Hey, guess what: we’re only getting started…

Wow. It may not look like it, we’ve had a bunch of crazy few months. As most of you know, in May we got acquired by Amer Sports, a major milestone in the Sports Tracker history that was incredibly well received, and as you can imagine we haven’t stopped since then. In fact, you could say we’re only getting started in building the Sports Tracker history, and for that we want to start by saying ‘thank you’ to all the loyal Sports Tracker supporters – we couldn’t have gone this far without you.

In order to do that, we started a short visual series covering key milestones in the Sports Tracker community, which we released on Facebook and Twitter, but we also created a short infographic showing what we’ve accomplished so far.



We have some pretty exciting things ahead. In 2007, the world got to know what Sports Tracker could do. Now, it’s time to show what you, our community, can do. Stay tuned.


  1. LisaMarie Deatherage

    Paid tracker 2011 and loved have brought many new phone since and the program always came up all other phones until I this IPhone 6 the app is lost

  2. akostarek

    I’m sport-stracker user since 2012 (Nokia).
    Your new website looks better, but I miss some functions from the old one (still prefer to use legacy.sports-tracker.com):
    – automatically detection of similar routes
    – zoom on workout charts

    That’s extremely necessary for me. Next great feature would be ability to select part of the workout and display avg / max just for selection.

    Regarding the app (Android) – you should consider some additional training types like interval training connected with voice coach, training target (zone, time, distance) and HR alerts (over / under bmps).

    Keep it in right direction!

  3. Juho Äännevaara

    July 2008 was the first time I’ve recorded an activity. Since then I used it almost every time I went out running, skiing, cycling or even downhill skiing. There were times I think I did a 10 km ride on my bike but the map said I went from Finland to Ivory coast and back like in just few seconds. That’s one of the trips to South I don’t remember anything of. ;)

    I eventually quit using the ST in January 2014 for good because of the lack of support for the HR monitors, and smart watch I had and the Windows phone as well. Between 2010 and 2014 I had all I needed. After that I had to move to Endomondo’s team as they support the smart watch as well.

    Hopefully in some point I can make a return.

  4. luis

    e o meu programada de desporto que me acompanha desde 2013 em varias partes do mundo e muitos kms

  5. Antonio Junceda

    2,477 workouts
    1,361:39:53 hrs
    12,121 km
    798,932 kcal

    And the most missed feature for me: 5,994,612 steps recorded. I still use my Nokia so I can record the steps. I did not fall in love with the Android app, nor the new website, sorry.

    All since June, 18th 2010.

    1. Monica

      I started using SpotsTracker in April of 2013, I had the Nokia E75
      Then I started using Android ST but did not work well as on nokia.
      After several updates, finally, I was able to see the best application in the field.
      I also used Endomondo and Runtastic MTB, but SportsTracker is the No. 1!

      556 workouts
      187:09:57 hrs
      3311 km
      76046 kcal

    2. Daniel

      I have used Sports tacker since it came as beta on Nokia. But as many other saying… Im so sorry Its not count steps on Android. So when I changed to Android I dont use Sportstracker so often becouse I have a stepcouter on the mobile. Really want to have it back. I want to count length, steps, time and where, when im walking. But also Where, and time when skiing downhill!

  6. Arnaud B.

    I started using Sports Tracker as a beta user on my Nokia 5800 in 2008-2009 when it was part of the Nokia lab. I still use it on a regular basis.
    It is sad early users (beta users) can’t have a prenium access for free. Some free features are now not free anymore.

  7. Antti Palosaari

    If sports-tracker.com site also has the tracking done with Beta, my first recorded use is from April 2009. So far 811 workouts with 13k+ km of which 10k+ km cycling in Vietnam. Always used Nokia phones. Great app – only thing missing is the possibility to add e.g. 2 consecutive trackings together.

  8. Maurizio

    uso di frequente Sports Traker, nelle caminate in montagna, durante la corsa e soprattutto nelle mie uscite in mountain bike. Rivedo di frequente i tracciati e le panoramiche dei percorsi…. Per me è uno strumento ben organizzato e utile.

  9. Artur Zen

    I love Sports Tracker ;-)

    All my journeys are registered with it since 2009.

    Geographic diary:

    18,501 – tracks
    7787:35:36 – time records
    316,766.68 – Km / 196,829.68 mi

  10. Robert

    Started in October 2010! With Nokia E52 :-)
    549 workouts, 6.101 km, mostly running.

    Thank you :-)

  11. MTB

    I began using Sports Tracker in 2007 or 2008 with my N95. My logging online only starts in 2010 – with 661 workouts.

    Excellent job you all have done with the app! Congratulations and keep up the good work!

  12. Stuart

    Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that! –

    I did indeed but as a reply rather than an original post..

    So I’ll say it again –

    3607 workouts
    2678:31:10 hrs
    22830 mi
    1065455 kcal

    mostly on my bike 1286:54:54 hrs – 2366 workouts

    since 12th June 2007 …

  13. Stuart

    3607 workouts
    2678:31:10 hrs
    22830 mi
    1065455 kcal

    mostly on my bike 1286:54:54 hrs – 2366 workouts

    since 12th June 2007 …

  14. Rockrider99

    started and been a fan of Sportstracker since feb 2012. Since then I have been using for all my outdoors running, mountain biking, hiking, skiing …
    Stats as of today 661 workouts, 1775hours, 14366kms, 1051862kcal – still counting :-)

    1. Stuart

      3607 workouts
      2678:31:10 hrs
      22830 mi
      1065455 kcal

      mostly on my bike 1286:54:54 hrs – 2366 workouts

      since 12th June 2007 …

  15. Johanna

    Hi, I have been an active user of ST since August 2008. For unknown reason the first recorded tracking my Lumia shows dates to the year 2009. (and only one on that year, that’s not true) have ran in South East Asia, in Africa and in Europe. The best way to explore the new cities is by running!

  16. Jose M

    Using it since 2009. It has more grafics at the symbian vers than wp, but again using it its one of the best.

  17. Kevin

    First activity June 2009 10k walk with a friend from work (was supposed to be a run).

  18. Kauko Niemi

    My first tracked date is 10th of August 2008. Just some tests before that date as journalist.

  19. Kauko Niemi

    My first tracked activity on 10th of August 2008. Just made some tests before that starting date as journalist work.

  20. Toivo

    I joined in August 2008. This has been one of my favorite mobile apps ever since. I’ve used Symbian, Windows Phone and iPhone versions. WP version had some issues, but otherwise I’ve been happy.
    Tracked 275 trainings and 3170 km, mostly running.

    Keep up the good work!

  21. Angelos Skoubas

    Since May the 4th I have recorded 175 workouts. Keep going. Regards

  22. Angelos Skoubas

    Hello. Since May 4th 2013, I have recorded 175 workouts. Keep going.
    Best Regards

  23. ziellos

    Started tracking back in January, 2009. Since then, 478 workouts summing up to 10875 kilometres. Mainly mountainbiking, but also running and skiing.
    While I started using Nokia Symbian phones (even together with the first-generation BT HR belt) I now use dedicated devices, such as Garmin Edge.

  24. Mauritz

    So far 960 jogging recordings and about 5500 km since start Nov 2010. Hope to reach 1000 in few months more.

  25. Erik

    I been using the app since July 2012, the tracking is amazing and it had helped my getting better on my trail.

    1. Erik

      My stats:
      478 workouts

  26. Pepe Gil

    Comencé a utilizar SportTracker en el 2004. Caminar y caminar. Perfecto.

  27. Geoff Steele

    The best walking app to date. Would appreciate info on the best use of the elevation function. Am a bit unsure as to how to achieve true accuracy. Have an S 3. Cheers

  28. Bruce

    I started using ST when I was at Nokia and the application appeared on the Beta Labs site. It has certainly come a long way since those days.

  29. Roger

    Wow! Sports Tracker is inspirational. Since my July biking start mostly, but my last 365 days stats show setting (and executing) goals works!

    191 workouts
    339:39:07 hrs
    2381 mi
    159349 kcal

  30. Oved

    Sport tracker has become part of my mountain bike ribing and i injoy it very much.

  31. Oved

    Sport tracker has become part of my mountain bike ribing and i injoy it very much

  32. Pikkutikka

    Started May 2015 with Nokia Lumia. Great!

  33. Massimo

    My firts workout: 10/03/2012
    …with a Nokia phone.
    Until today:
    373 workouts
    675:01:56 hrs
    6268 km
    375590 kcal
    ST, my best sport friend ;-)

  34. Jordi

    Sport Tracker is my running mate every morning from 2013 and I am delighted because it has helped me beat me every day.
    Greetings to all users.

  35. RulleRolf

    I started my Sportstracker 1 januar 2013 most of my track are paddeling but some hiking og biking, 90 % paddling and I have 4333 kilometers already and I want more ;) Very pleased with the ghost target function.

  36. Catuz

    Hi all, I started using Sport Tracker … July 2011 using nokia … and I Traced more than 1600 km running, walking and cycling … it is a great idea … a lot of friends joined this app under my advice and all are happy to use it.
    thanks a lot for your great work,

    bye, Enrico

  37. Giuseppe

    Ho iniziato il 25/03/2009 con tanti problemi che l’antenna gps “bluetoot” del mio Nokia creava poiché non agganciava bene i satelliti, ma non ho mai abbandonato Sport tracker e fino ad oggi ho percorso più di 9.000 km in più 767 ore di attività quasi tutti di corsa e qualche camminata. Ho comprato anche la un HRM2 per monitorare anche la fc i allenamento.
    Sono molto soddisfatto e continuerò ad usare e consigliare agli amici Sport – tracker.

  38. Sergio

    It all started on December the 3rd, 2007…
    Since then I run 6909 Km… It’s a long journey indeed :-)

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Wow, you’ve truly been an early adopter, that’s a LOT of kilometers:)! Thanks for being with us from the start. If you have any improvement suggestions or feedback, don’t hesitate to share those with us.

  39. Ari

    My first workout was on September 25th, 2007.

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Thanks for being with us since the start Ari!

  40. Giampaolo

    I use sport tracker since the beginning it’s wonderful. I hope in the future you can continue to improve with new functions.

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Thanks for the nice feedback Giampaolo! We’ll definitely be improving the service in the future. Exciting stuff coming, so stay tuned!

  41. Uolevi Kallioniemi

    Have used SP since 2007. Was in beta testing when Simo Pahkamaa renovated SP. I had Lumia before. Everything was ok – but now I have Samsung Xcover Android 4.4.4.
    Nothing works, no kilometres, no speed, no route ( other applications,as UltraPoint works perfectly),GPS works so and then and makes only straight line, no paths as it did before. I have informed this many times, I am very sorry, I have to find some application tahat works better.
    I am even ready to pay something for ST if it could work better. ST has thousands of kilometres of my activities and also PHOTOS – which do not work at all any more.

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi Uolevi, please update to the latest version 3.7.33 (just released to everyone) and let me know if that helps to the XCover issue.

  42. Arlei

    Hi, I’ve been using Sports Tracker app since August 2009.
    Great app !!!

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Thanks Arlei for being a long time user. We truly appreciate it!

  43. paulo Mendes

    Firstly my thanks to team sports tracker . They made my life easier sportsman .
    I joined the sports tracker on 27/05/2012 .
    up to now I have done 162 workouts , 220: 15: 26 Total Time , distance 1791.46km and 126,580 Kcal . I’ve done two marathons and several half .
    Best wishes and keep up the good work

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Nice record of workouts you have Paulo, keep it up!

  44. Nico C Vlug

    Ik heb deze app gebruikt om van Den Bosch (Nederland) naar Santiago de Compastela (Spanje) te wandelen dat was 2557 km.
    De app heeft 100% gewerkt, ik ben er zeer tevreden over!

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Wow, well done! Do you have the workout as a public link that you could share with us?

    2. Antonio Junceda

      Hey Nico!

      Dat is een wanderbaar wandelen. Ik wil zien dat!

  45. Racheli

    I enjoy using the app.
    I started using sports-tracker in 3 Jone 2015
    Makes walking with my dog company
    Till today I have made:
    Workout : 71
    Total time : 41:06:01
    Distance : 178.68 km
    Thank you Sports tracker!

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Glad to hear you enjoy the app, keep on tracking!

  46. Elsa Regina

    I started in 2012 and I’m happy with this application

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Thanks for being with us since many years Elsa Regina, glad you like the app!

  47. Vode

    Thousand thanks , great job, never give up !
    1461 exercises
    since 8.9.2008

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Thanks Vode for the nice feedback. Impressive amount of workouts you have tracked, keep it up!

  48. Marko

    Great job!
    I’ve used ST since 2012 and tracked 531 exercises mostly running.
    Waiting for useful smart watch solution.

  49. Patrick

    I started using sports-tracker in Juli 2009 and still a happy customer
    1126 workouts
    1317:44:51 hrs
    29375 km
    1087745 kcal
    What more is there to say ???
    Perhaps one thing, the last update changed the spoken average for biking back to paces/km instead of km/hour. Could you please revert this ?

  50. Krasimir

    furst – 27.07.2011
    To improve the administration of Windows, such as for Android and iOS. upload photos and detailed graphics.

  51. MMe

    First excercise June 2008. Cycling 30km to work. Have been happy user ever since.

  52. Lukas

    Hey SportTracker!!!
    Great job…I started with your app long time ago on Nokia and I am really happy for Suunto MovesCount connectivity right now!!! As I did some progress to move faster, you did big progress to stay with me :) (Nokia–Andriod-Movescount!!!)


  53. Mout

    I’ve been using Sports Tracker app since 2010! At that time I had a nokia n97: Very heavy and it was necessary to be motivated to run with this phone!

  54. Perra Markusson

    If I were you people at SportsTracker I should be VERY VERY careful with taking BIG words in the mouth… Your community support really sucks big time every day a week.
    One of the most common issues for several years has been the sync with Facebook, I´ve read so many posts on that topic, and made some myself… But I don´t think I’ve ever seen a reply or helping hand from you guys.
    And if you take a brief look at the community support right now you can see people crying over your f….n lousy support.
    So… before you hit the big drums try to earn some respect from your user. Or you will stand there without any user one day. But I doubt you will even notice that…

  55. Connie Weber

    I enjoy using the app when walking outside! Found it did not work so well on a treadmill & wondered why?

  56. Juha

    First exercise March 3rd 2010. Running 6,5 km. Just great app!

  57. Dean

    Hi Sports Tracker team,

    I’ve only used Sports Tracker app for my training, combined with a heart rate monitor. So far there’s nothing to complain about. However, if only you could:
    – improve the Windows Phone app so that it’s as attractive as the iOs app,
    – improve the website interface and website sharing app (for example when sharing a workout on facebook, there could be a map with the tracked workout itinerary, look at Runtastic or Endomondo for inspiration),
    – build a strong community, with weekly or monthly challenges for example (again, you can learn from Runtastic or Endomondo),
    – and at least, though not relevant anymore, an update for the Nokia N9 app (I also have Symbian phone but to ask a support for it from you is to much),
    then your app will attract even more users. Go ahead!! You’ve already done a very good job! Now it’s time to bring it to a higher level!

  58. Ivan

    Thank you for your program, its my best friend and my dog in sport )) Using since 2010.

  59. MntStep

    Use it all the time. Sisu!

  60. Steve

    Sports Tracker and heart rate monitoring gives me the ability to exercise properly in “real time”. All of the features of Sports Tracker enable optimum health improvement by exercising safely. Thank you all for this product.

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hey Steve, thanks so much for the nice feedback! Happy tracking!

  61. arcione ferreira viagi

    Sport tracker os perfect to control all personal activity.

  62. Balazs

    Is there a chance for Garmin Connect/device support? Or with the Amer merge it will only be Suunto?

  63. Sandi

    Hope we will hear about your plans to sync to Google Fit next week ;)

    I have been using your app since 2011 and would just hate switching to other aps just for that reason, but I really like having all my activities in one place.

    1. Sandi

      Sports Tracker connects with Apple Health, but not with Google Fit…

      1. Marco

        Ho iniziato le mie tracce con Sports Traker nel gennaio 2011 con un Nokia fino ad arrivare ora con un IPhone e non ho mai smesso di attivare questa fantastica applicazione durante lo sci, lo ski alp, la corsa, la bicicletta ed il trekkin. Per me è l’applicazione numero uno. Grazie.

        1. Marco

          Fantastica dal gennaio 2011 che ho conosciuto Sports Traker mi accompagna sempre nelle mie attività di out-door. Grazie.

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