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Choose the best privacy level for you in Sports Tracker

Getting fit and working toward a goal takes a ton of perseverance. For many people, sharing workouts and photos, and seeing what others are up to, is one of the best ways to stay motivated and on track. Then again, we know it’s not for everyone. Some people prefer to keep their workouts to themselves – at least until they’ve made enough progress to be super proud about! Read on to discover how you can change privacy settings so that you can track and share your progress however you like.

Which privacy setting is right for you?

Setting your privacy level to public means that you’ll have the support of the whole Sports Tracker community for maximum motivation. Sports Trackers are an inspiring, passionate group of fitness fans, so give it a try if you’re looking to take your training to the next level. Take a look at what they’re up to over at Sports Tracker Explore for a little inspiration.

If you’d like a bit more privacy with friends-only encouragement, you can choose to let followers see and comment on your workouts and photos. You can approve followers so that only people you know are allowed to interact with you.

You can also opt for more privacy by making your workouts private. This means only you can see your workouts.

How to change privacy settings

Workouts are set to public by default on iOS. Users can adjust all privacy settings by going to Profile > Settings > Privacy.

With Android, privacy is set to private by default. Android users can adjust the privacy in each workout. Just choose whether you would like your workout to be private, public, or followers only. To turn on approval for followers, go to Settings.

How to share on social media

Have you completed a tough workout or taken a pic of a cool new trail, and want to share it with friends who aren’t part of the Sports Tracker community? No problem! Sharing your photos and exercises on social media works a bit differently depending on whether you’re tracking with iOS or Android, but both are quick and easy.

iOS users can share by tapping the share icon that appears on the workout, and then selecting a social media platform.

Android users can share by going to a saved workout, scrolling down to the ‘Share workout’ section, and then selecting the social media platform. You can also share pics by going to a saved workout, tapping it, and then tapping the orange icon that will appear.

There you have it. Adjusting your privacy settings and sharing on social media are snap. Now we’d like to hear what you think. Does sharing your workouts help you to stay on track and work harder? Let us know in the comments below.


Kathleen Harris – Writer and active explorer of Helsinki

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      Have you tried accuracy tips from here:
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