The 2+1 health apps every Apple Watch owner needs

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See how many calories you burn and how many you eat with just three free health apps

Are you looking to lose weight, to gain weight or just to find the perfect balance between exercise and diet? If so, the key figures you should be looking at are the number of calories you burn versus the number of calories you eat and drink during each day.

How to lose weight? Eat fewer calories than you burn. It sounds simple enough, but how do I know how many calories my body is burning each day? And how do I how many calories are in my food and drinks?

Figuring out the numbers might sound tricky. Luckily, there’s now an easy way to automate much of the calorie data collection. All you need is your Apple Watch, the Sports Tracker app and the FatSecret app to track your overall health 24/7.

Track daily activity with Apple Health and Sports Tracker apps

As long as you are wearing your Apple Watch, Apple Health automatically collects your regular activity data including steps and calories burned. It also calculates your cardiovascular fitness level based on your estimated VO2 MAX, which indicates the maximum amount of oxygen your body can utilize during an exercise.

Steps indicate whether or not you are walking enough during the day. For tips on how to walk more, read our blog post on steps counts.

Calories burned on the other is based on your physical measures (height and weight) as well as the heart rate that your Apple Watch tracks.

To easily view steps and calories data and to compare it with previous days, weeks and months, allow Sports Tracker to access your Apple Health data. This way your Sports Tracker diary is filled with all your workouts plus your daily health data. As you complete workouts in any of the over 90 sports that Sports Tracker supports, your workout data will be in the same place – even if you play a sport where you’d rather wear a heart rate belt than your watch.

Sports Tracker is a free and reliable fitness app with GPS tracking. It provides you with accurate data on your workouts – a real must if you want to be specific about your calories and other data. Sports Tracker also provides one single location for all your relevant activity data and displays it in a straight-forward view. It helps you track your workouts while collecting the relevant health data from your daily chores – a full 360 degree view of your activities.

Now that your calorie consumption data is set, let’s have a look at calorie intake and how to measure it.

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Keep track of your eating with the FatSecret app

For full visibility into your health, you also need to pay attention to what you are eating and drinking every day. Nutrition is a fascinating and extremely complex topic, but there are some shortcuts that can help.
To help with weight control, pay attention to the number of calories in your daily diet and compare that with the number of calories you are burning through exercise and regular daily activities.
For example FatSecret is an app you can use on your iPhone or Apple Watch to easily log all of your food and drinks. The app includes thousands of different foods and their nutritional content for easy logging. Throughout the day, you can view how many calories (and many other statistics such as percentages of carbohydrates, proteins etc) you’ve eaten.
The real beauty of FatSecret is that once you connect it with Apple Health, your daily calories burned figure will be shown in the app. The exercises you have tracked with Sports Tracker and your regular daily activities are both calculated together and shown in FatSecret.
This makes it super easy to compare calories burned and calories eaten. The data will tell you if you are eating too little, too much or just right to match your activity level. You can also setup FatSecret to recommend how many calories you should eat for dinner (and what kind of food would give you those calories) based on how much you’ve workout during the day.
And that’s all you need for easy but sophisticated daily activity, workout and calories tracking to help you reach your goals – whatever they may be!
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