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Last week we focused on what Sports Tracker has achieved since we started out as a bold idea in 2004. Fast forward to today and clearly there’s reason to be excited – collectively we’ve already tracked enough to take us around the world some 5,700 times! Incredible.

That’s a LOT of sports.

Posted by Sports Tracker on Sunday, 1 November 2015


That’s just the beauty of it – we love to see how you use Sports Tracker to track your latest performances. We’ve seen some impressive results on Twitter through the #SportsTracker hashtag, but also had a few of you taking the time to come talk with us about how you approach your own workouts. It’s humbling and awesome at the same time.

Starting this week, we want to celebrate your achievements in the way that they deserve, so we had an idea. What if we could, each week, pick a few performances from one of you and do something exciting with them?

How it works is simple. We’re going to be looking at the performances you share on Twitter or Instagram through the #SportsTracker hashtag and pick the ones we find most interesting each week. This may mean someone who covered a ridiculous distance, owned the trail in record speed or something else completely. Just make sure you share it on Twitter or Instagram with #SportsTracker.

We’ll have multiple features, so if you’re not picked at first don’t let that stop you. As Arnold Palmer once said:

Always make a total effort, even when the odds are against you.

So let’s get started! This week we’ll start reaching out to a few of you, so stay tuned to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels to see if you got featured. Ready? Let’s do this.

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