issue, I couldn’t find the share button and couldn’t see the sattelite view button. Small beans but there you go.

    Thanks from a grateful user, I hope the new (not as good as old site) site flows better soon.

    Regards, Red. Peace…

  28. Jose Manuel

    why I can not put picture on profile? Used sony smartphone.
    I can not change the profile name, others the same name.

  29. wcilley

    today 2014-09-19, cannot find my way to the Beta site… can you post a beta site direct link in this blog. Please and Thank you…. Chillie

  30. Zdarec

    Hello, I wanted to ask, how is it with the functionality of your website. shows me the same content as In addition, I wanted to ask, how is it with embed workout? Map documents have stopped running. This function will be re-opened? Another issue concerns the mobile application for android. When a crash application or phone, come complete data of which were recorded. Is it somehow possible to continuously stored in the phone memory or on the SD card and after restarting the application to be loaded as the first unfinished record?

    Thank you for your response.

  31. Jorge P. Servetti Hernández

    Get back to the old version please!!!
    The new one is very bad!!!

  32. Lev

    Hi! It looks like map functionality failed even in the old version of your web site. Is it going to be fixed?
    Regards, Lev

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi Lev, the maps in the old site won’t work anymore.

      1. ovojeglupo

        where is export/import ?

  33. tik

    at first look – new site is nice. But:
    – no summary for months/years and activities (in old – diary and click on month/year/select all is more usefull than actual solution. And i want see distance, not only duration. (and heart rate and climb/descent)
    – not interested on big photos from my friends on dashboard.
    – Default textarea to write my comment to my own workouts is weird
    – profile and settings forms are completely grayed
    – missing option to choose page after login.
    – diary only last month is too more useless than older site
    Ok, site look better. All is bigger, simpler and shining. Eye candy.
    But old site was/is more usefull

    1. Jii

      Hi, to add to this list –

      – impoert/export functionality – direct gpx links?
      – routes
      – more map options, i.e satellite / terrain
      – also summarize daily workouts


      1. Clive


        – no option to make map full screen,
        – no highlighting of lap on map,
        – less options for summaries of workouts

  34. Duprat

    Le nouveau site n’est pas très clair . Il ne loge pas intégralement dans la fenêtre de l’ordi . Les cartes sont très incomplètes . Il faut agrandir démesurément pour obtenir une précision des parcours . Je n’ai pas su rentrer un parcours manuellement comme dans l’ancien site . Les textes en Anglais ne sont pas tous traductibles en Français . A mon avis,il ne s’agit pas d’un progrès mais d’une régression .Pourrait-on revenir à l’ancienne version ?

  35. penttimaenpaa

    Some of the maps can be seen, but mostly not. The old version doesn’t display the maps any more. Something really bad with the maps!?

  36. Ville

    Hi. The new website looks good, and in particular it is much easier now to get an overview over your friends activity. However, when I want to analyze my own workout in detail, that is not so easy anymore. If I want to look at a certain section of my tracking, and read off precise datum (speed eg) that is not longer possible. It the old charts that nice feature was very good.

  37. Charlie Rogers

    Thanks for the feedback. It would be nice to know the projected date of the new website going full live.


    Charlie Rogers

  38. Cagnazzi Alfredo

    Gli le mappe degli allenamenti non si caricano sul pc per rivederli.

  39. Cagnazzi Alfredo

    Gli allenamenti non si caricano per rivederli.

  40. Tarja

    Why can`t I import a new workout from the new site. I would like to put my indoor-workouts from there, not by using phone

  41. Moritz


    there’s no button for enter manually a new workout on your new website. Please implement this function!

    Kind regards,

  42. Laheliadoparda

    I love Sports Tracker. I use it everyday! But I hope we will be able to see the different maps on the new web version as we used to have on the previous one. Before, it was possible to enlarge the maps and change them from satellite to other types.
    When the new web version is completely available, will we have the same options?

  43. Malcolm

    Not impressed so far.
    I can’t upload .gpx from my Garmin like I used to. The old site worked well and I had chosen to use it over the Garmin site, Strava and Map My Ride. I will need to reconsider and move elsewhere if the .gpx upload issue is not resolved pretty quickly.

  44. Domenico

    hello …. why do not you also the Italian version for iphone?

  45. Michal

    In the new version is impossible add a new workout manualy. Do you plan modify it?

  46. Jorge P. Servetti Hernández

    I had an accident riding my bike on 28th july and from then I
    only had one ride supporting two friends training to run a marathon.
    This is why I didn’t know nothing about changes.
    I saw it today on Facebook and that is what I’m doing this claim.

  47. Jorge P. Servetti Hernández

    I’ve been very scared today when I opened the site, I did not liked the changes.
    And on the phone too, had lost some functionality of the maps
    Then I read the blog and now I’m opening a new window of hope to the configuration of ST.
    At this point it’s one more of the differents apps that exists on the market.
    Now I’m very anxious to see the final appearance.
    The old way, was the better, now you’ve to maintain and improve that…, a very difficult task.
    Go ahead… for you and for us!!!

  48. Martin

    Currently I can’t to log on to my profile. Good job.

  49. Gabriele

    Please, note that desktop website doesn’t work properly:
    – impossible to write comments
    – impossible to import/export gpx files
    – impossible to watch my own workouts, maps and summary is not shown (it’s funny but friends’ workouts are shown…)

    Maybe you could have tested better before putting beta version on line and remove old version.

    And also: you have removed the possibility to zoom in the workout summary (altitude, speed, hearth rate chart) that was VERY convenient to analyze sections of the workout…

    Why new sport-tracker is worse than the old one?

  50. Igs

    Will I still be able to export the workout to a .gpx format?

  51. Tomek

    Promising look, I’m looking forward further developement.

    One question: I can see properly workouts from my friends but something got wrong with mine. I can see only Facts – no Map, Laps, Graph visible. :(

    I track my workouts with Symbian.

  52. Paulo106

    Change for this???
    The new site is poor and similar with old sites without the good thinks that bring me to the sport tracker site. The maps are horrible. All the excelent layout disappear.VERY BAD.

  53. Milosz

    Workout maps do not open on new beta website. Is flash really necessery?

  54. Paul Hook


    I am one of several users who are having issues with new Beta version of the website. It appears that we all use Symbian OS phones. The below link gives our issues:

    Can you please review and fix the issue, or perhaps if you still have the old website interface, provide a link to the old style website which we can continue to use?

    Many thanks!

  55. AK


    New beta version lacks substantial functionality in Diary view: one can not see the results per day/week/month grouped by activity type.
    It WAS possible in normal website version.


  56. jake

    How about adding workout manually in your website? I don’t alway have my mobile with me while training…

    So it would be convenient to be able to add trainings manually. It was possible earlier, but I don’t find it in your new website.

  57. Thomas Enzensperger

    The map visualization on our website does not work? And now, at 07.09.2014? The map visualization of Workouts from a friend does work! The map visualization of my Workouts does not work! Why this?

  58. Pedro Rolo

    It seems that you are taking away functionality. The workouts in the dashboard are way to big. The analysis of similar distances and same track is missing. Satellite view is also missing from the map and this is a much needed feature to check routes with more detail.
    Does the team behind the website use this product?

  59. Susanna

    I wish you had waited with the website move until it was ready. I counted on being able to check the time and the distance of my son’s track record trial today, and we were both very disappointed when this was not possible. Had I known about the website issue, I would have used another running app.

  60. Diniz

    I don’t see the export/import options anymore. Is this coming back?

  61. jeanette

    It doesn´t work, I can´t login :-(

  62. Kuo-jung Chen

    Please put the zoom out function of workout map back. Thanks.

  63. Jirka

    What is it? The new version is user-unfriendly! The old version was much better! I am sad …

  64. Anatol

    Removal of GPX import and export made this site useless for me. Time to move to another application… :-( Many hanks for Team for all years of happy moments with Sports-Tracker!

  65. Hélio

    How to export gpx file in new website.

  66. Alt-Shift

    How can I import my track from Garmin watch to the beta ST? Cant fint this link any more.

  67. Smuu


    How can I import workouts in the new site??

  68. Marrcus

    Why are you changing for much worser new look.
    Left old for many users too.

  69. Alexey

    Guys.We were waiting for new version many year, and ready to keep patience when you launch full functionality.
    Please, don’t forget about export tool. I need my gpx files to keep.

    Good luck.

  70. eugen

    does the import of gps files work?

  71. Petersen

    Since a few days I can not see my maps on the sports tracker website any more. WP8 app shows maps, but website does not show. Same problem on Chrome, IE and Firefox. Seems that the browser are waiting for Flash. And wait. And wait. And wait. Any idea?

  72. peter

    Thank you for giving.I thought, I have a problem in PC.
    In your program on Android for activity Cycling I would like to see Grade in (%). There is only elevation.


  73. Clive Goodacre

    A group of us mountain biking twice a week in Portugal’s Western Algarve use Sports Tracker and really appreciate all its features. However will the new website allow us to print out our routes and records etc? Also it is hard to go back and submit a workout after a certain point.

  74. AlMcCausland

    What is the new website?

  75. Juha

    Please put “under construction” -info immediatly on the broken map screen! Now make us to do unnecessery work to find the problem: updating flash player, checking things etc.

  76. AlMcCausland

    I really hope you are successful with it and it fixes the hiccup crap.

  77. Matt Larkin

    Will export as GPX still be working, as I know it isn’t available on the beta site that I have seen. Really important to me to know this as I synchronise my runs across many different web services for many different reasons. Good to hear it is coming though – let’s all wave bye-bye to Flash and welcome HTML5!!

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