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A while back, we asked you to share your best tips to improve your health and overall well-being. Because we know you’re all about embracing a healthy lifestyle, we weren’t really surprised by the dozens of amazing responses we got back. It’s good to see how so many different people work hard to be their best selves.

Here’s the twist: we actually wanted to celebrate some of your best tips, so we got to work and turned our three favourite ones into something a bit more visual. Introducing the exclusive collection of Sports Tracker Visual Tips, powered by… well, you! We hope you like them.


Get green


Now here’s a rule of thumb that’s easy to follow and, if you’re creative about it, can turn out to be quite delicious. There are simple, delicious and healthy recipes that rely a lot on vegetables – search for them and introduce them in your life. You can thank Holly later.


Embrace your habits


It might feel like a strict regime but actually there’s something about Madis’ tip that struck a chord with us. If anything, it shows that having a method and sticking to it is sometimes all you need to start switching to a healthier lifestyle. Remember – ambition needs habits in order to become an accomplishment.


Take a walk on the wild side


If all else fails, just remember this: a healthy lifestyle depends on the little things. You don’t have to become an ultra-marathoner or the world’s fittest person. So Angel’s tip is spot on: what if you just committed to walking as much as you can? Walk to work. Walk on the weekends. Wander in the woods. Walk with no purpose other than walking itself. You’ll feel so much better before you know it.


Bonus tip: know your goals


A bonus tip from us is around goals. We just recently wrote about the importance of goal setting, and to help you get started we’re hosting a competition in which you can win prizes based on your own goals. If you’re up for the challenge, read all about it here.


Keep sharing your tips

That’s it… for now. We’re always looking for your valuable advice to help us share more and more about how we can pursue a healthier lifestyle together – who knows if you might be featured next? So if you have more tips you’d like to share with the world, just share them with us on Facebook, Twitter or in the comments below.

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  1. Terry

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