Support for Apple Watch now available

Now you can follow your workout also on your Apple Watch

We have been working on the Apple Watch support and are now ready to release it.

With this release (3.9.0), you can easily follow your workout directly on your watch, so no need to take your phone out of the pocket while working out.


How to get started

First, pair the watch with the phone’s Apple Watch app.

Then go to the Apple Watch app and choose Sports Tracker and turn it on (Show App on Apple Watch).

With this first release, you need to open the Sports Tracker app on your phone to the tracking view (Start new workout/ Continue), but then you can put the phone in your pocket and start the workout with your watch using the “Start” button.

During the workout, the Force tap brings out the pause controls (pause/ resume).

You can end the workout with the “Stop” button and you’ll get a summary of your workout.

Please send us feedback

At the moment you need a separate heart rate monitor. We will be looking into adding the Apple Watch heart rate support, more news on that later.

We are more than happy to receive feedback on this update, so feel free to share your thoughts with us.

Happy tracking!

Team Sports Tracker


  1. John

    Does it work similarly to time trackers like timecamp ?

  2. John

    Whoa, great stuff! I wish I had similar tracker to control performance of my team in the office :P

  3. Pete

    With the new iWatch IOS2 apps should be able to run native (independently) from the phone which would be excellent.
    It would also be a massive help if the app could be added to the glances.

  4. Gary M

    Would be a great app if you could use the heart rate monitor on the iwatch. Will go premium when you introduce this. Any ideas of you are going to do this?

  5. Micke

    Apple watch – sportstracker
    If you start sportstracker once on the watch you can dubbel press the watch and you open sportstracker again ( the latest open app on the watch can be started by dubbelpress on the crownwheel) . This way you may do it even on the bike

  6. Fabio

    After some minutes the app will not show on apple watch.

    How do you return to the app (without going through the normal process of going to apps and tapping on sport tracker, as i take it doing on the watch while on a bycicle is not recomendable)

    Await your comments

  7. Paulo Larracochea

    Good morning, I use to go to the gym with my Apple watch only, leaving my iPhone home but with this app os impossible this way.

    You need to start on the iPhone and the on the watch, if You dont modify this, is useless for a los of people like me…

    I hope that you have a solution….


  8. Heloisa

    Gostaria de saber se ja existe uma versão do aplicativo que consiga ler os batimentos cardiacos no apple watch, pois isso ainda esta faltando. Nao quero utilizar a fita no peito para fazer a medicao. Obrigada

  9. Fabio

    Hello, I just tried the apple watch app today.

    I started the bike workout on the phone and then went to the watch, where I could see the workout I just started on the phone.

    Nonetheless, after some minutes, when I raised the phone, it would show me the time, not the workout, and of course being on a bike it is a strugle to press the crown to go to apps and then find sportstracker and press it to see my workout.

    I suppose there must be a way to make the workout info to stay on top or an easy way to access it quickly.

    Can you help me with the info?
    Thanks in advance!

  10. Charles

    Gostei mais desse aplicativo do que dos anteriores que utilizei e pretendo continuar utilizando esse, mas não consigo passar o feedback audio para portugues.

  11. Tomas

    Hello everybody,

    i have one note. Can You add the lap button under the Pause? When I use “force touch” I see the pause only, but the Lap button is necessary for me.

  12. Patrick

    Just a question to clarify your statement “At the moment you need a separate heart rate monitor.” If I have paired the iWatch to my phone and am getting real-time display updates from my iPhone, can I really get heart rate data from the HR2 simultaneously? Wouldn’t that require the iPhone to be paired to two devices (something I’m pretty sure it is not capable of)?

    If we can’t use iWatch and HR2 simultaneously, work on an update to receive heart rate from the iWatch as soon as possible.

    Thank you in advance.

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi Patrick, thanks for your comment. We recommend using the Smart (Bluetooth 4) monitor as pairing different BT (hrm2 uses BT 2) can indeed be somewhat unreliable. But yes, iPhone can connect several Bluetooth devices at the same time, for example our speed and cadence sensor and heart rate monitor work nicely together. If you already have hrm2 and the Apple Watch, you should try if you get them to work reliably. Note that you’re not connecting the monitor to the Watch, but to our app.

  13. Diego

    Will the Apple watch work as heart rate monitor?

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      It’s possible that we’ll add the support at some point, at the moment it doesn’t. More news to follow.

  14. don beno

    Is there a way to track cumulative miles for the month either in running or biking? I find that most people have weekly and monthly milage goals and it would be great if the ap would give a summary at the end of the month for miles run or biked.

  15. Manav

    I’m excited to read this, but I use a Pebble watch instead, any plans to support Pebble?
    I’m sure a lot of people would be waiting for this.
    Please do reply.


    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi Manav, we will consider others in the future, but currently there is no set plan for Pebble.

      1. James

        yea please bring support for pebble please!

  16. Phil

    Would Be good to IMprove the contraste or change the color of the units.

  17. Bart

    It would really be a plus if the heart rate measurements of the apple watch would work with sports tracker !

    Thanks in advance

  18. Lawrie

    Why not allow the app to write heart rate measurements to Apple health?

  19. Mike

    What about support the Microsoft band?

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi Mike, we’re currently looking into other options as well. More news on those later.

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