How one artistic Sports Tracker duo is creating enormous “walks of art”

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Sports Tracker walks of art.

What’s better than plain old sport? Sport with a dash of art! If you’re scratching your head and wondering exactly how sport and art can be combined, one creative couple from Kajaani, Finland has already figured it out for you. Using Sports Tracker’s GPS, the couple creates amazing, enormous “walks of art” while out on their daily stroll.

Snow much fun

So, where did the artistic inspiration come from? “We got the idea for ‘walking art’ when we were out for a little exercise on the frozen Oulunjärvi Lake,” the artist duo says. “We decided to make a couple heart shapes by walking on the ice and check out how they looked later on with Sports Tracker. Unfortunately, the hearts looked more like butterfly wings, so my wife and I decided to walk a bit more and turn it into a 200-meter-tall flower. We ended up trudging 2,8 kilometers through the unbroken snow.”

The bigger the better

If that sounds like a huge challenge, fear not! According to the couple, it’s a snap. “We usually don’t need to think very long for new pattern ideas,” they say. “If the idea is more complicated, we might make a sketch or look online beforehand. During the planning stage, we mark a few critical points with ski poles so that we don’t have to stare at our mobile the entire time.”

There is one big thing to keep in mind, though: size matters. “It’s important that the pattern is big enough. The diameter should be several hundreds of meters, so that the GPS is able to draw a more balanced picture.” So if you’re planning on trying it yourself, remember that bigger is better.

Follow in their footsteps

For the couple, art walking has been a fun way to get creative while also getting in some exercise outdoors. “Without this crazy idea, we would still probably just look for the easiest routes in the snow following snowmobile tracks,” they say. Having an artistic plan lets them enjoy the exercise more, and even makes the time pass quicker. Their flair for the creative has even inspired others to get in on the fun. After sharing their artwork on Sports Tracker and Facebook, some friends have followed suit and created “walks of art” of their own.

So what’s next on the creative docket for the couple? “Maybe in the near future our local harbor will welcome the biggest boat it’s ever had,” they say.

What do you think, will you be trying your hand at the fine art of art walking? If you do, be sure to share your creation with your fellow Sports Trackers and in our social media channels by using #sportstracker. We can’t wait to see what you come up with! But remember, safety first – if you’re planning to walk on ice, always check that it’s safe for walking.


Kathleen Harris – Writer and active explorer of Helsinki

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