Working out just got easier!

Many of you have been asking us to support sports watches, as sometimes it’s more convenient to leave the phone home, or you’d like to track sports like swimming.

Well, we’re glad to tell you that we’ve just done that. You can now track your workouts with one of the top notch sports watches: Suunto.


With a Suunto Ambit3 Sport you can still track your workout’s distance, speed, elevation and heart rate (with a heart rate belt), but also:

  • Go Longer:  The battery on the Ambit3 lasts up to 200 hours while using gps
  • Go More: Track more sports more easily, including swimming
  • Go Lighter: Leave your phone at home and still get real time updates

Just connect your Suunto Movescount account to your Sports Tracker one. It will then automatically transfer all the new data, so you don’t have to worry about that later on.

All you need to do is to connect your Suunto watch to your Movescount account after each workout. Simple as that!

Click here to get started.


Happy tracking!

Team Sports Tracker


  1. Mike Ikem

    please make it possible to work with tomtom sportswatch and st.
    that would be great and takes st to a new dimension.

    greetings mike

  2. Julio

    Creo que es muy necesario el soporte para relojes Tomtom runner. Llevo muchos años usando Sportstracker y me parece la mejor aplicación, pero sin soporte para Tomtom tendré que dejar de usarla.

  3. Gabor

    Great idea! This is the reason I would buy a Suunto watch!
    Your support is only for Suunto Ambit3 Sport, or Suunto Ambit3 RUN also?
    Thanks for your answer!

    1. Ville

      All Ambit3 models (Run, Sport and Peak) are supported. Data is transferred from Movescount to Sports Tracker. :)

  4. Pekka

    Another vote for wider support. Dropped ST for Strava because could not upload workouts from TomTom.

  5. protto94

    Ouai! belle montre mais c’est bien au dessus de mes moyens donc, je passe mon tour. J’attends une connexion sur une montre juste pour l’affichage des km, de la vitesse et des pulsations cardiaques plus start et stop d’une séance. Le reste, c’est de la données à analyser après l’entraitement et là, mon téléphone est bien suffisant.

  6. Jackie

    I can’t wait for tomtom support!

  7. Rich O'Connor


    is there any plans to use the HRM on android wear devices like LG Urbane?

    I am starting to get sick of hooking up my ST HRM.


  8. Francisco Beu

    Hello ST team, I am in Mexico and use ST for 5 years , I am looking a Smart Watch to connect to ST , can you Advise if any in the market can connect with ST.

  9. Alex

    I have a Suunto Ambit3 Run HR and I just love. The only thing that really bothers me is that Movescount no support the Linux users …

  10. nigel

    Id be more impressed if there was the slightest sniff of windows phone development. Having stuck with sports tracker from S60 days i too have finally given up and gone Strava. Pitty such a great start…..

  11. Zee

    Only 3 years late. We’ve all already moved on to strava

  12. Tom

    Another vote for MS Band 2 here. Please let us keep using your great service.

  13. Peter Himmelstrup

    Support for Garmin is most wanted…

  14. Peter Lye

    Congratulations to the Sports Tracker team for enabling support for Suunto. In my part of the world, activity trackers and other wearables are pretty popular. Recently, I jumped on the bandwagon too with a Fitbit – a wrist-worn HRM with GPS and its own mobile app. While I miss Sports Tracker, I don’t miss having to wear a chest strap! If Sports Tracker supports Fitbit devices, I’ll gladly jump back to it!

    1. Marton Gábor


      The very same thing here. I’m logging everything on I have a Fitbit ChargeHR for everyday activities and would really like to use ST for sport tracking. Please, make it available to connect my ST account with Fitbit.

    2. Stig

      I totally agree. If Sports-Tracker could support Fitbit Charge HR it would be a killer combo.

    3. Oscar

      Agree with you. I love Sports Tracker but would love it more if they can make it compatible with Fitbit

  15. Mikko

    I also was a happy Sports-Tracker user. Now using mostly Strava, it gives more comparison etc. for free and my sports watch has worked with it for a long time now. All I am missing are my friends at ST.

  16. Javier

    Well this post is a forward step but, IMHO it’s too late. I started using sports tracker several years ago with my Nokia 5900, but recently I switched to Strava because I can upload to them trainings from any of my watches (polar/garmin/tomtom). Also you can export the trainings to gpx. I’m sorry, but your platform is too closed for me.

  17. Mikko

    I would love to be able to pair my suunto and sports-tarcker app for using premium versions maps with the suunto gps tracking. That would be great.

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Thanks for the feedback Mikko!

  18. Joanna

    Is it possible to get all historical data from Movescount to Sport Tracker?

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Yes, all your data will be transferred to ST.

      1. V-P


        Is it possible to transfer only new moves to ST? I’ve manually transferred (export+import) all my workouts already and don’t want them to be transferred twice. If it transfers all history, will moves be public, friends or private in ST?

        1. V-P

          I tried connecting Movescount to ST and guess what? It did transfer all moves, both old and new ones. So I’ll start my new year spending couple of hours deleting extra moves from ST (only 724). Thank you very much not to answer!

  19. Dirk Jan Roeleven

    PLease, is there also a support for TomTom sportswatch coming?



    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi Dirk, we’ll be looking at adding support for other devices and services going forward. Stay tuned!

  20. Stewart

    Any plans to sync with the Microsoft Band 2? Loved Sports Tracker on Lumia 800, but Lumia 1320 is not the kind of beast you want to take on a run.

  21. Richard A

    Excellent, I’ve been waiting for this collaboration between Suunto and you for more than a year at this point.

  22. wahyaohni

    Hm, who is running today with phone? All the other major sport trackers (endomondo, runkeeper, strava, whatever) realized that and opened the API so you can sync your workouts from all the major sport tester brands (garmin, suunto, tomtom, whatever). I stopped using Sports-tracker because of this long time ago, as many users certainly did. Good luck with supporting one watch, but at least someone started to thinking at your office.

  23. Albert

    I’m looking forward to the moment that you support tomtom (runner2) too. I suppose that starting with Suunto is just the beginning.

  24. Michael

    What about Android Wear? I personally want it for walking etc and cannot justify paying the big brass for a Suunto. Try bringing it to the standard user like your big Rival has done

  25. Erkki

    Also waiting support to Polar…

  26. Anthony

    I hope it can also work with my Polar M400

  27. Artur

    Another Polar V800 user and would be great to have Sports Tracker and Polar Flow connected/synched ;)

    1. Artur

      sorry for the duplicate post… tricky form submission…

  28. Artur

    Another Polar V800 user and would be great to have Sports Tracker connected/synched with Polar Flow ;)

  29. Robert Pearson

    Ant intention to support Garmin devices?


  30. Robert Pearson

    Any intention of supporting Garmin devices?


  31. Robert Pearson

    Am I right to think you do not intend to support Garmin devices?

  32. 3abotin

    What about Garmin support?

  33. Jirka

    Hi Tomi,
    the same with me, but try SyncMyTracks application (Android. To move your activity from Polar Flow to Sports Tracker (and also many other sites)can not be simplier :-)

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi Jirka, thanks for the great tip! I’m sure our users will appreciate it.

  34. Tomi Toivonen

    Is there Polar watch support coming?
    I’m Polar V800 user and I’d like to use Sports Tracker with it. But for now device sets the sotware to use and I have to go with Polar Flow.

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi Tomi, we’ll be looking at supporting other devices and services going forward, so stay tuned!

      1. Robert Pearson


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