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Cross country skiing is all about technique. Beginners should learn the correct techniques from day one. With our videos, these are easily at your disposal. For experienced skiers these videos give a great checklist that allows you to maintain a good technique.


Offset is mainly an uphill technique. As the hill steepens, the knee angle increases, and the skis are spread at a wider angle so that the glide of the skis do not stop hindered at any point.

1. one hand up.
2. other hand down.
3. push with poles in time with every other kick.
4. push with both hands at the same time.
5. the hips stays up.
6. footwork is symmetrical on both sides.
7. bring your foot forward directly under your body.
8. the chest line straight forward.


Two skate is a technique for flats and easy uphills.

1. push poles for every kick.
2. this is a fully symmetrical style
-movements should be mirror images of themselves on both sides.
3. glide with one ski at a time.
4. balance on the whole width of the base of the ski.
5. push poles as in double poling in the classical technique.
6. bring your upper body forward.
7. avoid broad side-to-side movements.
8. keep the angle between the skis moderate.
9. don’t lift your feet high.
10. keep your hips up.


One skate is the technique for flats or gentle downhills

1. push poles for every other kick.
2. the push starts with hands in an elevate position.
3. raise your hips up.
4. weight completely on one ski.
5. balance on the width of the base of the ski.
6. move your weight onto the other ski.
7. bring your foot in front of the other foot.
8. push poles as in double poling in the classical technique.
9. upper body in front leaning forward.


Axa Sorjanen – Educated skiing instructor, award winning Finnish journalist, writer and documentarist

Skier in the videos: Jari Joutsen – Former Finnish national ski team member

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