Count your steps with a pedometer app

Pedometer steps

Boost your daily walking routines with a pedometer app

It shouldn’t come as news that walking has many benefits such as burning calories, strengthening your heart, muscles and cardiovascular system, reduced body fat and stronger bones. In fact, your daily walking routine can be just as important for your overall health as your high-intensity workouts.

However, while accurate data is hard to come by, it seems that the majority of people in Western countries walk less than the generally recommended 10,000 steps per day. Converted to distance, this is about 7–8 kilometers depending on the length of your step.

10 000 steps per day may sound daunting, but there is good news too. Studies show that people who track their steps take an average of 2,500 more steps per day. This is precisely why you should track how much you walk with a pedometer (step calculator): being aware of your step count naturally pushes you to walk more.

So, start counting your walking steps and you’ll enjoy more of the benefits of walking!

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How to count your walking steps

If you are carrying an iPhone in your pocket, keeping track of your steps is super easy! Your phone is already automatically calculating your daily steps.

However, viewing daily steps counts and comparing them with previous weeks, days and months can be tricky. That is, unless you bring that information to Sports Tracker, where it’s easily shown on your Daily view – along with all your other runs, rides and workouts.

Here’s how to view your steps count in Sports Tracker:

  • Make sure you are using the latest version of Sports Tracker (update or download the app)
  • Go to Apple Health settings
  • Allow Sports Tracker to read your steps information

That’s it! Your step count should now be visible in the Sports Tracker app.

By default, your daily step goal is set at 10,000 steps. If you wish to set a higher or lower goal, go to Profile and scroll down to Goals in the Sports Tracker app.

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5 tips for on how to walk more

Here’s a few ways to push your steps count to new highs.

1. Competition

You don’t need to be an Olympic athlete to compete in walking. Instead, a good way to push yourself to take an extra step or two is to compete against yourself or your friends and family. Can you walk more than you did last week? Who is the steps champion at your office?

2. Commutes

An easy way to increase your step count is to replace your commute or parts of it with walks or even runs. Park your car further away from the office or walk to the next bus stop instead of the closest one. You might be surprised at how easily you can gain steps without extending your commute too much. Leave those fancy shoes at work and wear a pair of sneakers to show mercy on your feet.  

3. Get a furry friend

Rain or shine, dogs need daily exercise. Getting a dog is hard work but it’s also great way to push yourself to go for a walk in any weather.

4. Listen to music, podcasts or audiobooks

Does walking feel boring? A good way to take your mind of the grind is to put on a pair of headphones and push play on your favorite playlist. However, you should leave the headphones at home at least every now and then and just listen to your body.

5. Go somewhere new

Even if you’ve lived in the same place for years, there’s always something you’ve missed. Take another street or walk straight through the forest instead of going around it every time. And don’t forget that Sports Tracker’s heatmaps also show you the locals’ favorite routes wherever you are.


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  1. Robbie

    Please add to the app. additional km counter that will appear on the map with mark so as a user I will able to see how I prograss in my sports activities

  2. Robbie

    Please add to the app. additional km counter that will appear on the map with mark so as a user I will able to see how I prograss in my sports activities

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