In numbers: How Sports Tracker kept the world fitter in 2016


It’s fair to say 2016 has been a year to remember for many reasons. For us, here at Sports Tracker, we’ve been blown away by our community’s ever-increasing passion for staying fitter and healthier. That’s one reason we’ve launched the brand-new Sports Tracker app. To celebrate this, and to give you an insight into the amazing ways you guys have rocked 2016, we thought it would be cool to share some facts and figures about your Sports Tracker year.

So, let’s see what you’ve been up to!

A wonderful world of workouts

Average workout distance: 11 km

Activities other than rides or runs: 43%

Longest average workout distance for users with more than 40 cycling workouts was 149km

The 8 most popular sports on Sports Tracker



1. Running

Average distance (female/male): 5.3/6 km

Average time (female/male): 0:37:52/0:36:55

2. Walking

Average distance (female/male): 4.1/4.4 km

Average time (female/male): 0:48:44/0:52:02

3. Cycling

Average distance (female/male): 10/15.7 km

Average time (female/male): 0:37:54/0:52:12

4. Mountain biking

Average distance (female/male): 19.8/24.3 km

Average time (female/male): 1:24:26/1:34:17

5. Hiking

Average distance (female/male): 5.1/5.7

Average time (female/male): 1:07:39/1:14:19

6. Xc-ski

Average distance (female/male): 8.7/10.9

Average time (female/male): 1:02:51/1:02:55

7. Gym

Average time (female/male): 0:57:22/0:57:02

8. Indoor

Average time (female/male): 0:46:58/0:50:03


Your top 5 marathons in 2016



Since over a third of Sports Trackers are runners, we thought it fitting to explore our year in marathons too.

1. Athens Authentic Marathon, November 13

Average time: 4:34:53

2. Helsinki City Marathon, August 13

Average time: 4:02:16

3. Valencia Marathon, November 20

Average time: 3:51:48

4. Berlin Marathon, September 9

Average time: 4:03:11

5. Budapest Marathon, October 9

Average time: 4:02:46


So, there you have it. Your Sports Tracker year in all its sweaty glory. We hope your 2017 is even happier and more active. And if the festive season has put your workouts on the back burner, why not download the new Sports Tracker for the new year? What better way to kick off 2017 than with the world’s first and best sports app giving you a helping hand.


Image credits: Robert Wallace + © OpenStreetMap


  1. Jenna

    This sounds nice, this app is fantastic! I’m doing University assignment about your app, and I would more than appreciate if I could know how many times the app has been downloaded globally and what is the average age of the user. :) Thanks!

  2. ivan

    Very interesting application but my friend has an Android and the app installed and the application has the option / explore / and can follow other people in the vicinity using the same, but they are not friends,
    The question, how can I use this option currently have 7 Iphone ios 10,2,1

  3. Wolfgang

    Hallo aus Österreich! Ich bin mit Sports Tracker wirklich sehr zufrieden. Tolle App die ich wirklich empfehlen kann. Sportliche Grüße aus Wien! Alles Gute für alle und das die Welt weiterhin friedlich zu erlaufen ist.

    1. The Sports Tracker Team

      Vielen dank für ihr feedback, Wolfgang. Das ist schön zu hören! Was gefällt Ihnen am besten?

  4. craig burgess

    Have just started using sports tracker again – liked previous version but on this version cannot even work out how to start a new work out – still trying after an hour. How do you actually start a new work out – the old version was much more straightforward

    1. The Sports Tracker Team

      Which version do you have Android or iOS, Craig? If you have iOS, you simply open the app and choose the sport you want to track. Tap go, and you’re off!

  5. Nokia

    Thanks so much for this post! It is very insightful. Sports trackers have become so popular over the past few years and it is great to see that they are having a positive impact!

    1. The Sports Tracker Team

      Thanks for the thumbs up, Dennis. Yeah, when you see info like this it really hits home how successful it is at helping people live better, healthier lives. And wow! some those stats are insane :)

  6. Kalle

    It’s nice to see that ST has used all around the world where people lives.

    1. The Sports Tracker Team

      We totally agree, Kalle! Hopefully, we’re going to soon start showcasing how different people in different parts of the world use Sports Tracker. Watch this space.

  7. Sandra

    That’s great. I like Sportstracker. But when comes a Button for E-Bikes? A lot people use a E-Bike, that’s not a Mountainbike and not a Cyclingbike, maybe there’s a possability to make a new Sport-Symbole for E-Biking ;-)))

    1. Sandra

      And I wish you all a happy, healthy 2017!

      I use Sportstracker since July 2013, for all my Cyclingtours, Walking and Hiking. Thanks for your good Job!

  8. txema martinez ruiz

    a mis 70 años de edad recorro practicamente a diario entre 7 y 12 kms en la modalidad de senderismo por lo que parece que estoy por encima de la media y mis fotos segun deportistas asiduos de Sport Tracker, estan muy valoradas por todos. Atentamente.

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