6 super reasons why running groups rock


The Small World Theory shows we are connected by, on average, about 6 degrees of separation. That means me, you, Harrison Ford, the Queen of England, and the girl at the corner store in your home town all, on average, are all less than six interpersonal connections away. It should come as no surprise then to discover we yearn for company and approval – in fact, we’d lose our minds without companions. We work and live with others, so it’s only expected that exercise should be more enjoyable together, too. Don’t believe us? Here are six super reasons why a buddy system will help you get in shape and stay in shape.

1. You have a sense of duty

What gets you to drag yourself to the track, trails or gym in a heatwave of blizzard? Well: commitment to others. Most of us feel bad about not keeping promises to other people, even if we’d be much more willing to be flexible with our own ambitions. If you’re serious about getting in better shape, dig into your toolbox of social traits.

2. You can make fabulous friends

Even if you’re not part of a sports team, that shouldn’t deprive you of pleasant, regular interaction with people while exercising. Just like meeting up to chat over a beer, running together is the perfect (and much healthier) opportunity for a heart to heart or a session of male or female bonding. With your shared running habit, you’ll all have something in common, which can even be the start of a beautiful friendship. Plus, no one stops you from having that beer afterwards



3. It helps build your frequent runner miles

Practice makes perfect. Running is no exception, meaning you should run more. Having a group of regulars makes it more likely that you’ll have always have running company at hand. This makes it less likely for you to stay at home and watch TV on the days when you or one other person are feeling a little lazy.

4. You learn best by doing

If you start making friends with some fellow runners, chances are you will get to know people who are better, faster and more experienced than you. Running groups are also the perfect way to organise more formal training or classes. With other motivated people around you, you’ll have so much more potential for growth. 

5. Your brain pumps up your performance

Social facilitation is the psychological term for the fact that people perform better in groups than alone. Not only will this help you turn up on time, but it’s likely to push your performance to the next level in the presence of your peers. 


6. You’ll be safe from harm

It’s always good to know somebody’s got your back. Whether you’re concerned about icy, slippery roads, a health condition, wild animals or any other urban or rural risk, it’s reassuring to be part of a group of people who are there for you if needed.

So, there you go – good company will definitely keep it more fun to run! And with the new social capabilities of Sports Tracker, joining a running group and sharing your success is easier than ever. Go rock the world with your running band!

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