4 cool ways you can use Sports Tracker’s new Skiing feature


New year, new features! The all new Skiing feature for Android has arrived, just in time for a little winter slopes action. Read on to find out 4 awesome ways it can help make 2017 your fittest and fastest year ever.

Skis or board?

What’ll it be? Our new skiing feature lets you choose between downhill skiing and snowboarding, and adapts the key metrics accordingly for more accurate analysis.

sports tracker snowboarding

Ski it, then see it

Not only can you keep track of your runs, but you can see them, too. The handy map feature shows you exactly where you conquered the slopes, along with run names. Best of all, Sports Tracker automatically detects lift time and breaks and leaves them out for incredible accuracy.

Get some stats, stat!

You need statistics – how else will you know that you’re improving? The new skiing feature compiles all of those sensational stats so that you can compare runs and analyze your performance. Duration, distance, verticals, speed, and profile are the path to progress, after all.


Sharing is caring

Let the world know when you’ve completed the run of a lifetime (or just a few friends if you prefer). You can share your favorite runs, photos and stats for a little hard-earned congrats, friendly competition, or pure bragging rights.


So go ahead, be a ski tracker and try the new skiing feature. Remember to tell us what do you think? Let us know in the comments below!



  1. Ivan

    Hi! Sports Tracker app is almost perfect! Please, tell me does android version have recovery time option? Or when that will be.
    And one more question.. Which smartwach clock is beeto for use Sports Tracker on it? Greetings from Serbia.

  2. Hanna

    I take a smartwatch – sony smartwatch 3 help me for recording sport!!!

  3. Oleg Beletski

    Really nice feature. I was happy to see lift climbs part of the track in different colour on map. That sports tracker team!

    Track recording went on pause when app was in the background on my android Huawei P8. Any advise how to deal with that?

  4. Sandra

    Nice work. I don’t skiing. Do you make once a difference between Binking, Cycling and E-Biking (Electro-Bike)? That would be nice too. You made good job’s, Thanks for that.

  5. László Majoros

    The new ski feature is really great. I used it for a week. Small remark: It is counting calories even when you are sitting on a lift.

    1. The Sports Tracker Team

      Happy to hear you’re enjoying the new feature, László. Good point regarding ski-lift. We’ll see if our developers can come up with something. In the meantime, it might be worth pausing the workout.

  6. Eyal Tsafriri

    I used the Ski tracker last week and it works great. lovely new features. Thanks

    1. The Sports Tracker Team

      Great to hear you enjoyed it, Eyal! Where did you go?

  7. txema martinez ruiz

    La ultima actualizacion segun comentarios de todos los compañeros de Sport Tracker, es desastrosa, con el click de visto (me gusta) la aplicacion ha pasado a ser una copia de Facebox en el “me gusta”, se ha pasado de ser una aplicacion de comentarios entre todos los deportistas, en la que cada uno opinaba y daba animos a los compañeros, que creo era lo realmente diferenciador y mas interesante a convertirse en un vulgar “me gusta” y sin comentarios añadidos, que aunque se pueden hacer, de esta forma pasa a la comodidad de clicar y no comentar nada. Por mi actividad veo que el porcentaje de comentarios ha bajado notablemente, mientras que el porcentaje de “me gusta” sigue subiendo.Por otra parte estaba todo mucho mas claro y accesible todo el programa, ahora lo han liado de tal manera, que yo personalmente paso de subir mis trabajos a Internet, los grabo y punto. En fin lo siento pero el cambio ha sido para empeorar la aplicacion. Muchas gracias

    1. The Sports Tracker Team

      Gracias por tus comentarios, txema. Nuestro objetivo era hacer Sports Tracker más social, por lo que la gente se anima a hacer más deporte. Esperamos que le dé una oportunidad.

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