How to make the most of Night Mode and other nighttime running tips

Night running

Depending on where you live in this world, there’s a good chance that night runs are a necessity if you want to train year round. Shorter days, hot weather, and busy schedules can make it difficult to get in that oh-so-satisfying run time. Or maybe you simply prefer the peace and quiet of a nighttime run. With fewer distractions and a route to yourself, it can be pure bliss for many runners.

Released in the latest iOS update, our newest feature Night Mode will help make your night runs smoother and better than ever. The black background is designed to be easy on the eyes during nighttime exercising, so that you can check your stats without the headaches. Your phone, however, isn’t the only thing you need to remember on night runs. Read on to discover our top tips for night running, so that you can not only be fit, but safe too.


Safety first

The first rule of night running is safety comes first. It can be a drastically different experience than day running, so be sure to pay attention to your surroundings and take steps towards keeping yourself safe. Choose a well-lit route and stay away from areas with heavy traffic. If there are no sidewalks in your area, always run towards oncoming traffic so that you can what’s coming.

Lighten Up

No matter where you’ll be running, be sure to gear up. Reflectors are an absolute necessity so that you are visible to drivers and other runners. If you’ll be running on the street, gear up with flashers – white on the front, and red on the back. Ditch the dark clothing and wear something brightly colored for maximum visibility.

Pay attention

It might be tempting to zone out during a good run, but you’ll need to stay sharp. Lower visibility means you’re more at risk for all kinds of mishaps, whether they’re caused by vehicles, terrain, or even fellow humans. Keep your eyes and ears peeled and your wits about you, and you’ll be golden!

Turn off the tunes

You probably have some killer playlists that always give you that extra wind, but leave those for your daytime runs. Listening to music can seriously weaken your situational awareness, and you’ll need your hearing to be at its best during a night run. Enjoy the silence! It can be a rare thing nowadays.


Install a flashlight app

Dropped something? Broken some equipment? You never know when you’ll need a light on a night run, and if you do, you’ll sure be glad you have one. As a Sports Tracker, we assume you’ll have your phone on you, so grab one of the many flashlight apps now, before you actually need it.

Choose your route wisely

Getting lost is no fun. Getting lost at night is even less fun. Be sure to plan your route before you go, or choose a route that’s already familiar to you. Things often look totally different in the dark, so don’t risk getting disoriented. What’s more, only run in areas that feel safe to you, and hold off on running rough terrain until you’re completely adjusted to night running.


Eat an early or late dinner

Unsurprisingly, many people tend to avoid night runs simply because it interferes with dinner. No one wants to run on a full stomach, which can leave only a small window for getting out there. Try eating at least 3 hours before you plan on running, or have an after-work snack and enjoy dinner after your run.

Let ’em know where you are

Remember the first rule of night running? If you want to take safety to the top level, let someone know where you’ll be. Telling a friend where you’re heading is a great way to stay safe. Hey, they might even be up for joining you!

You can choose the Day mode or the Night mode from the top of the screen when starting a workout

How about it, do you enjoy the quiet of night or are you more of a day person? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to share your own tips for a safe, productive night run.


  1. Anastasiia

    Hello, you have a very interesting blog about the sport. Good design.

  2. C. Beerse

    Nice warnings about running in the dark. I’d like to ask for a simple add-on: Lots of runners have their smartphone on their upper arm, sometime facing forward, sometime facing backward. Can SportsTracker be extended by a ‘warning light’ option? We select if the screen is facing forward or backward and SportTracker lights up the screen in white/yellow or Red. Optionally slowly flashing or dimmable to safe batery power (or aviod blinding others).

    1. The Sports Tracker Team

      That’s a great idea! We’ll be sure to share it with our developers and see what they think.

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