Sports Tracker for iOS v.3.4 out now

A new version 3.4 of our iPhone app is now available for download.

This version includes some nice updates for our Premium users as well as bug fixes.

What’s new in v.3.4:

PREMIUM: High-quality terrain maps for Finland, Norway and Spain for all outdoor enthusiasts.

Sports Tracker map list   Sports Tracker Finland terrain maps

Not living in one of those countries? No worries, since you can also choose from the OpenStreetMaps. They are available in our PREMIUM version! No matter what type of exercise you are practising or your location, now you can access a more detailed view of your surroundings. Enjoy the high quality visuals of running routes, trail and bike paths!

Sports Tracker OSM cycle map   Sports Tracker outdoor map

Bug fixes: Voice feedback and other minor issues.

There’s also a minor update v.3.5.6 for Android available.



  1. Nicholas

    Great. Now you removed support for bluetooth HR belts other that your own from the iPhone version. Time for me to find another app.

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi Nicholas, we haven’t removed the support. It seems iOS8 is still a bit buggy, we’re hoping their next update will resolve some of these random issues. So far we haven’t been able to reproduce these from our side.

      1. Sami Niittyniemi

        Im sure it`s nothing to do with the iOS8! It IS your version of SportTracker which dont support Polar H7. I have Iphone6plus and also Htc one M7(android 4.4…). Both of them have the newest version of ST and neither wont work with Polar H7 smart BT! Other apps (endomondo etc.) works well with Polar H7 in both phones! So dont You blame iOS8. I would happily buy your premium licence once you get the support for Polar H7 and I think I`m not the only one.

        1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

          Hi Sami, our Android app doesn’t support 3rd party belts, but the iPhone app does. Unfortunately we can’t guarantee they work, but so far the Polar has worked well with our app and we haven’t changed anything. We’ll of course check if we can find any issues on our side. Sorry for the frustration this causes.

  2. Dario

    Hello everyone,

    Did you know that IGN maps are free and using them in a payment application use without express permission by the Spanish National Geographic Institute is punishable by law?

    You can see a small summary here (spanish language):

    I hope you have taken the necessary steps to avoid problems. I’m using SportsTracker since 2010, I still use my Nokia C7 because thanks to a free and open source application called MOBAC I can load maps and orthophotos in SportsTracker without watermark and from any area of ​​Spain.

    The MOBAC application and symbian version of SportsTracker are free and for private use, which is why in my case and in of rest of the users that use this system, the use of the IGN maps is lawful.

    I am very interested in being able to renew my mobile terminal and buy the cadence sensor (I have the heart rate monitor), but only will do it if I have the ability to prefetch maps IGN on the phone and you can confirm that this would be legal. IGN servers analyze the connections and directions for downloading your data. I know people who have had problems using the map data in survey applications and charge for it without paying taxes and fees to IGN. I hope you take this into account. I think that including IGN maps load in free version of SportsTracker you do not make any problems with IGN, but I know that this is a marketing problem for the premium version.

    greetings from Spain,

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi Dario, sorry for the delayed response, your comment had gone to spam. We have the rights to use the maps and it has been cleared by IGN. So you can use our app with the maps without having to be concerned about the legal issues. Happy tracking!

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