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Kirsi Ståhlberg
Kirsi enjoys sports like running and walking

Kirsi Ståhlberg knows how important it is to take care of your wellbeing in the middle of hectic everyday life. Kirsi is an actor, singer, recruiting consultant, as well as an interaction and performance coach. The Finnish audience surely remembers her from the TV series Salatut Elämät, the longest running TV drama show in the Nordics. Kirsi is also a blogger and spreads the joy of sports in her blog and social media.

Kirsi has been dancing from a young age, but at some point the dancing hobby ended, and she says to have turned into a couch potato. In her thirties she found the motivation to start moving again.

“When thirties crisis hit me, I started doing sports again. In two months I lost nearly 10 kilos and exercising became a weekly habit. I started going to the gym and did Zumba and running. In spring 2014 I was in the best shape ever!”

Having a child naturally influenced Kirsi’s workout routine and regular exercise was replaced with walking her dog. Now her daughter is almost four years old, and she has started to miss having some time for her own, and has taken running back to her weekly routine.

“A couple of months ago I started running and now I aim to run 2-3 times a week. Last weekend I ran 10 km for the first time!”

Tracking and exceeding your goals

Reaching her goals keep Kirsi motivated. She has used Sports Tracker since 2012 and finds the app as one the best tools to set goals and enhance her development. Kirsi is using Sports Tracker simultaneously with her Suunto 3 Fitness –sports watch.

Suunto 3 Fitness -sports watch
Testing Suunto 3 Fitness -sports watch with Sports Tracker

The watch, heart rate belt and Sports Tracker app are the best motivators in terms of my development. Suunto 3 Fitness has worked extremely well with Sports Tracker. While running it’s easy to follow your heart rate and time, and after the workout you can take a closer look at your overall performance from the Sports Tracker app. I want to be able to understand my own workouts, and what are the impacts of different workouts. Thanks to the Sports Tracker GPS I know the lengths of my runs, and can set news goals.”

Kirsi is especially happy of the fact that she has encouraged other people to get active. Vice versa, she feels the support from others has helped her to keep going.

Positive vibes and community spirit

“When I first started running, support from other people in social media and face-to-face was extremely valuable and helped me to keep going. Also when you share your accomplishments with others, it creates a positive pressure to continue. Getting feedback that I’ve inspired others to start running has been the best reward. You just have to keep sharing the good feeling!”

In addition to enhancing her physical condition, running has had positive impact on Kirsi’s mental wellbeing and helped her to stay energized.

“Exceeding yourself just feels awesome! It’s great to see how you develop and your fitness improves. Running is also extremely important for my mental wellness. I’m much more energized and positive in every way.”

Running Sports Tracker Kirsi Ståhlberg

Kirsi admits that finding the time for sports can be challenging, but reminds that even a short workout can have a big impact to your mood.

“Running is a great hobby because you can just go outside on a short notice. Even 30 minutes of running makes you feel great. I aim to run when my child is in her hobbies and during the weekend I do a longer run. It’s a bit of a hassle, but it is possible to fit three workouts to the week.”

Kirsi’s sports journey is a good reminder that starting again is possible and development starts to happen when you just keep going.

“I believe many people can relate to me. It’s motivating how you can start off as a couch potato and run 10 kilometers after just couple of months! When I think about the sincerely good feeling after running, I want others to experience it as well.”



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