10 Great Sports Tracker shares by the community

We love our Sports Trackers! We think that following your friends and sharing your workouts helps you to tell a much richer story about your healthy lifestyle. It goes way beyond pure performance and results – it’s the lifestyle, contact with nature and amazing feeling that comes with it that counts. We’ve been seeing more and more interesting workout shares in the Sports Tracker community and here are ten of our recent favorite ones.

1. Mountain Biking

Sports Trackers no1

2. Hiking

Sports Trackers no2

3. Longboarding

Sports Trackers no3

 4. Running

Sports Trackers no4

 5. Hiking

Sports Trackers no5

6. Running

Sports Trackers no6

7. Horseback Riding

Sports Trackers no7

8. Cycling

Sports Trackers no8

9. Walking

Sports Trackers no9

10. Kayaking

Sports Trackers no10


So join our amazing Sports Tracker community by sharing your favorite workouts with friends and us!


Sports Tracker team – sports tracking enthusiasts of Finland

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  1. Lars Olofsson

    Hej Vad är det jag skall utföra?

    1. Sports Tracker

      Hi Lars!

      When you use Sports Tracker, select your workouts to be public (workouts will be shown then here: https://www.sports-tracker.com/explore) or you can also share them just to your friends. We showcase publicly shared workouts to encourage and motivate others.

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