Couple of strengthening movements for Getting your Christmas tree

Christmas tree workout

Try out these movements, you can do them pretty much anywhere, and they are perfect now when the Christmas stress is overwhelming, and it is dark and cold outside. 


Squat Jump:

Try to perform a squat jump as explosively and high as possible, when you land, bend your knees and keep your form and perform the next jump directly after the previous one.

Try to do 8 jumps as explosively as you can and rest for 1-2 minutes before you do it again. Do 3-5 sets of the squat jumps.

Hip Raise:

Really challenge your Core muscles with this movement.

Lie flat on your back, lift your feet towards the ceiling. start lifting your hips up and push your feet towards the ceiling as you are lifting your hips.  If you want, you can add a twist to the movement by lifting your hips and twisting to the side, then change side each lift. Try to perform 15-20 repetitions and once again do a total of 3-5 sets.


Come into plank position with your arms and legs straight, shoulders above the wrists. Take a breath in and as you exhale, bend your elbows out to the sides and lower your chest toward the ground. Stop as soon as your shoulders are in line with your elbows. Do 10 repetitions then 30 second pause and then 2-3 times more.


Forearms directly under the shoulders. Neutralize the neck by looking at the floor. Keep your middle body tight. Ground the toes into the floor. Hold the position. Hold the position as long as you can then 30 second pause and 2-3 times more.


  1. Paweł

    Pretty sure it was supposed to be “planks” instead of “blanks” ;)

    1. Sports Tracker

      Thanks! Fixed :)

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