8 wonderful ways Sports Tracker’s new features will help you train better

The new Sports Tracker for iOS and Android, set to arrive in early 2017, is gearing up to make it easier than ever to get fit. We have a ton of improvements on the way – here’s how they’re going to help you train better and get more out of your workouts.

1. A cleaner look for clearer stats

A sports app shouldn’t get in the way of your workouts, which is exactly why we’ve redesigned the look and feel of the new Sports Tracker. Stats are easier to follow, analysis tools are easier to use, and all of your vital information is easier to access. This way, staying on top of your progress is clear and simple, letting you focus your attention on what matters most – getting fit.


2. Super social for more motivation

It’s easier to get motivated when you have the support and encouragement of friends and followers. Sports Tracker’s new social features are designed to make sharing workouts, photos, and most importantly, progress, with those you care about most. You’ve worked hard for this, so let everyone know!


3. Highlighted achievements for instant feedback

Have you just topped your fastest time on a regular route? You can instantly see your fastest times in your feed or on your workout page, making tracking improvements quick and simple. Even better, you instantly know what time to aim for in your next workout.


4. Improved workout analysis for better workouts

Better workout analysis means better workouts. We’ve added a ton of improvements to our workout analysis tools so that you can instantly see how you’re doing. You can quickly check out workout-specific stats in one view, or take a look at crisp visualisations of your overall activity. The “On this route” feature is now available for everyone, letting you compare data for your favourite routes in one go. Altitude, speed, and heart rate graphs are right there on the map – it can’t get any easier than that.



5. A new diary for easier progress monitoring

Getting a big picture view of your progress is an important part of leading a happier, healthier life. The new diary will help you digest the data so that you can analyse your progress over weeks, months, and even years. You can analyze your average heart rate, speed, training hours and more as a whole or by individual sport, which is perfect for pinpointing where your progress is happening. What’s more, the handy diary search function gives more control over how you view your data. For example, if you’d like to filter out commute cycling, simply tag your commutes after a workout by adding a keyword in the comment field and use the search to filter them out.

6. Weekly goals to power your passion

Sometimes you need a little push to get motivated. We can help with that. The new Sports Tracker will have a weekly goal for you to compete and compare against your friends and followers – all in good fun, of course. The hour-based goal is a wonderful way to get moving and make sure that you stay active all week.

7. Weekly leaderboard for friendly competitions

The fun doesn’t end with weekly goals. Weekly leaderboards let you and your friends keep track of who’s ahead that week. Put in enough training time throughout the week, and you’ll earn the top spot on the weekly leaderboard – along with hard-earned bragging rights.



8. Free features so you can focus on fitness

Not only will the new Sports Tracker have all of these fantastic features, but even more of them will be completely free for all users. Rather than worrying about money, you can fully focus your attention on fitness and fun.

The new Sports Tracker will be arriving at the beginning of 2017. With all these great new features, we’re hoping it will help make your new year one to remember.


  1. Franco R

    Where are the useful maps like Openstreet Maps. Apple Maps are useless for trailrunners or in general for outdoor activities, When do we get the useful maps back?

  2. vorosv

    Dear Developers,

    I am VERY disappointed, that you have changed the extremely nice BLACK/ORANGE design. After Apple ruined the very nice look of its music player to something, that can be created even in MS Word, this awful white layout was another shock to me. I simply cannot understand, why developers are doing this. Do you think, white means clean? Why was the previous design not clean enough? This to me is not clean, but simply awful, not pleasant to the eye at all, not to mention, that it requires more battery power!! What was the common sense here?
    You know, the worst thing is, that your app is really great, I really think that, I have been using it for many years. But now I look at it, and unfortunately all I want to do it, is to close it. I am extremely sorry about that.
    Please bring back the old design, or at least let us give the possibility to switch to it. Otherwise I will need to say goodbye to this great app, and as I see from the comments, I am not the only one who thinks the same.
    Please, I do not want to delete this app. Please…

    1. The Sports Tracker Team

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Vorosv. If you want the old school look then you can simply switch to Night Mode. Hope this helps https://blog.sports-tracker.com/2017/01/13/how-to-make-the-most-of-night-mode-and-other-nighttime-running-tips/

  3. Chride

    The new Weekly Goals-feature, will the feature from now on be split into different activities so I could be able to set different goals (time/distance etc) for swimming, running and bicycle? At the moment it is useful, but I’d like to be able to set specific goals for different activities.

    1. WaynaM


  4. iphone spy apps

    Any accelerometer counts steps, while pulse and sweat sensors measure effort spent on hills?

  5. Jo

    Unfortunatelly, Sports Tracker team never lisen to its users. App is still getting worse. 90% users love black/orange design, so they make it white. Good bye Sports Tracker.

  6. Yvonne

    List is now showing AVG PAGE instead of SPEED (km/h).
    Please put it back to KM/H !!!

  7. Zbynek

    PLEASE, the new appearance, white one, is really bad. It will cause many users went to another app. Me inclusive, if u don’t come back to very nice old colours. The black orange design and graphics was the MAIN reason, which make us, users, to install Sports-tracker


    user from earlier nokia betalab symbian,and more than 24000kms screen in black please.posibility to export gpx to the phone as in symbian phones for email sending.keep on the good work.

  9. Martin

    Black as option please!!!!.
    Km/H back to main screen while tracking!!! Only pace available.

    Love sports tracker. Best app ever!. Just preserver your strongest points and add some versatility to the layout please.

  10. WaynaM

    I’ve been using this app for a long time (paid version for iphone). An new update is very welcome and i’m also looking forward to see co-operations with firstbeat -technology ( https://www.firstbeat.com/fi/ ) and the possibility to add a personalized sport (or have all the world’s sports listed by advance). I would love to see this app to be all wellbeing app so that one would not need to use multiple apps to track health and wellbeing as whole. Ps. Waiting the answers from the development team=)..

  11. Sports Tracker Team

    Wow, what an overwhelming amount of feedback! Thanks so much! We feel super lucky to have such an enthusiastic community as you guys and girls. Happily, all your questions will be answered very soon, and we promise that we try to take all your concerns into account. We’re constantly developing Sports Tracker so even once the new version is launched, we’ll keep making it better and better. This means your feedback really is invaluable, so please do keep it coming. If you’d like to be a core part of this evolution why not apply to be a beta tester in the form below. We’d love to have you onboard.


    And if you need more specific help about our app or accessories, our support team are all always happy to help at this address. Just drop them a line.


  12. Roge fuertes

    Black please BLACK
    dont move to white

    1. Torstein Hølleland

      I agree. I have recorded 1500 trips, 1400 hours and over 17000 km since I started using Nokia’s program leading up to today’s Sports-tracker. I like the black background a lot but the most important question is: doesn’t white background drain much more battery? My impression is that it does. Do you have a test for this? Please include a black background.

  13. vitzaris

    Great app!!
    I have bee using it since symbian version.

    And what about, Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Heart rate sincro?
    It will be very useful.

    1. Jeroen

      This already works! Ive downloaded the Mi HR app and start this before you start your workout!

      1. Jeroen

        Just to add, only downside of the mi band 2 is that the HR functions works terrible when you are moving.

  14. Tiina

    Hi. I regularly use both SportsTracker and Suunto watch, which creates duplicates to SportsTracker. I delete duplicates manually, but they don’t stay deleted but appear again which means that my weekly goals/summaries etc. Have you solved out the duplicate issue in this new version?
    Otherwise, agree with previous comments about the black background – hopefully that will be also available.

    1. Tommi

      I track my run with Suunto watch only and sync the moves from Movescount to sports-tracker (ans to Strava too, there is options for that in Movescount). IMO no mobile phone can track as accurately as Suunto latest watches does.

  15. Raco Alessandro

    So it’s just a new makeup, that anybody likes from the comment above, because everybody loves the black backscreen. I personally used it because i’ve found very important to know the sunset-sunrise time, and it is the only app to do it, but…
    Still no step count, all of the hardware on the market are ready from years to track step count but you’r late or not interested in that…the major competitor in this field do that
    Poor Apple Health integration, weight age gender inbound data to collect will be appreciated
    Rest time to be considered ‘rest’ not working in your file export format
    To show the battery level of the hr sensor will be a good starting point i know yoo can male it(if your coders could start from enabling the scotche rhythm+ will be very appreciated)

  16. Garry

    8 years ago I asked for more symbols like for biathlon, triathlon, rollerski, differ between skating, classic and poling techniques in skiing, and a few more. Then it was promised “soon”. Don’t know what “soon” means at sports tracker, but it is maybe time to get this symbols implemented now……

    1. Victor

      Also waiting 8 years for stepcounter from symbian times :)

  17. mat

    Voting for black version. Hough.

  18. Teemu


    Updates are usually welcome, although I’ve not had too many problems with the current version, either.

    One thing that pops to mind, looking at the photos up above, is whether the white theme is very battery friendly. One would think the black theme having only few pixels lit white, rather than the whole screen, would be the economical choice.

    Then there’s the whole blinding white light during at night issue that Batalha (see above) also seems concerned about. And considering how little daylight we have in Finland during winter, it’s pretty much guaranteed that it’s a bit of a problem. Having both options would be very nice indeed.

    On another note, I’d appreciate if I had more than six custom sports available (preferably as many as I want to add), could rename them permanently (because I can’t remember which of the custom ones was floorball, hunting or tour/nordic skating and which was wingsailing, for example) and finally I’d like it if I could add my own logo for my custom sports. The most important of these is the ability to rename the custom sports. Logos are the least important, of course.

    I would also like to choose what I see in the feed when I scroll down/swipe up from the first screen. I’m not interested in seeing what some people unknown to me have done in my vicinity, but I might be interested in seeing what my friends have been up to. But I’d also like the choice of turning that off and only having my own stuff show up. Afterall, we do already have the map explore function if we want to see what other people have shared.

    Hopefully the new version is an improvement, even if the current product is already pretty sweet. :)

  19. Bruce Mayberry

    I’ve been using the new app for a few months and like the new features and layout although have the following observations.
    – I’m concerned the white background will be more power hungry
    – I can’t find how to record split times.
    – the new app appears to record distances approx. 1% shorter than the old app.

  20. Mateusz

    Hi, some suggestions from a veteran user, still remembering Nokia betalabs:
    1. Pause should be a proper pause, also from gps tracking. As it is now, the battery gets drained from tracking in the pause mode (iOS)
    2. As others have indicated, longer workouts crash when accessed from the diary. Last replicated in late Sep, maybe fixed by now.
    3. A crashed app allows from a nice recovery of the workout, with one exception: zero calories!
    4. Custom fields please, like in old garmins: total climb, gradient last km , etc.
    5. Better maps in the paid version are great. A more formalised option for offline use would be even greater. Still with creative use of scrolling, I managed to use offline topo map cycling in Iran…
    6. Export of workouts to Fitbit would be nice

    Many thanks for the great app,

  21. Antti

    I use SportsTracker for cycling and auto 2km/h pause mode. It is ok, but the app continues ticking after I go into the building and it lose GPS. This is frustrating behaviour. Please make it into auto pause if the app lose gps .

  22. Ken Doyle

    I love the app except it is frustrating that I can’t get HR from my apple watch, I have to wear my Mio Alpha as well to get HR to your app.

  23. Heidi

    Does it work with iPhone 7. At the moment sport tracker is not working realible. It tracs way too fast lap times and adds kilometers. Several my friends has the same problem.

  24. Willem

    Like the black background. Works better for me. if their is no option between black and white background with next upgrade, then I will stop Sports Tracker. That is why I am not using my other installed sport tracking apps. Will be a huge disappointment. Been using Sports Tracker for 3 years now

    1. James

      Same with me. I’m not using Runtastic, Endomondo, etc. because of its ugly white background. If Sports Tracker won’t be with dark background, I will stop use that. And I don’t understand why is Sports Tracker not able shows HR from my Apple Watch. 2 years after Apple Watch release??? I don’t want to wait more time. It’s no problem for Endomondo, Runtastic,…

  25. Jukka Aalto

    Lighter display will probably use more power which is not good. Last summer I had to use external battery on long (+12 h) cycling journeys although most of the time the display was off. I know it is GPS which uses most of it but low power consumption mode would be useful.

  26. Robert

    The curent Sports Tracker dark background color scheme (with orange and other color accents) is one of it’s most distinctive and impressive features! It is also a primary reason I prefer to use it over Endomondo, May My xxxx, Polar, or others. Imposing a White theme on all users is a very bad decision. It will significantly dissapoint many and could result in many turning to competitor’s offerings.

    1. dilanus

      I agree!

    2. Anja

      Totally agree. I will be very disappointed with the new version if white bacground is only option.

    3. Manolo

      agree, keep it black

    4. Jerome

      I totally agree, i love the orange and black skin, looks sooo cool.

      1. Morganzd


    5. Willem

      I strongly agree

    6. JP

      Agree. They should have tried talking to their users before investing a bunch of time into a colour scheme nobody wants.

    7. Chris

      Totalement d’accord avec ces remarques !!
      S’il vous plait, restez en noir, j’avais choisi à la base Sport Tracker justement pour cette raison.
      Pourquoi ce changement radical ?

    8. stuno

      yes, keep it black. i do a lot of night bike rides and white background would make it impossible to use sports tracker for me.
      otherwise i love sports-tracker and looking forward for the new features!

  27. Matthias

    Hi sportstacker team,
    The overdue and essential element will be whether you finally have ANT+ support like for Garmins HRM!
    this is the biggest issue!

    1. Andre Feenstra

      Same for me. Please make it possible to connect ant+ becauae HRM1 don’t work any longer. I.bought a new km counter with ant+. Works great. I just want to pair it with Sports-tracker. So I can see my workflow heartrate in green yellow or red fase.

    2. Jared

      Absolutely! The lack of this is making me consider leaving sportstracker after 10 years of support. It is the standard and the continued lack of support is very disappointing.

    3. Garry

      And how many mobiles comes with ant+? No need for ant+ if you ain’t usin garmin or suunto.

  28. Damian

    No cambien el fondo Negro Con sus grandes números Blancos.. Así es de fácil Visión Excelente app

  29. Fernando

    How about using the Heart rate monitor from the Apple Watch?

    1. Siggiag

      Í totaly agree with Fernando. I will not use sports tracker unless I can use my apple watsh for heart rate

  30. Batalha

    A Dark and a Bright theme is essential. I ride my bike a lot at night and I find better to use the Dark theme. Probably you could use the same code of Waze that turns dark automatically at night.
    And let me ask, what are the best HR that works with Sports Tracker on an iPhone?

    Best regards

    1. AH

      I use Polar’s. Works on 4s, 5 and 6. Just either google for Polar hr iphone or look for iphone logo on hr package.

    2. Janis

      +1 In night time this make me blind for few seconds every time when i look on screen. It’s really dangerous on the road. We need dark theme!

  31. Norman

    please make Sportstracker work on Apple Watch Series 2 with use of the watches GPS !
    This would be the killer feature for me. Having my beloved Sportstracker on my new Apple Watch without the phone with me while running

  32. Ezio

    Don’t forget Windows Phone users :D

  33. Jaime Urrutia G.

    Very good news!!!
    I choice Sports Tracker over rest of all in the net!
    Hope next upgrade will fullfill my requirements

    Greetings !

  34. Peter Qumsiyeh

    I can’t seem to open any of my longer workouts. Other people can open them, but when I click on them, the app freezes. It’s normally anything longer than 10 miles or so. I have an iPhone 6S using the iOS app. Others having this issue? Fix coming soon? Thanks.

    1. David

      Yep, i am having similar problem. I use iphone 6 plus, latest software.

      Personnally before Sportstracker bring out new features I would prefer them to fix the features they already have. I cant see myself renewing my subscription when it expires in 2 months just too many bugs.

  35. Esa

    Does it work with polar flow? It would be very nice thing to be able to sync all sports tracker training data with polarflow…

  36. Prakash

    In my i phone 5 during first one or two minutes of running, sport tracker give very strange route, look like some issue with GPS trekking. After that it work very fine. Is there any way to get better results in initials minutes?

    1. Sports Tracker Team

      Hi Prakash and thank you for the feedback!

      We’re investigating this issue and we’ll fix it in upcoming updates if possible.

  37. Andre Feenstra

    The current version my iOS freeze when I tap the diary button and I go for a workout to see what my results are. I hope the new version solve this problem. The new version looks great!

    1. Sports Tracker Team

      Hi Andre and really nice to hear your thoughts about the new version! The issue you pointed out will be fixed in the new version.

  38. Rasheed

    It’s great. I am waiting

    1. Sports Tracker Team

      Hi Rasheed! Great to hear!

  39. Crpayne

    How about a reset for time for new shoes?

    1. Sports Tracker Team

      Hi Crpayne!

      This is something we’re considering to have in our later releases. Thanks for the idea anyway!

  40. Na Kuusisto

    Na Kuusisto

  41. Stephen Robert More

    Calories calculated using ascending and descending hills and gradients from barometric readings. And possibly even element changes like head winds ( accessed from weather app.)

    1. Sports Tracker Team

      Hi Stephen and thanks for these great ideas! We’re looking for ways to improve the calorie calculations for workouts without the heart rate information so these ideas are warmly welcome. Using the heart rate belt gives you the most exact calculations though so why not investing on a good one: http://www.suunto.com/fi-FI/Tuotteet/Sykevyot/Sports-Tracker-Smart-Sensor/?cmpid=ST_VIRT_stsmartsensor

  42. Donal

    Can we have the option of black or white background ?

    1. Sports Tracker Team

      Hi Donal! The new version will be white for now.

      1. Victor

        Very bad!!! Please make black scheme

  43. Tahani

    Your yearly charges was better, don’t like the month charge. Would love to see change in that.


    1. Sports Tracker Team

      Hi Tahani! Thanks for your feedback. This might change in the future but for now the monthly charge is the only option.

  44. Carlo van Dijk

    Exciting! Native Apple Watch support is essential.

    1. Sports Tracker Team

      Hi Carlo! Unfortunately we don’t have it yet but it’s also on the way!

  45. Luis

    Please Sports tracker in Portuguese language.

    1. Sports Tracker Team

      Hi Luis! New languages are on the pipeline and possibly Portuguese also.

  46. L.

    Why are you changing great dark design? This white design is too ugly. What about hearth rate from apple watch? Still nothing?

    1. Sports Tracker Team

      Hey L.! We wanted to get a new and fresh look to the new version so that’s why we’ll change the colour also. Text is also easier to read on the white background. We hope you’ll like it when you get to use it. And the heart rate from Apple watch is coming soon after the launch of the new version.

      1. JP

        People use Sports Tracker because of it’s dark background. People want to conserve battery use. People don’t want their night vision ruined by a bright white screen.

        Did your designers ask your users how they use the app? Or was this from a designer that loves their white iphone and thinks everyone else should have a life like them?

        Please focus on UX and not following trends for the sake of change.

  47. Carlos

    My opinion is that export to .csv format is a must have.

    1. Sports Tracker Team

      Hi Carlos! We’re considering more formats for the export so maybe .csv will be possible also.

  48. Adalto

    You need provide integration with watches like garmin, Fitbit and others. Nobody like to run taking their cell phone, and is dangerous in some places too… if you not include this option, sports tracker will stay behind once time more…

    1. Sports Tracker Team

      Hi Adalto! You can already import workouts done with a Suunto watch to Sport Tracker. We’re also compatible with Android wear and Apple Watch.

  49. Tommi

    Why there is diferense android and iOS? Android version is much better. Bouth versions should me SAME!

    1. Sports Tracker Team

      Hi Tommi! We’re aiming to have them on the same line and the new version of the iOS will have a massive leap towards that.

  50. CB

    Will there be a stand up paddleboard option?

    1. Sports Tracker Team

      Hi CB! This is a possibility. We’re adding new activity types time to time. You can of course use the Watersports option already.

  51. Gregor

    Don t let the Android version to look and work better as the iOS!

  52. Gregor

    Don t ler the Android version to be better then the iOS…

  53. Marta S

    Please, we want the spanish version, or better, catalan version for iOS!!!

  54. Paul Dobie

    Monthly charging is a big turn-off.

  55. Paul R

    Will the new version have proper Apple Watch support?

  56. Savolainen slaavikyykky

    Been a heavy user for over 5 years with 2 519 workouts, 1831 hours of usage, 8 484 kilometers worth of travel and 760 356 burned kilocalories. Don’t let us down! :)

  57. Yossi Galili

    Iam using your’s great app for the last years.
    I enjoy it very much.I am a member.
    Is there is an option to know how much i accent while the cylcing practice ?

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