Why walking 20 more minutes a day will make you way happier

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Walking 20 more minutes a day will make you way happier.

It’s over 2000 years since Hippocrates, history’s best-known physician, said that “walking is man’s best medicine.” The world has changed beyond recognition in the last two millennia, yet his advice is as true today as it was in ancient Greece. Despite this, many of us still don’t give walking the credit it’s due when it comes to personal fitness and well-being. So, to showcase the wonders of walking, here are five reasons why walking for just 20 more minutes a day will make you way happier and healthier.

1. Walking can help you live longer

Walking is a training regime in disguise. A walk stretches your muscles and can literally be your first step in getting your body moving towards an increasingly active lifestyle. By favouring stairs instead of elevators and escalators, you’ll raise your heart rate and consume energy. If you don’t do a lot of exercise, this difference between doing nothing and doing something really adds up. In fact, research presented at the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) Congress showed that people who did 20 minutes of brisk walking a day experienced anti-aging benefits that could add an additional three to seven years to their lives. Now, that’s got to be happy news.

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2. Walking relieves stress

Depending on your daily habitat, getting to see more or less of your surrounding may have value in itself. Whether you’re an urban dweller with access to a walkable neighbourhood or a suburbanite with a forest or a park nearby, walking will make you more familiar with what’s around you. What’s more, a study by researchers from Stanford University suggests that just being around nature does wonderful, stress-relieving stuff to our bodies. Think about how chilled out you feel after a summer’s day stroll and it all makes sense.

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3. Walking makes your neighborhood a better place to live

Look at a neighborhood’s public space and you get a sense of the neighborhood itself. Public spaces are central to the dynamics of city life. They’re the places where people socialise and meet up. If public spaces are perceived as accessible, attractive, and safe, they can inspire a huge range of uses and activities. Journalist Jane Jacobs studied this relationship over fifty years ago and developed the concept of “eyes on the street”. She concluded that one of the main characteristics of a thriving urban centre is that people feel safe and secure in public spaces, even when among complete strangers. In short, the more people walking the streets, the better for everyone.

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4. Walking gives you a chance to disconnect

Sports Tracker meditating

These days, more than ever before, we’re overwhelmed by the constant flow of information. A walk can give you a venue for meditation with one of the several techniques, either entirely on your own or with the help of guided meditations you can listen to through your smartphone. Look up walking meditation on YouTube and you’ll be amazed by what’s available for free. Remember: regular mindfulness meditation practice is proven to be an efficient reliever of both physical stress and anxiety, making for a happier day.

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5. Walking can entertain and educate you

If you get your moment of calm and clarity elsewhere, your daily walk can make you happier by entertaining and educating you too. From old school mp3 players to unlimited music streaming services on your smartphone, there are loads of ways you can listen to music while you walk. Research by the Music Therapy Program at the University of Miami found that people who listened to music they enjoyed completed their tasks more quickly and came up with better ideas than those who didn’t, because the music improved their mood. Alternatively, you can explore the wonderful world of spoken-word content in the forms of audiobooks and podcasts. Putting aside time to walk isn’t only what your body craves, it might just be the break you’ve needed to learn about subjects that interest you, or catch up on your favorite novelist.

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So, there you have it. If you won’t get to the gym today, don’t stress about it. Just crank up your Sports Tracker and take a walk. We can almost promise you that you’ll feel happier and healthier for it.


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  1. Savonian slav squat

    Took a look at my ST stats. :)
    Walking: 762.5 hours / 4 630 km / 248 008 kcal

  2. Akalank Killedar

    Sports tracker is my regular companion to morning exercises that includes walking, cycling, climbing up & down the stairs (No waterproof GPS smartwatch – so no sports tracker while swimming). I live in the hills district of Sydney, Australia that has a lot of beautiful hilly surroundings. About 10 Km of walking with weights on the back certainly gives a good amount of exercise.

    1. Sports Tracker team

      Great to hear you’re using Sports Tracker for such a wide variety of activities, and very jealous you get to train in such a beautiful part of the world. How much weight do you carry on those 10K walks?

  3. Douglas Erickson

    I live in Illinois near Chicago and so it is mostly flat. I enjoy fun runs/walks about 3 miles almost every day, 28 days a month or so. I do them normally in the morning before breakfast. I find it to fabulous for getting the body going and emptying out the mind. Come home and get the rest of the day going. I use Sports Tracker to keep mostly the distance consistent building on consistency to build excellence. I enjoy the breathing and the meditative feeling of moving gently but quickly.

    1. Sports Tracker team

      That sounds like a fantastic way to kick start the day! Do you do the same route every day or mix it up?

  4. Ralph Stiebel

    I live in North Vancouver BC and am quite close to a creek that flows quite quickly down from the mountains in which we live. A walk up is about 1.2 kms which is just perfect for getting the heart rate up. At the top I jog for a further 3 kms along a up and down course until final I speed up for the final 1 k that is primarily downhill. Good little workout to start the day.

    1. Sports Tracker team

      Vancouver is such a beautiful city to train in, even with all that rain :) Great idea to run downhill at the end as well. Do you take the same route every day or do things differently?

  5. Mark

    It also seems that if you walk soon after dinner in the evening it raises your metabolism allowing you to burn off even more calories! Normally your metabolism is slowing down for the night.

    1. Sports Tracker team

      That’s a good point. A lot of people seem to focus on a brisk morning walk, but a walking off a nice meal is always a great way to get ready for a good night’s sleep.

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