8 great goals for 2016


Ah, the new year. That refreshing time when anything is possible, dreams form in our heads and, as we all slowly return to our routines (including our workout ones), we realise that with a new year comes new possibilities and, with it, lots of new goals.

We know that, as sports enthusiasts, you’re all about goals. So we decided to ask the Sports Tracker community on Facebook about their biggest goals for 2016 – and got some pretty interesting answers! Here are our 8 favourite ones.


José is all about keeping a solid habit. Kudos to that!



Some goals are nothing but absolutely heart-warming. Speedy recovery Annika!



Alena’s goal would make Jules Verne proud. We sure are!



If only hitting ‘like’ in Michiel’s goal wasn’t a huge irony… seriously though, we could all use a bit more of this!



Now here’s an ultra goal to achieve this year. Let us know if you need a support team to cheer your name!



Hey, there’s nothing wrong with a cheeky goal. We really like this!



Bas’s goal is all about performance. Let us know when you achieve it!



But if having big goals is not your style, remember… it’s the little things. Thank you Sara!



The new year means new goals for us too, and the Sports Tracker app will be changing quite a bit in 2016. For starters, free users will soon have a new feature on Android: goal setting. Goal setting allows you to set goals by duration, distance, amount of workouts or energy for a weekly, monthly, or a custom defined period. Until now, goal setting has been a Premium feature, but with the next update we’re making it free.

iOS users, we didn’t forget about you, so rest assured you’ll get your free goals too! The official release dates will be announced soon, so stay tuned to our social media channels for these and other updates on the Sports Tracker app.

What about you? What’s your goal for 2016? Let us know on the comments section below, on Facebook or on Twitter.


  1. Fekete Tibor

    You know every people in the whole world use their name incorrectly, except the Hungarians. Our family name is the first and the given name follows it. So Sánta Elemér’s given name is Elemér not Sánta. As a Hungarian it is little bit funny to read Elemér’s goal for 2016 because Sánta means “lame”. And my christian name is Tibor not Fekete, so please don’t call me Fekete because it is “black”. :)

  2. Jordan

    These are some awesome goals! I also am making some extra commitments for my fitness this year. Thanks for sharing!

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