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Take your family, friend or your dog with you when you go for a walk.

Walking is the most natural sport we have, and when done well can transform our lives. Here’s how to live the way of the walker.

In traditional Japanese culture even everyday activities like making tea can become transformative. Whether it’s the tea ceremony, the art of flower arrangement, tidying up or the various martial arts, all them became a “”, or “dao” in Chinese, meaning “way” in English. Each is a path to explore and develop ourselves.

Walking is no different, and might be considered one of the very first ways we had. In this series we will explore and develop the way of the walker. One footstep at a time, we learn to love this most ancient of ways. Each article will include tips and tasks to help you enjoy walking even more than you already do.

Losing the wheels

“Walking takes longer … than any other known form of locomotion except crawling. Thus it stretches time and prolongs life. Life is already too short to waste on speed.” Edward Abbey

Recently, my bicycle was stolen. Initially, I was upset; it got me around town quickly, eliminating the need for public transport. Rather than dwell on it and complain, I decided to embrace walking. Now, in retrospect, losing my bicycle was a good thing.

Even with only a bicycle, it’s easy to rush, to speed, to get from A to B in a flash. When I embraced walking, I found this isn’t really possible. Walking demands I slow down and leave plenty of time. This allows me to relax more and enjoy the journey.

The best part of your day

Walking can be an activity that sets a rhythm in our lives, something we come back to regularly to relax, reset and let go of our stress and worries. It also keeps us healthy, helps us to discover more about our town or city and inspires our most creative thinking. It’s a wonderful way to get a fresh perspective on whatever problems or challenges we are facing.


If you’re not already a fully committed walker, I invite you to lock up your bicycle, or park your car, and for the next five weeks make walking your main form of locomotion.

If you haven’t already, install the Sports Tracker app, start walking as much as possible, and monitor your progress as the weeks progress. My bet is that by the end of this five week series, your daily walks become something you really look forward to.


Try to walk at least 20 km this week. That’s just under 3000 steps a day over seven days. Easy enough, right? Get walking!


Josh Gale – Kiwi journalist tracking adventures great and small


  1. Andreas Niederhöfer

    Hallo leider zeichnet meinen sports-tracker nicht mehr richtig auf er setzt bei einer 8000m Runde nur noch einige Weg Punkte und verbindet diese …. deshalb habe ich nur gerade Linien auf dem Display und etwa ein drittel der Strecke.
    Was kann man tun?
    Kann ich die App neu laden ohne Datenverlust?
    Gruß Andreas

  2. Graham

    Sportstracker is a great app, it helped me to get fit and lose weight.

    Many thanks Sportstracker

    1. Sports Tracker

      Oh, nice to hear! Glad to have you with us.

  3. Sirius*

    Love this app, it helps so much to follow your progress. I am hooked, need to go for a walk straight from work for 5-6 km and weekends double that. I feel great!

    1. Sports Tracker

      :D that’s good addiction!

  4. Getting prepared for the way of walking - Sports Tracker Blog

    […] Also check out the previous article if you missed it. […]

  5. Vijay Dani

    SportsTracker is a great way to store your exercises I am recording my Badminton and walking exercises. I am in love with this app

    1. Sports Tracker

      Nice to hear! Badminton is a very good exercise.

  6. Artur Nogueira

    I use to exercise a minimum of 5 hours per week, either walking,hiking or cycling. Walking and cycling in the city as a meaning of transportation,and hiking on the mountains. The 3 activities are superb ways of relax and exercise at the same time. It gives me so much pleasure, together with my wife and it’s a way to share intimacy and companionship
    Keeping records with Sports Tracker it’s a great motivation factor. In January we made 190 kms and until mid Feb, we made already 198 kms. And we keep walking, hiking and cycling

    1. Sports Tracker

      Wow Artur sounds awesome. Thanks for sharing your thoughts :)

  7. Erwin Hanz

    Caminar en la ciudad es bueno y saludable pero caminar en el campo o subir una Montaña es expectacular, te cambia el chip.

    1. Sports Tracker

      Agree if you have that opportunity to go for the countryside or mountains!

  8. Anass

    Bon sujet

    1. Sports Tracker

      Great! Glad that you liked :)

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